55+ Popular Men’s Hairstyles + Haircuts

Here are the latest cool hairstyles for men that we have hand picked for you being cut and styled by the best barbers around the world. This week we have added some new styles and some new barbers into the mix.

We present a wide variety of cool haircuts and men’s hairstyles. They are today’s take on popular men’s hairstyles that have been going strong for the past couple years. You’ll find several styles of the undercut, pompadours, all sorts of fade haircut styles, and some classic men’s haircuts that have been served out for years but with new twists. This post is also taking focus on hairstyles that work great for thick hair and curly hair. Whether you want your hair short, a medium length, or longer there are cool styles to choose.

So check out these popular men’s hairstyles and new haircuts for men that you can try out for the holiday party season, your New Year’s celebrations, or for a brand new look to start off 2016. Time to switch things up! These are the latest men’s hairstyle for 2016.

1. Cool Hair Design + Tapered Back  = Pomp-hawk

jackrobinsonpullen_and cool hair design and pompadour

Haircut by Jack Robinson-Pullen

2. Curly Hair + High Skin Fade

braidbarbers_and_curly hair disconnected undercut

Haircut by Braid Barbers

3. Cool Hair design + Long Hair Undercut

modutch85_and_nayqueenoffades cool design and long hair undercut

Haircut by NayQueenofFades / Mokum Barbers

4. High Fade Loose Pompadour

ambarberia_high fade loose pomp

Haircut by Antonio Mateo

5. Cool Simple Hair Design + Short Thick Hair Waves

ceejayfadez_double hard part skin fade

Haircut by Chris

6. Low Fade + Hard Part + Wavy Pomp

anthonythebarber916_hard part wavy pomadour

Haircut by Anthony Giannotti

 7. High Fade + Slicked Pomp

gerrybarber_and slick pompadour skin fade

Haircut by Gerry Barber

8. Pompadour Blown Dry + Nice Blended Sides

aryavarji_and_tall hair on top

Haircut by Arya Varji

9. Long Wavy Hair Undercut

hudsonshair_and long wavy hair skin fade

Haircut by Dan Hudson Frangiamore

10. Tapered V-Back + Wild Skin Fade + Curls

henlo__and curly hair and cool taper skin fade

Haircut by Henry Lopez

11. Undercut Quiff

castemanos_and undercut quiff

Haircut by Slick Nick

12. Blowout Mohawk Burstfade


Haircut by jorgethoo

13. Textured Wavy Hair + Skin Fade

ryancullenhair_ textured wavy hair mid fade

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

14. Textured Hair On Top + Short Sides


Haircut by Clark Butler

15. Super Clean Cut.

gerrybarber_so clean short haircut

Haircut by Gerry Barber

16. High Fade + Curly Hair

paulmacspecial_and_high fade curly hair men

Haircut by Paul Mac Special

17. Simple Hair Design + Short Clean Cut

hawkthebarberprodigy_double hard part

Haircut by Hawk

18. Skin Fade + Curly Hair

jackrobinsonpullen_and_Curls skin fade

Haircut by Jack Robinson-Pullen

19. Burst Fade + Modern Faux Hawk

mikes_custom_kuts modern faux hawk

Haircut by Michael Giraldo

20. Tall Textured Quiff


Haircut by Braid Barbers

21. High Skin Fade + Textured Thick Hair

franaranda_barber_curly hair high skin fade

Haircut by Fran Aranda

22. Wild Textures + Cool Silver Color Hair

ryancullenhair_texturized haircut

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

23. Curly Hair + High Fade

braidbarbers_curly hair undercut

Haircut by Braid Barbers

24. Big Curly Hair Undercut


Haircut by harrybirdcuts

25. Short Slick Combover + Hard Part

braidbarbers_and_high fade and hard part

Haircut by Braid Barbers

26. Long Hair Quiff + Undercut

mensworldherenkappers_and undercut quiff

Haircut by Men’s World Herenkappers

27. Short Textured Hair + Surgical Part + Skin Fade

futurethebarber_skin fade hard part textured hair on top

Haircut by Alex Vargas

28. High Low Fade + Hard Part + Textured Quiff

ryancullenhair_and hi lo fade textured quiff

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

29. Skin Fade + Short Textured Hair

harrybirdcuts_and_textured wavy hair and skin fade

Haircut by harrybirdcuts

30. Skin Fade Hard Part Classic Mens Haircut

hardgrind_aberdeen_and skin fade hard part classic mens haircut

Haircut by Hard Grind Aberdeen

31. High Skin Fade + Wavy Hair

hearseyboy_and curly hair and high fade

Haircut by The Nomad Barber

32. Simple Hair Design + Short Hair

hudsonshair_and skin fade curve hard part

Haircut by Dan Hudson Frangiamore

33. Short Lightly Textured Classic Haircut

pjabreu_and__pjsbarbershop modern classic high fade short hair

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

34. Disconnected Textured Pomp

iliketocuthair_and_Disconnected textured pomp

Haircut by Jason Reyes

35. Cool Long Hair Slicked Back Undercut

jackrobinsonpullen_cool long hair slicked back undercut

Haircut by Jack Robinson-Pullen

36. Thick Hair Undercut

jorgethoo_and blowout mohawk

Haircut by jorgethoo

37. Curly Hair Blow Out

godblessedmyhands_and curly hair temple fade blow out haircut

Haircut by Manny Montanez

38. Super Clean Fade + Pompadour

juanmapeluka_and high fade big pompadour

Haircut by Juan Manuel Ortiz Abad

39. Clean Cut Short Hair + Hard Part

kayros_cuts_clean short hair with hard part

Haircut by Kayros Cuts

40. Curly Hair + Low Hard Part

menspiresalon_andcurly hair high fade hard part

Haircut by Menspire Salon

41. Slicked Back Undercut

mr_fineline_and slicked back undercut

Haircut by John Delgado

42. Twisted Curls + Blow Out Fade

nellynelthebarber_and natural curls blow out

Haircut by Nelly

43. Longer Wavy Hair + High Fade

nellynelthebarber_loose messy curly hair and high fade

Haircut by Nelly

44. Short Textured Hair + Cropped Fringe + Hard Part

paulmacspecial_and cropped fringe hard part textured hair low fade

Haircut by Paul Mac Special

45. Long Hair/Fringe Combover 

rady206_long wavy hair

Haircut by Rachel Ady

46. High Fade Shaped Hair + Angle Hard Part

rancejohn_and high fade shaped hair angle hard part

Haircut by Rance John

47. High Fade + Thick Long Hair Quiff

ryancullenhair long quiff high fade

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

48. Thick Curls + Skin Fade

sr__tocloro_and curls and skin fade

Haircut by Sidney Roberto

49. Blonde Sponge Twists

theburghbarber_and blonde sponge twists

Haircut by theburghbarber

50. Short Classic Combover + Clean Fade

wester_barber classic combover skin fade

Haircut by Wester Barber

51. Taper Blowout With Curls Haircut

willperez82_ taper blowout with curls haircut

Haircut by Will Perez

52. Temple Fade + Curls Twists

zackblendz_and temple fade long natural hair on top

Haircut by Zack Blendz

53. Short Textured Hair Quiff

ryancullenhair_and texture on top with high fade

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

54. Short Classic Men’s Haircut

zeke_the_barber_ bald fade and classic short haircut

Haircut by Zeke The Barber

55. Short Curly Haircut

zeke_the_barber_and clean sharp fade with curls on top

Haircut by Zeke The Barber

55+. Cheeky Braid + Texturized Hair On Top

kieronthebarber_and Cheeky braid texturized hair on top

Haircut by Kieron The Barber Price