Trendy Men Hairstyles


Fashion is always pitted against style. The real winner is a combination of the two - personalized by you to fit your particular taste and personality.That’s what trendy men hairstyles are all about too - a classic take on the latest look.Above, you can see how men’s hairstyle trends don’t have to fussy or finicky. Slicked back hair has … [Read more...]

Medium Hair for Men – Preppy Hair


So you want to look like you're straight out of a Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Lacoste ad? Preppy hair, according to the WASP 101 definition, is worn with a side part and a swoop to one side. It's not long and not short but medium hair for men.This is the perfect length hair to wear slicked up or across. For an easy going and casual look, … [Read more...]

Mens Hair 2013


It's the new year again! Rather than waiting for the new years resolution to take effect, go for something that will have instant impact - a new hairstyle.The trends for mens hair 2013 are already on the runways. What's in store is more of what you've seen in 2012 - slicked back hair, quiffs, undercuts - but bigger and bolder.Modern … [Read more...]

5 Best Tips for Mens Long Hairstyles


Mens long hairstyles are one of the signature rebellious looks. Wearing hair long, as seen on Johnny Depp, Jared Leto (as 90s heart throb Jordan Catalano and now), and Alexander Skarsgård, the message is one of individuality and non-conformity.Here are the 5 tips to get the best mens long hair.1. It's a Hairstyle - Mens long hair isn't … [Read more...]

Short Back and Sides – Long on Top

Short Back and Sides Long on Top

The maxim “what’s old is new again” is true for fashion and hair. While hairstyles haven’t been returning with the same speed (how are the 90s already back?), retro and vintage hairstyles, like the classic short back and sides - long on top, have been dominating the 20-tweens.Classic men’s hairstyles have jumped through the screen of top … [Read more...]

Long Spiked Hair


Long spiked hair has been around a lot longer than Robert Pattinson's reach for the sky vampire hair. It was a popular look during the 1970s punk rock movement for those who didn't commit to a mohawk. Spiked hair made a come back in the eighties, with Keifer Sutherland playing the vampire role.Spiky hair isn't only counter culture. The … [Read more...]

Indie Hair Cuts


Messy and almost overgrown indie hair has been the hairstyle for artists, rockers, and stars since Oscar Wilde. Fast forward to Mick Jagger, Chace Crawford, and your favorite indie rocker.The look works for all hair types - straight, wavy, curly and fine or thick. To get indie hair cuts, let your hairdresser know which band's look your going … [Read more...]

Mens Hairstyles – Long on Top


For a classic mens hairstyle that gives you all the on trend styling options, go for short sides and long on top. You can be clean cut for work, as show above, and transform into something edgier or more slick at night. A few of the mens hairstyles - long on top lets you style is tousled, spiked, slicked back, and brushed to the side.For … [Read more...]

Medium Mens Hairstyles – 2012


What is the difference between short and medium mens hairstyles? Some say anything longer than a crew cut while others define it by the length of the sides. So, medium hair can refer to length all around the head or just on top. Either way, the extra length gives you lots of styling options. To keep hair looking great, be sure to invest in good … [Read more...]

Cool Mens Hair – Side Part


Add a modern touch to retro styles and you get cool mens hair for 2012 and going into 2013. Think Mad Men slick with shaved sides or a quiff worn swept to the back. The one thing that these looks have in common is the old school side part. To get this cool mens hair - side part, you’ll need some length on top to work with. Apply a … [Read more...]

Barbershop vs Salon – Stylist Edition


For the best haircuts for men, both the barbershop and salon get great results. The salon won't give you a straight razor shave or man cave experience, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit a stylist.Here's why:1. Longer Hair - One of the reasons to go to a barber is for their expertise in classic short hairstyles. However if you … [Read more...]

Medium Length Mens Curly Hair – Channeling the Lizard King


Wearing hair long has always been a sign of rebellion and individual thought for men. You don't need to be a straight-haired Beatle or Axl Rose to get the look. Rather, follow the example of the truly untamed - Jim Morrison. Unleash your medium length curly hair!Getting a fantastic looking curly mane is actually less work rather than more. … [Read more...]

Mens Hairstyles With Beards


Beards aren't just for play off season or pipe smokers anymore. From Zach Galifianakis to Bon Iver, beards have been embraced by the young and hipster. While a beard can be worn with any hairstyle, its important to consider proportion.The best mens hairstyles with beards have balance. Here, a medium length hairstyle is paired with a close … [Read more...]

Medium Length Hair for Men


The best mens hairstyles aren't all slicked back or worn up high. This medium length hair for men is a version of Jason Schwartzman's signature look. It looks best with naturally straight hair and can be worn with or without a part. To get the look, ask for hair with some length that follows the contours of the head and hits the collar at the back. … [Read more...]

Robert Pattinson Hair


The gravity defying bed head-inspired Robert Pattinson hair comes from the right cut and styling tools and product. That's right, this vampires use hair dryers. This hairstyle works best with fine to medium straight hair, though with extra hold product like Woody's Quality Grooming Web can help anyone get the look.In the haircut, jagged … [Read more...]