Slicked Back Hair

Want to look super cool? Check out all these classic slicked back hair looks.

How to Wear an Undercut and Beard


 Can you wear an undercut with a beard? It seems like the shaved sides of an undercut and a full beard work against each other but in fact, the opposite is true.In the same way that an undercut for men emphasizes the lines and height of any hairstyle, the shaved sides and back also draw attention to the beard. Here's how to wear an ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Tall Hairstyles with an Undercut for Men


 Take all the men's hairstyle trends for 2014 to the next level by wearing them up high. It works for all the cool looks including slicked back hair, spikes, and the comb over. Even better, the shaved sides of the undercut emphasize and exaggerate the sense of height. Check out these pictures of tall hairstyles with an undercut for ... Get the hairstyle!

Slicked Back Hair: 10 Celebrity Styles


 It's awards season again which means celebrities are busting out all the best red carpet hairstyles. For men, this means multiple variations on the sophisticated and stylish slicked back hair. There are so many ways to wear this cool men's hairstyle from retro versions featured in movies like the Wolf of Wall Street to hipster versions ... Get the hairstyle!

Top 2013 Men’s Hairstyles + Trends for 2014


 All in all, 2013 was an excellent year for men's fashion and hairstyles and one that will stand the test of time. Even the trend conscious Justin Timberlake won't regret this year's slicked back hair with beard combination like some of his previous style choices, like cornrows or the infamous denim suit.Based on your searches, the top ... Get the hairstyle!

Celebrities with Beards Photo Gallery


 One of the biggest men's hair trends of 2013 wasn't a hairstyle but facial hair. The beard is no longer a sign of slacker apathy but is now a stylish accessory. Of course, full beards will always be associated with rugged manliness, as demonstrated by Alexander Skarsgård and Prince Harry after completing the 200 mile Walking With The ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hairstyles for the Groom and Best Man


The most popular engagement season is just around the corner. Whenever the big day happens, you'll want to take extra care with hair and grooming. In addition to these tips to ensure a polished and clean cut appearance, check out these men's hairstyles for the groom and best man. We can't guarantee that everything about your ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Medium Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair


For some men, cutting hair short is the solution to effortlessly dealing with hair. But if you want to make the most of the full head of hair (that you're lucky to have), grow hair medium length. This slicked back do is one of the top cool medium hairstyles for men with thick hair for 2013.Slick hair has been one of the most popular styles ... Get the hairstyle!

How to Style Hipster Hair for Guys


This isn't Don Draper's slicked back hair. This cool hairstyle is vintage with a modern update of height, tight sides and back, and often a beard. This hairstyle looks great but is a different beast than spiky and messy styles of the past. Here's everything you deed to know about how to style hipster hair.What you'll need:A hair ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hair Ideas: The Quiff


The beard plus slick look has caught on like wild fire. While it's an excellent look that works for everyone and even curly hair, it's touch to stand out from the crowd. If  you're looking for something different, it's time to mine vintage hairstyles for more men's hair ideas. Here's an oldy but goody - the quiff.By definition, the quiff is ... Get the hairstyle!

The Latest Men’s Hair


After decades of casual men's trends, dashing and debonaire style has returned. The hairstyles and accompanying fashion don't take any more time and effort to get Rat Pack worthy results. For men on the cutting edge of style, here's the newest trend for fall 2013 and spring 2014. Keep reading for the latest men's hair.Slicked back hair worn ... Get the hairstyle!

New Hairstyles for Men: Slick


What's old always becomes new again. It's good news when it comes to the modern version of slicked back hair. It's bad news now that the 90s have returned. Here's the current update on vintage hair that will never go out of style. Here's how to wear new hairstyles for men.Wearing hair slicked across or back is the must have look for men on ... Get the hairstyle!

One of the Top Mens Hairstyles


The change in weather and wardrobe to match is a great time to  update your hairstyle too. An easy way to get a different look is wear hair longer on top. This gives more styling options and makes product more effective for coarse, thick, and fine hair. Check out one of the top mens hairstyles below.To get this mens fall 2013 hairstyle ... Get the hairstyle!

Latest Mens Hairstyles 2013


Get ready for summer with these top 5 latest mens hairstyles 2013. The undercut is still going strong as is the ultra cool slicked back hair.These hairstyles will keep you cool all summer and perfect for weddings when slicked back or the beach worn messy. ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Slick Hair Looks


 Slick hair is the hottest men's hairstyle trend of 2013. Here are 10 different ways to get the look - with an undercut, side part, and way up high.For lots of matte hold, try  L’Oreal Extreme Dirty Clean Paste, Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum Putty, Extra Strong Hold, or KMS California Hair Play Molding Paste.For some shine, try Redken ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Mens Hair 2013


From Mad Men to James Bond, it’s been all about slick hair for men on screen and off. There is still plenty of room to get creative with this mens hairstyle trend.This cool mens hair 2013 pulls together the top trends in mens fashion for an expected hairstyle that’s totally polished. Here’s how to get the look:There are two kinds of ... Get the hairstyle!