19 Short Hairstyles For Men

Short haircuts are easy to wear, tame challenging hair types and can be stylish too. Check out these cool short hairstyles for men that feature the latest trends and popular classics. All of these styles are clean-cut enough for work but with plenty of cool factor for around town.

1. Short Textured Crop

short textured crop fade

Gershwin’s Barber

This is the short version of this summer’s hottest men’s hairstyle trend – the crop. It is cut and styled for maximum texture.

2. Short Haircuts for Men

short hairstyle for men

Francisco Aranda

Short men’s hair can be clean-cut and stylish too. This cool look is ready for work and play with easy-to-style layering up top and on-trend texture.

3. High and Tight

High + Tight Hairstyle

Carlos Abalos

A modern version of the classic high and tight, this cut features thick hair on top with a mid-high fade. Thick hair is combed to one side with a medium shine product.

4. Long Buzz + Line Up

Cool Short Mens Haircut With Fade

Javi the Barber

The buzz cut never looked so good. This short style features a touch of length at the top with a line up and high fade to clean it up at the hairline and sides.

5. Blunt Crop

Short textured crop blunt fringe

Dan ‘Hudson’ Frangiamore

Another version of the crop trend, this one features a blunt fringe as well as textured hair on top.

6. Length at the Hairline

Very short hairstyle for men


Men’s hair is never too short to style! This cool cut features extra length at the front that is styled over to one side.

7. Short Cut + Low Fade

hort mens hair low fade

Phil’s Barber Shop

This fresh look features short hair on top styled with a hint of a faux hawk and a low fade that raises the neckline.

8. Short Side Part Hair

short hairstyle for men side part

Juan Abreu

Combed styles like pomps and slick backs frequently have long hair but not always. This cool short men’s hairstyle features a shaved part and hair combed over in the opposite direction.

9. Waves + Low Fade

cool waves short haircut

JM da Barber

This cut is just long enough to show off wavy texture while a taper fade cuts the sides ultra close.

10. 360 Waves + Line Up

short hair for black men line up 360 waves

Wizzy da Barber

360 waves add a cool texture to short black hair. Cap it off with a line up to keep the hairline crisp.

11. Buzz + Fade + Shaped Beard

short hairstyles for men with beard

Christian Valentin

A high-low fade and shaped beard set this buzz apart.

12. Textured Crop + Blunt Fringe

short haircut for thick hair

Rokk Man Barbers

This cool crop features plenty of texture up top and a bold blunt fringe at the forehead.

13. Short Cut for Thick Hair

tommie_hardgrind short hair men 2016

Tommie McGuckin

Going short makes every hair type easy to style, especially thick hair. This cut crops hair on top with even shorter back and sides that are styled to work with the directionality of the crown, that whorl of hair at the back of the head.

14. Short Wavy Hair + Line Up

Short Wavy Hairstyle

Dill Black

Footballer Ebert Amâncio aka Betão rocks a cool cut with crisp lines and short waves.

15. Short Curls + Burst Fade

natural curls and burst fade

Juan Morales

Kinky curls look great with enough length for some volume and texture. This fresh style features an oversized burst fade plus a crisp line up.

16. Crop + Shaved Line

short crop fade surgical line

Mark Gaye

Spice up hair of every length with a hair design. This textured crop gets extra detail from a surgical line over the taper fade.

17. 360 Waves + Shaved Part


Adam “Fresh”

One of the most simple hair designs out there is a shaved part. This shaved diagonal line contrasts the concentric waves up top.

18. Buzz Fade + Zig Zag Part

Ryan Cullen

An exaggerated zig zag part stands out against dark hair cut short in a buzz cut with faded sides.

19. Caesar Cut + Hair Design


Wester Barber

The blunt fringe of a Caesar cut paired with the unexpected shape of a hair design is a cool combination.

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