Hipster Hair & Hairstyles

Looking for a cool new hair look? Check out these hipster hairstyles and get noticed.

Hipster Hair 2015: With a Side Part


This year has been about modern, retro, and classic hair but what are the hipsters up to? As always, it's something a little bit different. Check out one of the most popular looks for hipster hair 2015, the combover with a side part.This stylish cut was shot by London based photographer and videographer Robin Bharaj. It's a modern side part hairstyle that adds a twist to ... Get the hairstyle!

Beard with Handlebar Mustache


A beard isn't just a beard. Unless it's the Amish-style beard without a mustache, a beard is a combination of a mustache and a beard. If you want to take it to the next level, try a beard with a handlebar mustache.The handlebar mustache is named for it's resemblance of the handlebars of a bike and "particularly lengthy and upwardly curved extremities."1  It's easy to ... Get the hairstyle!

The Slick Back


Slicked back hair is one of the most long lasting men's hairstyles. It goes all the way back to the pompadour in the 1750s. Modern incarnations include 1930s Clark Gable, 1940s military slick undercut,  1950s Elvis Presley, 1960s Don Draper styles, 1980s Wall Street, and of course the current hipster styles.Here's one cool way to wear the slick back for 2015.Right ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool New Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair


Wavy hair adds an extra dimension to all the latest haircuts and styles for men.  Waves bring texture and volume that enhance every look. Check out these pictures of 3 cool new hairstyles for men with wavy hair for 3 of the freshest styles for summer 2015.The slick back has been the top men's hairstyle trend for the past year and looks even better with wavy hair. ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Cool Men’s Hairstyles With Beards

cool mens hairstyles with beards

Once you've got the beard, the question is what to do with hair? One of the best options is the slick back plus an undercut. Check out these pictures for three ways to wear cool men's hairstyles with beards.This hipster hair for men has it all - slicked back hair, faded sides, and a full beard. And that's not even with the classic lumberjack flannel and stretched ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Men’s Hairstyles – Short Sides, Long Top Haircut

new mens hairstyles short sides long top

Most men's hairstyles are a version of the short sides - long top haircut. These cool men's hairstyles with extra short sides and even longer hair on top will get you noticed. Check out these two different ways to get the look.This high volume style is the hipster update of slicked back hair. To get the look you'll need thick hair of adequate length and/or volumizing ... Get the hairstyle!

Stylish Men’s Haircuts: The Disconnect


Fashion is about trends that come and go while style is your unique look that stands the test of time. In the words of Orson Welles, "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.'' So don't let the trends be your only consideration in selecting a hairstyle. Stylish men's haircuts are flattering, cool, and distinguished. Check out this ... Get the hairstyle!

Try This Modern Men’s Hairstyle 2015


Here's yet another cool way to wear hair long on top with short sides. This modern men's hairstyle 2015 updates the classic cut with medium length hair that can be styled messy or combed over, matte or slick. Check out these pictures to see the cut from every angle.From the front, this cut is a little bit hipster, a little bit preppy, and a lot ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hair for Summer 2015


How do men's hairstyles change for summer? Well, you can head to the barber and go short. Or if you like your hair as it is, check out these cool pictures of men's hair for summer 2015. Hot off the runways and catalogues of top brands for fall 2015, these fresh styles are cool and casual for summer fun.All the sunny weather, outdoor activities, and holidays means that ... Get the hairstyle!

New Hairstyles 2015


While novel hairstyles for men are not being introduced every year, the trends do change and evolve. The last few years have been dominated by retro styles like slick hair, the combover, and undercut. Check out these new hairstyles for 2015 are variations of those looks with some added edge. While haircuts aren't radically different from last year, styles are. ... Get the hairstyle!