The pompadour has graduated from the realm of greasers and gangsters to hipsters and bankers. The pompadour is essentially a tall version of slicked back hair. The look requires growing hair longer but can also work for curly and wavy hair. For a not too greasy look, use the right product. Woody’s Pomade is a lighter option for fine to normal hair or try Murray’s pomade for extra hold for thick hair.


Mad men style slicked back hair (men) has been a look that has been going strong since 2012. The undercut shaved sides give the haircut a modern edge. To get this slick style, add a high shine strong hold pomade to damp hair and work through with a comb.  
This is one of the best hairstyles for thick hair - men. With straight hair, get hair cut short at the sides and back and longer at the top. Hair can be parted deeply to one side and combed up with pomade. Wear hear messier for a bed head look.…