45+ Top Haircut Styles For Men

As I have said lately it has been a highly creative time for cool men’s hairstyles and new haircuts. Barbers are mashing up all sorts of cool features in their latest haircuts. So here is a great set of the top haircut styles for men that we are seeing coming out of barbershops all over the world.

The undercut is still going strong, we just see new versions and different twists as time goes by such as a hybrid undercut pompadour. There is a lot of contrast in hair lengths going on with your skin fades high and low; and longer hair on top such as longer dry messy pompadours flying in the sky, or longer in the front/fringe. In this post, we are also trying to cater to specific groups of men’s hair. You will find cool haircut ideas for thick hair, and for curly hair. Some really cool styles.

Get on down to the bottom, we just might save the best for last. Let’s check them out!

1. Undercut + Dry Pompadour

swisshairbyzainal_and cool undercut hairstyle men

Haircut by Zainal

2. Short Textured Haircut

jackrobinsonpullen_and fine hard part fade short textured hair men

Haircut by Jack Robinson-Pullen

3. Curly Hair + Skin Fade

paulmacspecial_and natural curls and skin fade

Haircut by Paul Mac Special

4. Classic Slicked Wave + Side Part

rpb_nq_and__classic wave side part

Haircut by Ross Parlane Barbershop

5. Hi Lo Fade Undercut + Long Hair

mensworldherenkappers_and hi lo fade undercut

Haircut by Men’s World Herenkappers

6. Hi Skin Fade + Twists

changeman__and high skin fade curls

Haircut by Changeman

7. Cool Hard Part + Design + Curly Hair

m13ky_and_cool hard part bald fade curly hair

Haircut by Micky Graham

8. Long Fringe + Undercut + Groomed Beard

nayqueenoffades modutch85_and haircut beard trim styling mokumbarbers

Haircut by Nay Mokum

9. Crazy Tall (Thick Hair) Undercut

adamtheapprentice_and big undercut and beard

Haircut by Adam The Apprentice

10. Cool Twists + Hard Part

kutzbykaine_temple fade hard part

Haircut by Kutz by Kaine

11. Slicked Back Undercut

barbermoriarty_and_LOOSE heavy disconnection texture

Haircut by Gareth Moriarty

12. Drop Fade Short Textured Hair

eddie_rtb_and_drop fade short textured hair

Haircut by Eddie Rosado

13. High Top + Part + Skin Fade

bitethythumb_and high top part skin

Haricut by Nathan Emery

14. Thick Hair Pompadour + High Skin Fade

pjabreu_and high fade thick hair pompadour

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

15. Skin Fade With Disconnected Top + Beard

hardgrind_aberdeen_and_Skin fade with disconnected top beard

Haircut by Hard Grind Aberdeen

16. Long Messy Fringe + High Fade

swisshairbyzainal_and long fringe clean fade

Haircut by Zainal

17. High Fade + Short Hair Quiff Haircut

kevinluchmun short hair quiff fade

Haircut by Kevin Luchmun

18. Cool Hair Design + 2 Tone Color

angel_raws_and cool 2 tone hair and design

Haircut by angel_raws

19. High Bald Fade + Slick Pompadour

pjabreu_and_pompadour undercut haircut

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

20. High Top + Skin Fade

jmurrs34_and low hard part and curls

Haircut by Jarred

21. Classic Pompadour

braidbarbers_and classic pompadour

Haircut by Braid Barbers

22. Classic Men’s Haircut + Hard Part

alan_beak_and_ hard part classic mens haircut

Haircut by Alan Beak

23. Short Hair + Cropped Fringe

hudsonshair_and_short hair cropped fringe

Haircut by Dan Hudson Frangiamore

24. Drop Fade + Curly Hair

mcgoldrickhair_and drop fade curly hair

Haircut by McGoldrickHair

25. Choppy Textured Hair + Drop Fade

m13ky_and_drop fade textured hair

Haircut by Micky Graham

26. Temple Fade + Sponge Twists

andyauthentic_and temple fade curls

Haircut by andyauthentic

27. A Lot Going On All Cool

patty_cuts_ hair design hawk

Haircut by Pat Regan

28. Big Pompadour

fabrizioaldobelfiore_and pompadour

Haircut – fabrizioaldobelfiore

29. Undercut + Man Bun + Hair Design

barberobengie cool undercut hair design man bun

Haircut by Bengie Barbero

30. Skin Fade + Undercut

braidbarbers_and skin fade undercut

Haircut by Braid Barbers

31. Short Textured Hair + Blunt Fringe + Hair Design

paulmacspecial_and hair design and short textured hair

Haircut by Paul Mac Special

32. Curly Hair + Long Fringe + Skin Fade

rpb_nq_and waves skin fade

Haircut by Ross Parlane Barbershop

33. Big Curls + High Fade + Design

team_hairbenders_and long curly hiar and hair design fade

Haircut by Darrl Robert The Hairbender

34. Curls + Taper Faded


Haircut by Nick The Barber

35. Undercut + Messy Hair


Haircut by Nelly

36. Awesome Temple Hair Design + Cool Hair Color

team_hairbenders_and cool hair design and dual color hair

Haircut by Darrl Robert The Hairbender

37. Classic Slicked Back

morrismotley_and slicked back

Haircut by Morris Motley

38. Loose Pompadour

scissorandbone_big pompadour

Haircut by Scissor&Bone Barbershop

39. Medium Hair Slicked Back

whitneyvermeer_and thick medium hair

Haircut by Whitney VerMeer

40. Perfect Fade + Hard Part + Natural Waves

alan_beak_and perfect fade hard part natural waves

Haircut by Alan Beak

41. Drop Fade Messy Medium Hair

criztofferson_and drop fade messy medium hair

Haircut by criztofferson

42. High Fade + Textured Crop

joshlamonaca_and textured crop

Haircut by Josh Lamonaca

43. Medium Length Textures

ryancullenhair_and_ medium length textures

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

44. Wild Hard Part

rastitta_and sperm hard part

Haircut by Antjuan Alba

45. Medium Length Hair Scissor Cut

mokumbarbers_and_Medium Hair Scissor Cut

Haircut by NayQueenofFades

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