Spiky Hair

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5 Cool Men’s Hairstyles To Try In 2015


This new year is ushering in a shift in men's style. While many of the dominating trends like slick hair, undercuts, and tapers will continue, new trends are emerging from the runways and magazines and are working their way to the street. Get the look today with these 5 cool men's hairstyles to try in 2015. Slick looks of all kinds are still one of the top ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Haircuts for Coarse Hair That Sticks Up


We got lots of questions from guys wanting to know what to do with hair that sticks up. There are three options for dealing with coarse spiky hair. First, go ultra short with a buzz cut that eliminates the problem altogether. Two, use your hair type to your advantage and choose a spiky cut. Or last, grow hair longer and sculpt it into shape with a strong hold hair ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hair Trends 2014: Texture


While slick hair has dominated his year, not all men's hair trends 2014 require having every hair in place. These cool spiked styles are all about adding not only volume but texture to hair for a groomed yet slightly messy look. Check out these pictures to see how it's done for thick, fine, and wavy hair.Cypriot-born, famous in the UK singer, television personality, and ... Get the hairstyle!

Celebrity Men’s Formal Hairstyles 2014


With school formals, holiday parties, and winter weddings on the horizon, it's time to think about how to style hair to match the suit or tuxedo you'll be wearing. Guys with short haircuts can style hair as usual but with medium length locks, you have options.If you're already rocking the slick look, you're all set but if you want to try something different, check out these ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Hairstyles for Men 2014 – Unique Spikes


It's an exciting time for men's hair. Between beards and barbering, there have never been more hairstyles available. There's so much more than the limited choices of the past plus new and improved ways to wear classic cuts. For some of the top cool hairstyles for men 2014, check out these different ways to wear spikes. Spiky hair was originally a ... Get the hairstyle!

Different Ways to Wear Spiked Hair


 Spiky hair is one of those styles that always look good. Loosely inspired by the punks, spiked hair still has an edge to it. You can wear it short or longer, messy or straight up and it will still be a cool look. If spikes are your go-to hairstyle, check out these spiked hair pictures for 10 different looks ranging from tousled rocker to soccer ... Get the hairstyle!

7 Ways to Wear Spiky Hair for 2014


 For 2014, spiky hair is still a popular look. The key is leaving that hair gel behind and embracing the best products to spike hair up. With the right product, you can wear any hair type in spikes, from fine to thick, and create your own unique look. Check out these pictures for 7 different ways to wear spiky hair. Part of how hair spikes depends on ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Medium Hairstyles for Men 2013-2014


The wide range of popular men's hairstyles for 2013-2014 is due to long hair. Short hair, cut only an inch long or so, doesn't have the same versatility as medium length hair.This isn't all over long hair though. Length is concentrated at the top of the head where it can be sculpted into these medium hairstyle for men.The cool thing about medium hair is it can be ... Get the hairstyle!

Men’s Hair Ideas: The Quiff


The beard plus slick look has caught on like wild fire. While it's an excellent look that works for everyone and even curly hair, it's touch to stand out from the crowd. If  you're looking for something different, it's time to mine vintage hairstyles for more men's hair ideas. Here's an oldy but goody - the quiff.By definition, the quiff is a combination of the 1950s ... Get the hairstyle!