35+ Men’s Hairstyles And Haircuts

The trend for men’s haircuts this Fall are all about keeping some length to work with on top and styling the hair with a blow dryer to give it a nice natural wavy look. It is totally possible to work a lot of movement and life into the hair without using a tonne of product.

We are seeing all sorts of combinations whether it be faded and longer on top, or cut with shears neatly on the sides to give the style an even more natural look. Some barbers are getting really creative by sculpting the length on top into separated waves while others are adding some flare with hair designs or mashing up different hairstyles we’ve seen over the years all into one style.

Generally speaking, the current looks are bigger hair on top and longer fringe with loose natural flow and movement.

1. Undercut With Long Blow Dried Hair On Top

cutsbyerick undercut and loose natural hair on top

Haircut by Erick The Barber

2. Wild Longer Texturized Hair With High Skin Fade

erkeksacmodelleri_long texturized hair skin fade

Haircut by Erkek Saç

3. Medium Length Hair Separated Into Waves In Fringe

alan_beak_medium hair and waves

Haircut by Alan Beak

4. Tapered Hairstyle With Big Movement On Top + Sides

ryancullenhair_ tapered hair to maximize movement

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

5. High Fade Wavy Disconnected Pompadour

cutsbyerick high fade disconnected pomp

Haircut by Erick The Barber

6. High Fade Loose Undercut

whitneyvermeer high fade undercut

Haircut by Whitney Vermeer

7. Medium Length Wavy Hair + Long Fringe

cullencharlie17_and_medium length hair blown dry natural

Haircut by Charlie Cullen

8. Cool Fade + Quiff

conortaaffehair_natural messy hair fade quiff

Haircut by Conor Taaffe

9. Scissor Cut Layered Hair With Natural Waves

barbertownworcs_by_cut with scissors layered and wavy natural hair

Haircut by Barbertown

10. Cool High Fade + Separated Loose Pomp

javi_thebarber high fade and separated longer hair on top

Haircut by Javi The Barber

11. High Bald Fade + Curly Hair On Top

nellynelthebarber_by_bald fade hair design

Haircut by Nelly The Barber

12. Big Sectioned Hair On Top + High Fade


Haircut by Josh Lamonaca

13. Step With Slightly Texturized Big Tall Hair On Top


Haircut by Braid Barbers

14. Natural Pomp + High Fade


Haircut by Aiden Smith

15. High Fade Hardline Part With Texturized Pompadour

baldysbarbers skin fade with hardline and some cool texture through the top

Haircut by Baldy’s Barbers

16. Long Hair Flo + Undercut

conortaaffehair_Undercut and Long Hair Flo

Haircut by Conor Taaffe

17. Cool Long Fringe High Fade


Haircut by Jack Robinson-Pullen

18. Big Pomp Blown Dry + Nice Skin Fade


Haircut by Arya Varji

19. Long Loose Wild Fringe + High Fade

menspiresalon high fade loose fringe on top

Haircut by Menspire Salon

20. Slicked Back Look With Less Product + High Disconnected Fade


Haircut by Reece Beak

21. Medium Length Waves + Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard


Haircut by Conor Taaffe

22. Skin Fade Hawk

mikes_custom_kuts fade hawk

Haircut by Mike’s Custom Kuts

23. Hair Channelled Into Fin-Like Waves

alan_beak channelling hair into fin-like waves

Haircut by Alan Beak

24. Neat But Messy Medium Length Hair

morrismotley neat sides and natural messy hair on top

Haircut by Rob Mason

25. Skin Fade + Long Hair

mikeyyyyyyy__by_long hair and fade

Haircut by Mikey

26. Long Texturized Loose Spiky Hair


Haircut by Braid Barbers

27. Big Pompadour Blown Dry + Tall


Haircut by Arya Varji

28. High Fade + Texturized / Sectioned Top


Haircut by Conor Taaffe

29. High Fade + Medium Wavy Hair


Haircut by Nathan Emery

30. Medium To Long Hair

morrismotley_by_medium hair_

Haircut by Rob Mason

31. High Fade Natural Dry Look Hair On Top


Haircut by Anthony Giannotti

32. High Fade + Cool Disconnected Dry Pomp


Haircut by Arya Varji

33. Medium Length Sectioned Hair Pushed Back

andrewdoeshair_by high fade medium hair

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

34. Messed Up Textured Hair On Top

henlo Messed up textured hair on top

Haircut by Henry Lopez

35. Dry Loose Pompadour


Haircut by Arya Varji

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