45 Cool Men’s Hairstyles

There are so many new hair trends for guys to try out right now including fresh looks, updated classics, and even some old favorites. What’s old is new again and vice versa. There are new men’s hairstyles that reinvent older styles, like the crop that is an update of the Caesar cut. And classic styles with updates like the pomp fade.

These cool men’s hairstyles and haircuts for men range from fades to tapers, buzz cuts to man buns and textured crops to mohawks.

There is something for every hair length and type. Yes, that means thin or fine hair, thick hair, straight hair, curly hair and kinky curls too.

Check out 45 of our favorite fresh looks that are hot right now.

1. Side Part Hairstyle

Jamie + Viggo

Lots of classic men’s hairstyles are being worn longer and looser right now. This high volume side part hairstyle with some texture does just that.

2. Mid Fade Haircut

Lu Lu the Barber

For a lot of guys the mid fade is just right. This long on top haircut is styled somewhere in between a high slick back and low pompadour.

3. Mohawk Fade

Dean Marshall Braid

Mohawk fade haircuts are gaining traction this year. This cool cut and style works for every hair type from straight to ultra curly and looks great when styled up, slick back or worn loose.

4. Thick Spikes + Low Fade

Juan Lopez

This low fade haircut is a versatile look that can be styled many different ways, including into these cool and on trend spikes.

5. Comb Over Fade Haircut


The comb over fade is another haircut that is gaining popularity. A hard part and textured styling make this already cool look even better.

6. Crop + Fringe

Steel + Lather Barber Co.

The textured crop has been a hugely popular men’s haircut the past few years. Some of them have blunt fringe but this choppy edge creates a softer line.

7. Choppy Fringe

Juan Lopez

Blunt cut fringe is pinched together to create this jagged, toothlike edge.

8. Short Locs + Fade + Hair Design


This fresh style is a triple threat with dreadlocks short enough to stand straight up, a mid fade and hair design on one side.

9. Medium Length Curls + High Fade

Lu Lu the Barber

The fade is an excellent addition to curly haircuts for men. The short sides are maintenance free to hair on top can be long and loose with a flattering profile.

10. Slick Back for Wavy Hair


The slicked back hair trend is still going strong with a few changes – a matte finish and the addition of texture. With wavy hair, all you need to do is add product.

11. Textured Pomp Fade

Will Twyman

The pompadour is another classic men’s hairstyle that is being reinvented. One of those new looks is this pomp fade styled with texture.

12. Short Afro

Marchand de Fraîcheur

Men’s hairstyles are getting longer and that includes black hair. This short afro has a boxier shape for a modern finish.

13. Layered Haircuts for Men

Sur Barbers

This year’s texture trend means more layering in haircuts that translates into messier styling. This cool look features a preppy cut with tousled styling for a casual yet polished finish.

14. Crop + Caesar Bangs

Flanagans Barbers

The crop trend has reinvented the classic Caesar haircut with layering on top and faded sides.

15. Comb Over + Quiff


Another reinvented classic, this comb over hairstyle features a quiff at the front so hair is combed over both horizontally and on the diagonal.

16. Tapered Haircut

Ryan Cuts Hair

Some of the longer hair hairstyles we’re seeing are trading in the shaved fade for a more subtle scissor cut taper. The result is a classic men’s haircut with modern styling.

17. Medium Length Side Part Hairstyle

Josh O’meara-Patel

Another example of a tapered cut, a side part and lots of combing keep medium length hair in place.

18. Medium Length Men’s Hair

Andrew Does Hair

Chin length haircuts for men are also becoming more widespread. This medium length can be worn slicked back and polished or looser and casual cool.

19. Short + Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Andrew Does Hair

This fresh short hairstyle for men features a scissor cut temple fade and a textured quiff that is the ultimate in cool messy styling.

20. Quiff Haircut + High Fade

Javi the Barber

This longest at the hairline cut that is styled straight up is flattering on pretty much everybody and easy to style.

21. Wide Mohawk Haircut

Tote Barber

With a wide strip of longer hair on top, this mohawk cut is styled with textured curls for a pompadour effect.

22. Fohawk + Fade

Don’s Cuts

Mohawk-inspired looks are all over the place this year. This long on top hairstyle is cool styled into a faux hawk but can also be worn slicked back, combed over or loose.

23. Frohawk + Temple Fade


Mohawk haircuts work really well for curly hair that has plenty of natural volume. It can be worn with curls, twists or locs.

24. Preppy Haircuts for Men

Rum Barber

A solid haircut and style will get you as many looks as the latest and wildest hair trend. This preppy side part with a low fade is polished and professional but looks good anywhere.

25. Tapered Neckline

Flanagans Barbers

This rounded neckline is tapered instead faded. Both are clean cut but this version can go longer between barber visits because of the softer edge.

26. Pomp Fade

Gershwin’s Barber

A high fade and piecey texture adds a fresh finish to the classic pomp..

27. Purple Hair Color

Javi the Barber

One of the bolder men’s hair trends is bright hair color. It can be as bold as you like, with all over color or more subtle streaks.

28. Messy Texture


With tousled waves, this messy hairstyle has an effortlessly cool fresh from a day at the beach look to it.

29. Curly Hair +Line Up + Temple Fade

Micky Graham

This cool cut feature a line up and temple fade that cleans up edges and focuses attention on ringlet curls.

30. Curly Afro + Low Fade

FEE Barbershop

Here’s a similar haircut to the one above but with longer and tighter curls and a lower fade.

31. Quiff Hairstyle + High Fade

Micky Graham

Spiky texture ends with a vertical quiff at the forehead.

32. Burst Fade + V-Shaped Neckline

Don’s Cuts

Short hair never has to be boring. A bald burst fade and V-cut neck add interest to this buzz fade.

33. Heavy Crop for Thick Hair

Don’s Cuts

The layered top and faded sides of a textured crop make this an excellent haircut for guys with thick hair. Layering lightens up hair while leaving plenty of visual weight.

34. Platinum Pomp

Anthony Deluca

This high impact style isn’t exactly low maintenance but that’s not the point. Use a blow dryer and product to achieve this ultra high pomp.

35. Shaggy Waves

Jody Taylor

This cool medium length cut is a cool combination of indie rocker, school boy and Brit pop hair. Longer hair like this can go months between trims.

36. Man Bun + Beard

Squeak Pro Barber

The man bun trend is going strong because it looks so good. It works really well with this full beard that has a handlebar mustache, faded sideburns and shaping at the cheeks.

37. High Fade + Sponge Curls


A longer version of the high and tight, sponge curls add height and texture.

38. Pomp + Side Part

Musket & Bayonet

A shaved side part creates an asymmetrical profile for this pomp fade.

39. Man Bun + Temple Fade

Justin Polisi

A temple fade creates a cool transition between long hair pulled back into a man bun and a full groomed beard.

40. Short Hair + Taper Haircut

Stephen J.

The taper haircut isn’t only for short hair. This fresh style features a taper fade that works well for wavy hair.

41. Short Haircut for Curly Hair

Zach Ramsey

A similar tapered haircut for short hair, this version is just long enough for curly hair to add texture and volume.

42. Tousled Texture + Hair Design

Javi Peluqueros

This cool cut for short hair styles hair vertically with some messiness while fades sides are broken up by a zig-zag hair design.

43. Curly Hair Top Fade


This cool high top fade leaves curly hair loose for a soft and textured finish.

44. High Fade Hairstyle

Squire Barbershop

This cool comb over hairstyle features a high fade all the way up to the shaved side part.

45. Men’s Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Dean Marshall Braid

A winning combination of cut and style, this bold look features a high fade with a shaved line and thick hair falling in a natural arc. It’s all about on trend movement and flow.

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