Quiff Hairstyles For Men

Make a bold statement with one of these cool quiff hairstyles.

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How to Style Morrissey Hair


 Before Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, and Don Draper, the hair legends for men were James Dean, Johnny Cash, and the Moz. It's not just hair but the untouchable cool, effortless style, and air of mystery.Well, if you don't have those things, at least you can get the hair. Here's how to style Morrissey hair. We're going for his earlier look, a sky high pompadour ... Get the hairstyle!

Wavy Hair Men – Medium Length


Consider yourself lucky if you have wavy hair men. Loose curls add fullness, look great messy, and even better styled. There is plenty of celebrity inspiration for men with wavy hair - Hugh Grant, Nick Jonas, and James Franco.Here's one hot way to rock wavy hair for men - medium length.With wavy hair, you can cut it short or let natural curl or do its thing by ... Get the hairstyle!

New Mens Hairstyles – The Undercut


Looking for new mens hairstyles? The slowly growing trend of 2012 and 2013 is the undercut. Paired with a slicked up quiff and you've got the vintage meets modern look of the year.The undercut takes short sides and back, long on top to the extreme. It's a clean cut look that still expresses individuality and style.For thick hair, this may be your answer to ... Get the hairstyle!

The Pompadour


The pompadour. It's the official hairstyle of rebels - James Dean, Johnny Cash, Morissey. This is the king of slicked back hair. As usual, the right haircut is the key to styling the pomp.It's all about length at the top - the minimum length required is eyebrow length. This  tall look requires medium to long hair - probably 6 inches in length. The back and sides can be ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Spiky Hairstyles – Quiff


For a fresh way to wear cool spiky hairstyles, style hair into a quiff! From Morrissey to Tintin, the quiff has been reinvented over and over again since first worn in the 1950s. The look combines the pompadour, mohawk, and flat top, with this spiked version taking cues from the modern faux hawk.This look is easy to style for medium length hair that is both straight and ... Get the hairstyle!

Hair Undercut with Quiff


Undercut hair is an edgy yet clean cut look that combines the military shave with Mad Men slick. Hair undercut can be styled lots of ways - slicked back, spiked up, or in a classic parted hairstyle. Worn here in a quiff, the contrast between shaved sides and robust here is even more exaggerated.The quiff, a derivation of the French coiffe, is the bastard child of ... Get the hairstyle!

Quiff with a Peaked Wave


Another way to style the quiff is to form the hair into a peaked wave at the top. The look is David Beckham's faux hawk meets Robert Pattinson's reach for the sky quiff.The look is easy to style but requires a blow dryer, brush, and product. Start by blow drying hair while brushing hair upwards to create height and volume. Warm up a pomade by rubbing it between your hands ... Get the hairstyle!

The Quiff


 The quiff is back! This super tall slicked back hair was worn by Elvis and Morrissey and has been recently seen on men's hairstyle icons Zac Efron and David Beckham. The look works with short hair but longer hair will give you more height.To comb a quiff, rub a pomade between hands to warm it up and rub into damp hair. American Crew makes some water-based ... Get the hairstyle!