Hairstyles for Asian Men

The Slick Back


Slicked back hair is one of the most long lasting men's hairstyles. It goes all the way back to the pompadour in the 1750s. Modern incarnations include 1930s Clark Gable, 1940s military slick undercut,  1950s Elvis Presley, 1960s Don Draper styles, 1980s Wall Street, and of course the current hipster styles.Here's one cool way to wear the slick back for 2015.Right now, men's haircut ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Haircuts For Men: The New Faux Hawk


One of the enduring men's hairstyles is the faux hawk. It's flattering for most face shapes, including round, and easy to style. Check out these pictures for one of the cool haircuts for men that works for the faux hawk and more.The faux hawk cut and style is popular for guys with thick coarse hair because it tames unruly hair. This layered haircut reduces the weight of thick hair, making ... Get the hairstyle!

Classic Haircuts for Men: Long on Top, Short Sides


If you don't see a reason to re-invent the wheel with every new haircut, this is for you. Here's one of the classic haircuts for men that follows the long on top, short sides formula. Styled into a combover with volume, this cut is also on trend. Talk about the best of both worlds.This classic style leaves plenty of length on top while cutting sides short. Trendier and edgier versions ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2015: The Pomp


For guys with thick locks, the hair world is your oyster. You can rock any style from short, if you want quick styling, to long, if you prefer. Even better than length, thick hair can achieve great heights and maximum volume. Here's one of the best hairstyles for thick hair 2015 that has both: the pomp. This cool men's hairstyle is a modern version of the pompadour. The style fits ... Get the hairstyle!

The Low Razor Fade


One of the top men's hair trends for 2015 is the fade. The shaved sides and back are similar to the undercut but instead of creating a disconnect hairstyle, a fade seamlessly tapers hair down to the scalp. Due to the more subtle transition of a fade, it looks great up high or down low on the head. Check out these cool men's hairstyle pictures from Reuzel Pomade, Holland's finest pomade, to check ... Get the hairstyle!

Street Style: Silver Hair Color


Many men are willing to explore bold haircuts and styles but what about color. Toronto's Luke Lopez knows how to make the most of both to complete his stylish ensembles with distinct hair. Check out these 3 cool street styles.This cool men's hair is on point for 2015. The cut is a textured version of the classic long on top - short sides that shapes thick hair while removing weight. The ... Get the hairstyle!

Different Hairstyles for Men: Undercut for Medium Hair


Sometimes you want an on trend hairstyle and sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for the latter, this is one of the easiest to style different hairstyles for men. It's all about medium hair on top plus undercut sides. Check it out.One of the cool things about this hairstyle is that it looks dramatically different from every angle. From the front, it's your ... Get the hairstyle!

9 Different Hairstyles for Asian Men – Satoshi Toda

Richard Pier Petit

Thick, coarse and straight hair has it's challenges. On the one hand, this hair type can have a mind of it's own. On the other hand, with a full head of thick hair, you can get creative. Check out these pictures for 9 different hairstyles for Asian men seen on Tokyo-born model Satoshi Toda. This clean cut, retro-inspired look is a hot style for 2015. It's got a side part, matte ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Haircuts for Coarse Hair That Sticks Up


We got lots of questions from guys wanting to know what to do with hair that sticks up. There are three options for dealing with coarse spiky hair. First, go ultra short with a buzz cut that eliminates the problem altogether. Two, use your hair type to your advantage and choose a spiky cut. Or last, grow hair longer and sculpt it into shape with a strong hold hair product.Check out these ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Pictures of Asian Men Hairstyles


 Hairstyles for Asian men is one of the most popular categories at Men's Hairstyle Trends and we're always on the look out for hot new styles. Check out these 10 pictures of Asian men hairstyles for the latest undercuts, spiked, and medium length looks. The undercut is the must have men's hairstyle of 2014 so it's the first picture here. The undercut for men can be worn ... Get the hairstyle!