25 Cool Haircuts For Men

By Rich Krafting


With every passing day barbers and stylists are getting more and more creative.

It’s all about looking cool, and short cookie cutter haircuts simply won’t do it.

Check out these pictures of 25 cool haircuts for men to see what we mean.

None of these looks are the same old, same old. Right now is all about putting the hair to work. By that we mean that barbers and stylists are using extra length to create cool shapes, contrasts and movement.

25. Textured Pomp + Mid Fade

agusbarber__and cool mens haircut with movement on top

Agus Barber

The pompadour is a versatile haircut. This cool textured version is a far cry from the vintage greaser original, with a matte finished, defined sections of hair and mid-level fade. One of the coolest haircuts for men this year.

24. Messy Spikes

barbersofbt45_and long textured hair on top

Barbers of bt45

Spiky hair for guys has come a long way, leaving crusty hair gel in the past. It’s all about height without any visible product. How is that possible? It starts with a blow dryer.

23. Wavy Slick Back

charliegray248_and short sides and longer hair on top haircut for men

Charles Gray

The Mad Men slick back style is so last year. Right now, it’s all about matte texture. Starting with wavy hair is a great start. Then all you need is faded sides and product for control.

22. Thick Spikes + Undercut

criztofferson_and cool medium length undercut hairstyle for men


This cool cut shows off thick hair and is easy to style. Hair is left full on top with some scissor work to create texture. The sides are ultra short with an undercut plus fade at the temples.

21. Messy Long Hair

brianhickman1_and long messy mens hairstyle

Brian Hickman

This unexpected look packs a one-two punch of color and style. Platinum locks are left long and worn with ultra messy volume. It’s a surfer cool look that works anywhere.

20. Twists + Fade + Hair Design

captain_smash_and cool hair design fade and natural curls

Captain Smash

The mark of a great barber is creativity. This cut combines many excellently executed details into one bold look. Hair is left in thick twists in a wide mohawk. Sides are faded with pointed sideburn and geometric hairline.

Last but not least, the cool neckline is repeated with angular lines.

19. Medium Length Cut + Blonde Streaks

tombaxter_hair_and cool textured quiff haircut for men

Tom Baxter Hair

The long on top, short sides and back never gets old but it does get updated. This fresh version features contrasting streaks and tousled texture up top. A high-low fade keeps the sides neat and tidy. One of the most popular haircuts for men this year.

18. Disconnect + Waves

charliegray248_and cool curly textured crop haircut for men

Charles Gray

This cool men’s hairstyle combines a few of the latest trends. Hair is styled almost messy and down over the forehead. This disconnect style features a bold line between long hair and short that extends straight back from the hairline. This works for wavy hair or add in texture with product.

17. Pomp with a Wave + Low Fade

swisshairbyzainal_and cool pompadour haircut for men

Swiss Hair by Zainal

The pomp is one of the best ways to show off ultra thick hair. The hairline is styled up and into a distinct wave while the rest of long hair is combed in towards the center. A low skin fade adds another modern touch to this unique style.

16. Wild Texture + Low Skin Fade

criztofferson_and skin fade and wild textures on top


Some of the best looks are an exercise in contrasts. This fresh style does just that with long wavy hair up top and short straight hair tapered down to the skin at the sides.

15. Modern Rebel + Greaser

daniele_deangelishair_and short sides and wild messy hairstyle

Daniele De Angelis

Fashion is always finding new ways to revive old looks. This style is a taller, messier and matte version of the rebellious hair seen on James Dean, John Travolta in Grease, Morrissey and David Bowie.

14. Sponge Curls + Temple Fade

melthebarber_and twists sponge curls and bald fade

Mel the Barber

Plenty of men’s hairstyles this year feature faded sides but not all of them. For something different but still relevant this style features medium length twists. The rounded profile gets some edge, literally, from a line up hairline and quick fade at the temples.

13. Stylish Short Haircuts For Men

danperri_hair_and cool short mens haircut

Dan Perri

This picture proves that short hair for men can be stylish. It’s a side part hairstyle without the defined part. Hair is combed over in one direction with hair short around the sides and a fade at the neckline.

This cool cut would work for any hair type, from fine to thick. If you want to look great in no time everyday, this could be the look for you. It dries quick and doesn’t even need product.

12. Messy Forward Fringe

mensworldherenkappers_and cool undercut haircut for men long fringe

Men’s World Herenkappers

Longer and messier are two cut and style trends that are getting big this year. You can still wear your favorite combover style but for something different, wear hair forward with visible texture. It’s a cool update on that 90s Leo cut.

11. Tall Pomp + Line Up

bolinbarber_and cool pompadour undercut hairstyle for men

Bolin Barber

This pomp is so tall, it’s almost a mohawk. The gradient color is almost a mirror image of the skin fade. Check out the other side of this cut for a sick moon hair design.

10. Natural Pomp with Movement

deakinandwhite_and nice natural looking pompadour quiff

Deakin and White

Another shift from last year’s slick look is styles with the same profile but no visible product and texture. This cool pomp gets its shape from small sections of hair worked up and back in layers.

9. Flat Top Pomp + Surgical Part

gregorymaxbarber_and disconnected short pompadour haircut

Gregory Mcerlane

This ultra smooth style is a cut above the spiky military flat tops. Longer fringe along the hairline is combed over vertical back is brushed straight up while longer h

8. Frohawk + Surgical Line = Cool Haircuts For Men

bolinbarber_and cool fro-hawk

Bolin Barber

Curly cuts just keep getting cooler. This dope style features a wide mohawk of tight curls with enough length to show off that gorgeous texture. The sides are shaved in an arc with a surgical line as emphasis.

7. Spiky Long Hair

swisshairbyzainal_and long wild textured hair on top skin fade haircut

Swiss Hair by Zainal

Longer hair for guys is a growing trend this year. For something different, this style spikes hair up but with some flowing texture. This vertical style shows how hair tapers in length from front to back.

6. Long Wavy Hair + Low Fade

fernthebarber_and long wavy textures on top and short sides

Fern the Barber

The texture trend means that wavy hair is on point. This cut has plenty of length to bring out hair’s natural curl and is styled for maximum volume. Hair is left thick at the sides with a low fade around the neckline.

5. Undercut + Waves

juliuscaesar_and cool undercut haircut for men

Julius Caesar

Long hair on top looks excellent flowing over an undercut. This length brings out texture and defines waves with product.

4. Short Spiky Hair

sidsottungacademy_and cool short textured haircut for men

Sidsottung Academy 

Guys, don’t be afraid of color. These slightly messy spikes are cool but what sets them apart is the platinum color that stands out against darker facial hair.

 3. Side Part Hairstyle + Fade

nicholas_the_greek_and cool short undercut haircut for men

Nicholas the Greek

The combover hairstyle, where hair is combed in the opposite direction of a side part, is a classic look and current trend. This version updates it for the current trends with some added texture on top and shaved sides that eliminate the need for a part. Or you could also add a surgical part.

2. Natural Slick Back

renjtown_and tapered sides and medium length hair on top top classic haircut blow dried back


What’s different about this cut? Well, it’s a classic with a fresh twist. The cut is lightly tapered at the sides that gives longer hair on top a clean cut finish. The style is very natural with a touch of texture.

1. Long Hair + Natural Movement

lianos_urban_cutz_and natural movement long wavy hair and fringe short sides haircut for men

Dimitris Lianos

More hair means more styling options. Long hair is styled loose and messy so it can still move and be played with. Feel free to run fingers through hair, it will only get better.

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