Curly Hairstyles For Men

Do you have curly hair? Check out these amazing curly hairstyles for men, and get yourself a brand new look.

Curly Hair Hairstyles for Men 2015

cool haircuts for curly hair

Curls add a distinct texture and dimension to hair. Make the most of this hair type with a haircut that works with and enhances curls. Check out these pictures for short, medium, and long curly hair hairstyles for men 2015.If you curls get unruly, this short haircut seen on Ted cuts down styling time while leaving some of that attractive texture. This is definitely a wash-and-go cut. To keep ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Men’s Curly Hairstyles plus Andy Samberg and Jamie Dornan

Need a new look for your curls? Check out these pictures for 10 men's curly hairstyles. There are cool cuts from celebrities and models, long and short styles, plus trends like the undercut and slicked back hair. They are all easy to style and look great at work and play. As always, a quick and easy to style look means going short. Andy Samberg's stylish haircut gets a boost of ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Cool Curly Hairstyles for Men 2015

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If your new year's resolution is to look better, get there fast with a new haircut. Here's how the latest men's hairstyles trends work for curly hair. Check out these pictures of cool curly hairstyles for men 2015 for 5 hot looks, in order from shortest to longest:  One hairstyle trend that is still going strong for 2015 is the undercut. The shaved sides and back make ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Hairstyles for Men 2015: Curly Hair

Image: Promod Model: Paul Kelly

It's already December and time to start looking to the new year for the latest trends. We've talked about new hairstyles for men 2015 that have been debuted on runways around the world but what about guys with waves and curls?Check out the pictures below for the best hairstyles for men 2015 for curly hair.  One of the top hairstyles for 2015 is going to be the ... Get the hairstyle!

Guys with Curly and Wavy Hair Questions

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1. What's a good hairstyle for a guy with curly hair and a round face?What kind of hairstyle will suit a round face and slightly curly hair? – BhaskarShort on the sides, square it up. A little bit of height on top (like John Mayer below), will stretch your face out.Hi, Please suggest a simple and easy to manage hairstyle. I have curly hair and round face. Please also tell me how to ... Get the hairstyle!

Try the curly fade


The undercut, sometimes also called a fade, has taken men's hair by storm. This cool cut works with every style, from hipster to Euro to modern dandy, it all depends on what the rest of the look is doing. Is the undercut a good idea for guys with curly hair? Yes, indeed. Check out these pictures of the curly fade and see how good it looks for all kinds of curls. The fade is a ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Cool Short Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair


 Men with curls can embrace their hair type by wearing it long like Entourage's Adrian Grenier's signature style or tame it like Justin Timberlake most often chooses to do. If neither of these appeal to you, there are a range of options between these two extremes.Check out these pictures of cool short hairstyles for men with curly hair for 5 cool look.While curly hair can be ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Products for Curly Hair – Men


For guys with curly hair, the two most important ways to manage curls is a great haircut and keeping hair healthy by cutting down on the shampoo. Next up, the best products for curly hair - men can make hair more consistent, manageable, and get you exactly the style you want.First off, the best shampoo for curly hair. The scalp oils that keep hair healthy and moisturized have a harder time ... Get the hairstyle!

What’s a good haircut for guys with curly hair?


 What is a good haircut for guys with curly hair? - JhonHi JhonOh, curly hair!  Men with curly hair don't want it... women without it would kill for it. I love curly hair on men! If you grow full shiny and defined curls then go ahead, grow it out! If your boss will let you...Dream curls aren't always the case. Some peoples curls can be very tight or very loose. Too tight means ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Short Haircuts for Guys with Curly Hair: Celebrity Edition


 Cutting curly hair short is an easy and stylish way to mange curls. Check out these 3 celebrity-endorsed cool and short haircuts for guys with curly hair. These hairstyles on James Franco, Zac Posen, and Joe Jonas bring out curls at short lengths and cool angles.One of the easiest hairstyles for men with curly hair is to cut hair short at the sides and back, leaving some length ... Get the hairstyle!