Caesar Cut – Ultra Short Hair

Getting the haircut from 300 is significantly easier than getting the abs. The Caesar haircut is very short with a little bit of fringe cut horizontally across the forehead. It’s a great cut for unruly hair and hot weather. It’s also one of the best hairstyles for thinning hair because short fringe is combed forward over the forehead, concealing a receding hairline.

To ensure hair stays in place, work a small amount of hair gel or holding product into damp hair and comb it forward. Make sure not to use too much product which can great a greasy or stiff look.


One of the classic short men's hairstyles is the crew cut. Hair is cut short all around with some extra length along the forehead. This is a great looking and low maintenance cut for wavy, curly or thick hair. This men's haircut can be worn with no styling at all.…
Short haircuts for men easily tame wavy and curly hair. This close cropped cut has just over an inch of length all over the head. The natural wave adds great texture to the cut without excessive volume. Styling is as easy as rubbing fingers through hair after getting out the…