Hair Undercut with Quiff

Undercut hair is an edgy yet clean cut look that combines the military shave with Mad Men slick. Hair undercut can be styled lots of ways – slicked back, spiked up, or in a classic parted hairstyle. Worn here in a quiff, the contrast between shaved sides and robust here is even more exaggerated.

The quiff, a derivation of the French coiffe, is the bastard child of the pompadour, flat top, and mohawk. The first step to getting the look is the right cut. Second, you’ll need a blow drier. Rub a little product into freshly washed hair. Don’t use too much, this too common habit weighs hair down, which will cause hair to flop down in a greasy mess. Start blow drying hair, using a comb or brush to pull hair up. Finish the look with some wax to add shine, definition, and form the peak at the front.

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