Wavy Hair Men – Medium Length

Consider yourself lucky if you have wavy hair men. Loose curls add fullness, look great messy, and even better styled. There is plenty of celebrity inspiration for men with wavy hair – Hugh Grant, Nick Jonas, and James Franco.

Here’s one hot way to rock wavy hair for menmedium length.

With wavy hair, you can cut it short or let natural curl or do its thing by wearing hair longer. Here, hair is a few inches on top and short around the sides for a clean cut and manageable look that can be styled lots of ways. Above, hair is air dried and worn slightly messy for a cool and carefree look.

This wavy haircut can also easily be styled into the hottest men’s hairstyle for 2013 – the modern quiff. Rub a little product like Menscience Pomade or Bed Head Manipulator through hair, pull bangs forward, and  you’re all set.

To get the ultimate 2013 haircut, pair this wavy hair – men – with a shaved undercut.

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