Mens Cool Hairstyles 2013

The silhouette of the top mens hair trends is short around the sides and longer on top. Here are pictures of mens cool hairstyles 2013 for 5 different ways to get the look for this summer.

Mens Cool Hairstyles  Mens Cool Hairstyles 2013

Extra short sides and hair worn long accentuates the height of every hairstyle. Play with this effect by wearing hair spiked up, slicked across, or back.

Mens Hair Trends 2013 Mens Cool Hairstyles 2013

For that hot weather or added height, crop hair super close with an undercut. The almost shaved sides work with every hairstyle and can be cut higher or lower on the head, for more or less length on top.


Cool Mens Hairstyles  Mens Cool Hairstyles 2013


This tall and slick hair is the hottest hairstyle for men in 2013, as seen on actors, musicians, and athletes all over the world. Keep this undercut hairstyle clean cut with regular trims.

Cool Mens Hair  Mens Cool Hairstyles 2013

Every trend should be worn with a dash of personality or style. This rocker cool look wears hair a little thicker, spiked into a peak at the front, and with distinctive sideburns.

Cool Mens Hairstyles for Thick Hair Mens Cool Hairstyles 2013

Here’s another unique way of wearing spiked hair with an undercut. The very front of hair has some extra length that is pulled back into a swoop while the rest of the rest of hair is spiked up and forward.