Hair Products For Men

Learn all about the best hair products for men. We go over what hair products you can use for different hair types, and also how to use them to get cool new hairstyles every day. You can also visit our store where you will get the best men's hair products at the best prices.

Cheap Razors – Make the Switch

Straight Razor

For the beardless, shaving can get expensive. Here's a look at the shaving alternatives to keep you smooth faced and nick-free without braking the bank. If you're looking for cheap razors, a safety razor is your best bet. Here's the break down of all your options. We won't even discuss disposables.Drugstore Razors Those multi-blade razors are affordable to buy the first time but getting ... Get the hairstyle!

Hair Products for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss


One of the ways to stop hair loss is with carefully selected hair products. Begin the fight today with grooming products that combat hair loss whether you are in the initial stages of thinning hair or just have concerns based on the shiny domes of family members.Aside from the genetic and lifestyle causes of hair loss, the main culprit behind male pattern baldness is excess dihydrotestosterone ... Get the hairstyle!

20 Cool Men’s Haircut Styles


The foundation of any hairstyle is the cut. If you want a trendy of bold style, look no further than these cool men's haircut styles. There's one for every style from work-appropriate preppy to cutting edge punk and every hair type too. Some are the latest trends for 2015 while others are unique stand out from the crowd styles. This textured cut is perfect for guys with thick hair ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Side Part Hairstyles for Men

DNA Models

The most classic look for men, in addition to long top - short sides haircuts, is the side part. It comes and goes in popularity but is back in a big way right now. Check out these pictures of cool side part hairstyles for men for 7 different ways to wear the look based on your hair type and length. Some of the most iconic men's hairstyles featured a defined side part. This ... Get the hairstyle!

Top Hair Products for Thick Hair Men


Having a full head of robust locks means that you can have any hairstyle you want...with the right haircut and products. It all starts with clean, moisturized hair so find a shampoo and conditioner combination to start. Then it's time for styling aids. Choose one versatile product with the finish of your choice or you can always combine two products for customized hold and finish. Here are some of ... Get the hairstyle!

7 New Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Hair


When thick hair becomes too much of a good thing, it's time for a fresh cut. You can go shorter to cut down on grooming time or wear hair longer for more styling options. Check out these pictures for 7 new men's hairstyles for thick hair to try in 2015. The undercut has been thoroughly embrace by guys with thick hair.  This cool trend also makes hair easy ... Get the hairstyle!

Part 5: Men’s Hair Products


 Do I need to use hair product?9 times out of 10, perhaps even 99 times out of a 100, the answer is yes. Why? Even short hair needs some hold to look it's best. The shortest buzzcuts are exempt but anything longer will benefit from the shaping, texture, and finish that hair products provide.That's just for basic hairstyles. Products also allow you to create any style you can come ... Get the hairstyle!

20 Men’s Hairstyles 2015

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Hairstyle trends come and go but classic styles are here to stay. Check out these pictures of models rocking some of our favorite haircuts for men updated for 2015. Most of these new trends work for all hair types but some are better for fine hair while others are for thick hair. Check out these pictures best men's hairstyles in order from short to long.Short and easy to style hair can ... Get the hairstyle!

A Man’s Guide To Great Hair


Rich Krafting here. First, thank you so much for your participation in "Ask a Barber"! What an overwhelming response!  Thousands and thousands of great questions have poured in and we have been answering them as quickly as possible.  After reading through all the questions, some common themes are popping up. In response, we will create A Man's Guide To Great Hair,  an exclusive manual to answer ... Get the hairstyle!

Gunther’s Pomade review


 Looking for a hair product free of petroleum products, parabens and sulfates? Check out Gunther's Pomade. Made from an updated family recipe in small batches, this all-natural pomade contains only the finest coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin, and peppermint oil. The result is a dense hair product with a fresh and invigorating scent.Gunther's Pomade is a medium shine, medium hold ... Get the hairstyle!