Boardwalk Empire Hair – The Undercut

Want to get Michael Pitt’s Boardwalk Empire hair? It’s call the undercut, which is exactly what it sounds like. The sides and back of the head are shaved, leaving longer hair on top. True to the prohibition era script, this vintage hairstyle for men dates back to the 1920s and 1930s but it’s back.

The undercut isn’t just one of the hottest hairstyle trends of 2012 and 2013 – it’s also a haircut that works for all face shapes and looks great on all men, especially when worn slicked back or to the side.

The key is to work with your hair type. Wavy or curly hair benefits from being cut a bit shorter while straight hair can be grown to medium length. Or with coarse and thick hair, keep the shaved sides but spike hair up. If hair is quite long on top, add some rock’n’roll-inspired height with a quiff.

The first step of how to style short curly hair for men is getting a great cut. For this, a salon may be your best option for the special attention and hairstyles that make curls manageable and look great. Keeping curly hair short, about two inches at most already reduces your styling…
Wearing hair long for men has always been a symbol of rebellion – from the Beatles to Guns’n’Roses and Johnny Depp today. That’s why professional work-appropriate haircuts for men are short (until you’re the boss). You can have a haircut that fits into corporate culture that is also stylish and…