Hairstyles for Asian Men

10 Pictures of Asian Men Hairstyles


 Hairstyles for Asian men is one of the most popular categories at Men's Hairstyle Trends and we're always on the look out for hot new styles. Check out these 10 pictures of Asian men hairstyles for the latest undercuts, spiked, and medium length looks. The undercut is the must have men's hairstyle of 2014 so it's the … [Read more...]

10 Asian Mens Hairstyles Pictures


Many of the hair trends from in Japan, Korea, China, and more don't make it across the Pacific. But that doesn't mean they should be ignored! Check out these 10 Asian mens hairstyles for the latest spikes, medium, and pop star-inspired cuts.Of course there's not just one Asian hair type. While having coarse hair helps with outrageous do, it's … [Read more...]

3 Cool Hair Color for Men Ideas

Hair Color Ideas for Men-

 There is so much more more to dyeing hair for men than covering grey! Add chunky streaks or all over color to update your look! Check out these pictures for 3 cool hair color for men ideas to try today!A no risk way to try out hair color for men is with one bold streak somewhere along the hairline. It's low commitment and looks … [Read more...]

New Hairstyles for Men 2013: 10 Reader Photos!


What better source for new hairstyles for men 2013 than the stylish gentleman at the forefront of fashion. Men's Hairstyle Trends is pleased to announce our very first reader post, with this and next season's hairstyles modelled by real men.   Thanks to all the guys who submitted photos. Let us know if you have any styling techniques or products … [Read more...]

10 Cool Hairstyles for Asian Men 2013


Thick, coarse, and textured Asian hair can be cut, sculpted, and styled into wild or conservative looks. These 10 cool hairstyles for Asian men 2013 are hip, edgy, and hot right now.Check out these pictures for spikes, medium length hair, and the must have undercut. Some of the best products to get style these cool looks are Bumble and Bumble … [Read more...]

Cool Mens Hair 2013


From Mad Men to James Bond, it’s been all about slick hair for men on screen and off. There is still plenty of room to get creative with this mens hairstyle trend.This cool mens hair 2013 pulls together the top trends in mens fashion for an expected hairstyle that’s totally polished. Here’s how to get the look:There are two kinds of … [Read more...]

Asian Hairstyles for Men for Work

Asian Hairstyles for Men

Asian hair tends to be thick, straight, and coarse. This is great because hair is  malleable and can be styled in an infinite number of ways.Go spiked and crazy on the weekend but keep things toned down during the rest of the week. Here's one of the best Asian hairstyles for men for work!Every great hairstyle starts with a great … [Read more...]

Asian Hairstyles for Men – Kpop Hair


The hottest Asian hairstyles for men are inspired by the Kpop music scene. There are so many people to get inspiration from, like the members of SHINee, Super Junior, and UKISS.Keep reading for how to style Kpop hair! The best hairstyles all start with a good haircut. For Korean hair, you want to grow to some length and then go … [Read more...]

Medium Hairstyles for Asian Men


For a conservative hairstyle that still has lots of fun, try medium hairstyles for Asian men. This straight shag is as fashionable as it is professional, and is similar to Kim Bum's hairstyle from Boys Before  Flowers.The best part of this shag hair is the medium length - layers are cut all around the head with bangs that cover the whole … [Read more...]

Undercut – Cool Asian Hair


The undercut is one of the coolest hairstyles of 2012-2013. The hipster hair looks different with every hair texture - whether it's curly, thick, or straight as an arrow. This cool Asian hair is a longer, possibly grown out, version of the undercut hairstyle. Sides are cropped to an eighth of an inch with the top kept up to two inches long. This … [Read more...]

Best Hairstyles for Asian Men – Spiky Hair


Spiky hair is one of the best hairstyles for Asian men! Seen here with medium length hair, show up clean cut at the office and go wild at night. This cool hairstyle makes the most of coarse straight hair to create a textured look with lots of height. Get the piecey effect by using a gel or pomade and pulling hair up and out with fingers. The … [Read more...]

Hairstyles for Asian Men – No Part


For one of the best hairstyles for Asian men, try this textured cut with no part. Where you part your hair influences how people perceive you. Hairstyles without a part are seen as trustworthy and wise, a great impression to make as a student or businessman.This modern yet professional cut tames thick and straight hair with lots of textured … [Read more...]

Best Hairstyles for Asian Men – Textured


The best hairstyles for Asian men can be styled professional and casual. The key to this sophisticated yet relaxed style is ensuring that longer hair is intentional rather than overgrown.This medium length textured cut, similar to Jason Chou's haircut, removes bulk and thickness with shears. To style the look, rub a strong hold product … [Read more...]

Cool Asian Hairstyles for Guys


 Combine an old favorite with the hottest new mens hairstyles and you get cool asian hairstyles for guys. The undercut, worn slightly grown out, combined with hair worn spiked up is just as clean cut as it is stylish.Undercut hair has been growing in popularity throughout 2012 and will get even bigger in 2013. You can wear it … [Read more...]