Hairstyles for Asian Men – No Part

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For one of the best hairstyles for Asian men, try this textured cut with no part. Where you part your hair influences how people perceive you. Hairstyles without a part are seen as trustworthy and wise, a great impression to make as a student or businessman.

This modern yet professional cut tames thick and straight hair with lots of textured layers. Hair is cut and styled in a diagonal across the forehead. Sideburns are grown to ear lobe length. The key to getting cool hairstyles is finding a barber or stylist with experience with Asian hair. For clean and polished hair for work, rub a pomade or gel through hair and comb it smooth. For after work, you can spike hair with wax or cream for a messy and cool look.

The best hairstyles for Asian men can be styled professional and casual. The key to this sophisticated yet relaxed style is ensuring that longer hair is intentional rather than overgrown. This medium length textured cut, similar to Jason Chou's haircut, removes bulk and thickness with shears. To style the look,…
There are three options for the back of short haircuts for men - blocked, rounded, and tapered. The blocked nape is cut straight across in a defined line. In contrast, the tapered nape gradually transitions from the length of hair at the back of the head, fading into skin along the natural hairline.…