Curly Hairstyles For Men

Do you have curly hair? Check out these amazing curly hairstyles for men, and get yourself a brand new look.

5 Cool Short Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair


 Men with curls can embrace their hair type by wearing it long like Entourage's Adrian Grenier's signature style or tame it like Justin Timberlake most often chooses to do. If neither of these appeal to you, there are a range of options between these two extremes.Check out these pictures of cool short hairstyles for men with curly hair … [Read more...]

Best Products for Curly Hair – Men


 For guys with curly hair, the two most important ways to manage curls is a great haircut and keeping hair healthy by cutting down on the shampoo. Next up, the best products for curly hair - men can make hair more consistent, manageable, and get you exactly the style you want.First off, the best shampoo for curly hair. The scalp oils … [Read more...]

What’s a good haircut for guys with curly hair?


 What is a good haircut for guys with curly hair? - JhonHi JhonOh, curly hair!  Men with curly hair don't want it... women without it would kill for it. I love curly hair on men! If you grow full shiny and defined curls then go ahead, grow it out! If your boss will let you...Dream curls aren't always the case. Some peoples … [Read more...]

3 Short Haircuts for Guys with Curly Hair: Celebrity Edition


 Cutting curly hair short is an easy and stylish way to mange curls. Check out these 3 celebrity-endorsed cool and short haircuts for guys with curly hair. These hairstyles on James Franco, Zac Posen, and Joe Jonas bring out curls at short lengths and cool angles.One of the easiest hairstyles for men with curly hair is to cut hair … [Read more...]

Curly Hair on Men: 5 Medium Cuts


 There are a few hairstyle options to deal with curly hair on men. First, there are the latest trends of slick hair and the undercut worn with curly hair (like the most famous curly-haired gent Justin Timberlake).  Then there's cutting hair short so it's practically maintenance free. Last but certainly not least is letting those curls do … [Read more...]

Fall 2013 Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Thick, Wavy, and Curly Hair


How do the latest hair trends translate to other hair types? Here's the longer on top-short sides and back hairstyle slightly adapted for thick, wavy, or curly hair. The only difference is that hair is cut on an angle to add texture while cutting out weight and bulk. The result is a great looking cut that practically styles itself. Check out how to … [Read more...]

Cool Hairstyles for Curly Hair Men


Having hair that tends to curl or wave doesn't mean you can't get in on all the latest men's hairstyle trends. You just need the right cut, the right product, and a cool hairstyle.A lot of men with curly hair cut it short to minimize styling time. However, this also limits styling options. Rather than chopping it all off, opt for this … [Read more...]

Long Curly Hair Men


Long curly hair men has a long history of awesomeness - Slash, Lenny Kravitz and Russel Brand to name a few. Here's what you need to know about to grow your curly hair long.If you're starting out from a buzz cut, face it now that there's going to be an awkward phase. It's unavoidable, temporary and totally worth it.The rules for healthy … [Read more...]

Short Wavy Hair for Men


Being yourself never goes out of style but if you have wavy or curly hair, your look is getting extra attention this year. Curly and wavy hair worn with the sides cut short has been all over the spring runways.If your hair doesn't have natural texture, there is no imitating short wavy hair for men. Here's how to get the look:The short … [Read more...]

Medium Curly Hair for Men


You’re in good company if you’re rocking medium curly hair for men. If Justin Timberlake, Adrian Grenier, and Matthew Morrison (aka Glee's Will Schuester) have taught you anything, mens curly hair is something to show off!Curly hair varies in the tightness of the curl as well as your hair thickness. To find your best curly haircut, it’s … [Read more...]

Mens Hair 2013


It's the new year again! Rather than waiting for the new years resolution to take effect, go for something that will have instant impact - a new hairstyle.The trends for mens hair 2013 are already on the runways. What's in store is more of what you've seen in 2012 - slicked back hair, quiffs, undercuts - but bigger and bolder.Modern … [Read more...]

Mens Hairstyle Trends for Curly Hair

Mens Hairstyles Trends for Curly Hair

It's been the year for slicked back hair but what does that mean for men with curly hair? We're never going to tell you to get out a flat iron at Mens Hairstyle Trends (although, occasionally a blow dryer).Here's how to wear mens hairstyle trends for curly hair.Slick curly hair is a little different but still has the same sophisticated … [Read more...]

Medium Hairstyles for Curly Hair – Men


Show off thick hair and keep your styling options open by wearing curly hair a bit longer. This versatile hairstyle cuts layers all around the head to help define curl. All that's needed to style medium hairstyles for curly hair - men is pomade or texture cream to separate curl and add a hint of shine.This isn't the only way to style curly … [Read more...]

Curly Hair Men – How To Cut It Yourself


In Men's Hairstyle Trends barber versus stylist posts, stylists were the recommended option for men with curly hair. One option that wasn't mentioned was cutting curly hair yourself. Many people with curly hair, men and women, opt to cut their own hair out of frustration or for the sheer convenience. Whether you have short or longer curly hair, … [Read more...]