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5 Ways to Wear the Taper Fade


The fade is the must have hairstyle for 2015. Compared to the undercut, the fade offers a ton of variety - wear it high or low, taper down to short hair or all the way to the skin. Check out these fresh photos for 5 ways to wear the taper fade. You can get the entire haircut or add the fade to any hairstyle you like.This side part pomp cut by Nicholas the Greek is a ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2015: The Pomp


For guys with thick locks, the hair world is your oyster. You can rock any style from short, if you want quick styling, to long, if you prefer. Even better than length, thick hair can achieve great heights and maximum volume. Here's one of the best hairstyles for thick hair 2015 that has both: the pomp. This cool men's hairstyle is a modern version of the ... Get the hairstyle!

7 of the Best Men’s Haircuts for 2015


This year is all about bigger and bolder haircut styles. We're talking about taking all those men's hair trends to the next level with unique styling, cool fades, and brand new cuts. Check out these pictures for 7 of the best men's haircuts for 2015. Fresh from Spain, this hot look combines a modern cut and vintage-inspired style. The cut leaves hair thick and ... Get the hairstyle!

Classic Men’s Hairstyle – Slicked Back

classic mens hairstyles slicked back

One of the top hair trends for the past years is also a classic men's hairstyle. Whether you style it like a hipster or Don Draper, slicked back hair is always cool. Keep reading for how to get the look.The slick back is the go to hairstyle for so many men through the ages and still is. It's a formal hairstyles chosen by celebrities on red carpets and grooms at the ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Cool Men’s Hairstyles With Beards

cool mens hairstyles with beards

Once you've got the beard, the question is what to do with hair? One of the best options is the slick back plus an undercut. Check out these pictures for three ways to wear cool men's hairstyles with beards.This hipster hair for men has it all - slicked back hair, faded sides, and a full beard. And that's not even with the classic lumberjack flannel and stretched ... Get the hairstyle!

Greaser Hairstyles: The Jelly Roll and Duck’s Ass


If you want a unique hairstyle, it pays to look to the past for inspiration. The undercut trend was a revival of 1920s hairstyles and there are many more decades with inspiring hair. The greaser styles of the 1950s are especially of interest. In addition to being rebellious, greasers were known for their vanity because of the time and effort the elaborate hairstyles took. Check ... Get the hairstyle!

Popular Men’s Hairstyles: Long Hair on Top

popular mens hairstyles long hair top

One of the most classic and popular men's hairstyles has long hair on top and short sides. Check out this medium length version with plenty of length and height on top.This gravity-defying style isn't new. Similar to the retro pompadour, this version is styled without the usual slick hair products. Achieving this high volume style requires a blow dryer and finishing ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Men’s Haircuts For Short Hair

cool mens haircuts for short hair

Short hair isn't only about convenience. Cropped locks can also be stylish. Check out this picture one of the cool men's haircuts for short hair that works for every hair type.This Billy Idol-inspired haircut cuts the sides close while leaving about an inch of length up top. Hair is cut to add in texture that stands out when spiking hair. For thick hair, this lightens ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Men’s Hairstyles – Short Sides, Long Top Haircut

new mens hairstyles short sides long top

Most men's hairstyles are a version of the short sides - long top haircut. These cool men's hairstyles with extra short sides and even longer hair on top will get you noticed. Check out these two different ways to get the look.This high volume style is the hipster update of slicked back hair. To get the look you'll need thick hair of adequate length and/or volumizing ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Medium Length Men’s Haircut for Thick Hair

cool medium haircuts thick hair

This shaved sides haircut with long hair on top is on trend and easy to wear. Check out these pictures for a cool medium length men's haircut for thick hair that is perfect for summer but looks great anywhere and any time.This haircut is stylish enough to wear for work and cool enough for the rest of your life. Here the dry slick look is styled with plenty of volume for ... Get the hairstyle!

Joe Manganiello: How to Slick Back Hair


Joe Manganiello, reprising his role as male stripper Big Dick Richie this summer, is well known for his physique but that's not all. His rugged good looks and flawless hair complete the package.  Check out these photos from the current June/July 2015 Details magazine to see how to slick back hair in 3 different ways.This first image is an updated version of the slicked ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

cool mens hairstyles for thick wavy hair

Looking for cool men's hairstyle for thick wavy hair? Well, look no further. This short sides - long on top men's haircut ensures that wavy hair looks great and is easy to style. Keep reading for how to get the look.Every great hairstyle starts with a great haircut. Here, layers make thick and wavy hair lighter on top as well as more manageable. The sides are shaved ... Get the hairstyle!

Stylish Men’s Haircuts: The Disconnect


Fashion is about trends that come and go while style is your unique look that stands the test of time. In the words of Orson Welles, "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.'' So don't let the trends be your only consideration in selecting a hairstyle. Stylish men's haircuts are flattering, cool, and distinguished. Check out this ... Get the hairstyle!

Try This Modern Men’s Hairstyle 2015


Here's yet another cool way to wear hair long on top with short sides. This modern men's hairstyle 2015 updates the classic cut with medium length hair that can be styled messy or combed over, matte or slick. Check out these pictures to see the cut from every angle.From the front, this cut is a little bit hipster, a little bit preppy, and a lot ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hair for Summer 2015


How do men's hairstyles change for summer? Well, you can head to the barber and go short. Or if you like your hair as it is, check out these cool pictures of men's hair for summer 2015. Hot off the runways and catalogues of top brands for fall 2015, these fresh styles are cool and casual for summer fun.All the sunny weather, outdoor activities, and holidays means that ... Get the hairstyle!

The Duck’s Ass aka Ducktail Hair


This is a unique slicked back hairstyle called the Duck's Ass, D.A. or Ducktail hair. A very unique look from the 1950s brought to you by the master Barber Brian Burt.The Cut - Pompadour in Front, Ducks Ass in the back.  The D.A. is a high maintenance hair cut. The hair is left pretty long on the sides to achieve a part or fold in the back where the side hair meets. When ... Get the hairstyle!

Different Hairstyles for Men: Undercut for Medium Hair


Sometimes you want an on trend hairstyle and sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for the latter, this is one of the easiest to style different hairstyles for men. It's all about medium hair on top plus undercut sides. Check it out.One of the cool things about this hairstyle is that it looks dramatically different from every angle. From the ... Get the hairstyle!

Shaved Part Hair Designs: Barber Brian Burt


Today, we are going to take a look at 2 different haircuts by Barber Brian Burt that feature shaved parts.Surgical Part - When your barber carves in a perfect part extending all the way to backside of head down to the occipital bone.Hi Lo Fade - When you have a fade that has 2 different levels on head. One side being Hi the other side being Lo. You need a "Surgical ... Get the hairstyle!

7 Modern Men’s Haircuts 2015

One way to get ready for summer is with a fresh, new haircut. Lose some of that length and weight to get ready for everyone's favorite season. Even better, these modern men's haircuts 2015 are easy to style, leaving more time for summer fun.Celebrities, athletes, and musicians tend to be at the forefront of fashion. Aussie native Flume is no exception. This cool cut is ... Get the hairstyle!