60+ New Haircuts For Men

We have a wide variety of fresh new haircuts for men, including some modern undercuts, new pompadours, textured looks of all hair lengths and cool hair designs plus many examples of super clean fades.

Check out these pictures to find your next cut. Be sure to bring it with to show your barber exactly what you want.

60. Medium Length Textured Hair With Step

Haircut by Sebastian Styles

A fade is all about a smooth transition but the step is meant to be bold and abrupt. This cool cut differentiates between long and short with an arced step as well as lighter hair color.

59. Skin Fade + Diffused Hair On Top

Haircut by “The Greek

Learning how to use product isn’t enough. Adding some blow dryer skills will take every style to the next level.

Here, wavy hair is enhanced by using the diffuser that comes with most hair dryers. This attachment protects hair from direct heat and hair damage. The result is frizz free hair and smooth textured waves.

58. Long Textures + Super Clean High Fade

Haircut by Privilege Barbershop

One of the trends we are seeing these days is big hair. And by big, we mean tall. This fresh styles hair vertically with textured spikes.

57. Modern Pompadour + Skin Fade

Haircut by Hayden Cassidy Hair

Standout style can come from contrasts or repetition. This cut achieves the latter with a shaved line that mirrors the arch of the pomp up top.

56. Longer Top + Fringe

Haircut by Sebastian Styles

In addition to getting taller, slick styles for men are getting looser. Kind of like Donald Draper after a night of drinking.

 55. Cool Undercut Hairstyle

Haircut by Diego Elizarraras

An emerging men’s hair trend for guys of all ages is this mohawk-inspired profile. It’s not a mo’ or a faux though. It is long slick hair styled straight back.

54. The Messy Combover

Haircut by Morris Motley

All the time tested trends are getting updated for the new year. Here the classic hipster combover is getting a preppy makeover by being worn messy and parted as far over as possible. This business hairstyle after a surf look is the ultimate casual look.

53. Short Slicked Pomp + Hard Part

Haircut by Barber Eddie Jr

This cut and style are all about precision. Tight corners, a blurry fade and hard part are paired with cool pomp on top that is both slicked back and to the side.

52. Curve Hard Part + Ultra Short

Haircut by Rich Payne

When the low maintenance buzz doesn’t have enough style, make a statement with a curved razor part.

51. Longer Fringe + Short Sides = Cool Haircuts For Men

Haircut by scissorandbone

If you’re not heading to an office, wear those slick styles matte and messy instead.

50. Cool Slicked Back Undercut Fade

Haircut by Sophie

When slicking long hair back, check out the rear view to see how hair looks. It might benefit from being pinched into a V-shape rather than left loose.

49. Classic Men’s Haircut Medium Length

Haircut by Keller

Not every cut has to have faded sides. This classic cut will never need an update.

48. Awesome Short Haircut With Textures

Haircut by deakinandwhite

Simple styling elevates this cool short men’s haircut. Use a lightweight product and gently work it through hair with fingers for texture. Finish by pulling hair above the forehead in one direction.

47. Preppy Classic

Haircut by Sid Sottung Academy

The ultimate preppy hairstyle emphasizes length with vertical graduation and triangle layering. Use a a grooming cream for light hold and sheen.

46. Very Short Pompadour + Hard Part

Haircut by Ivan Rodriguez Hernandes – Bolin Barbers

For busy or active guys, the best haircuts look great with minimal styling. This short pomp takes seconds to comb across while the line up, fade and razor part keep everything ultra clean.

45. High Fade + Hard Part + Slicked Curls

Haircut by Evan Anthony Demers

The slick combover looks even better with curls. The key is finding the right product for your hair that combines hold and curl definition.

44. Big Combover + Fade

Haircut by Chris

This is a next level combover with tall hair that descends in five defined waves. It’s not an everyday style but a great choice when you want to stand out from the crowd.

43. High Skin Fade + Medium Length Texture On Top

 Haircut by Rokk Man Barbers

This cool and clean cut style goes long to short from front to back and top and bottom.

42. Clean Skin Fade + Natural Curls

Haircut by Eddied Up

For a fresh take on the flat top, this cool cut adds height up top with tight curls cut into a rounded profile. A skin fade and line up keep sides tight and short.

41. Bald Fade + Short Textured Hair

 Haircut by Rokk Man Barbers

 Military-inspired haircuts are also coming back. We’ve seen lots of undercuts and fades but these high and tight styles are also short on top. Style hair with a light to medium hold product to add texture and vertical fringe.

40. Tall On Top + Short Sides

Haircut by Deano Braid

Achieving this type of volume requires a product with hold and plenty of it. This cut uses Layrite Cement for strong hold that lasts all day with a matte and textured finish.

39. Big Volume Pompadour Undercut

Haircut by The Mohawk Barber

Is it a pompadour? It is a mohawk? More like something in between the two but whatever you call it, this is a high volume, high impact style.

38. High Skin Fade + Slicked Back Hair

Haircut by Hard Grind Barber Shop

Similar to the undercut with beard styles that were so popular last year, this version is updated with a high fade that follows the arc of the hairline.

37. “Point Fade” Pompadour

Haircut by Diego Elizarraras

When you find a barber who is a master of their craft, you find creative cuts like this. The point fade is a bold hair design that takes a combination of skill and artistry.

36. Cool Undercut Mohawk

Haircut by The Mohawk Barber

The full mohawk is usually paired with an undercut but this version adds a touch of subtlety with a blurry fade instead.

35. Clean Skin Fade + Natural Waves

Haircut by Paul Charles Sheaffer III

Slicked back curls with a skin fade is the ultimate combination of short and long.

34. Mid Fade + Curls Cut Short

Haircut by Eddie Rosdvo

This is a great haircut choice for guys with ultra thick hair because it show off full growth while keeping it in check and clean cut.

33. Sectioned Longer Hair Slicked Back + Short Sides

Haircut by Antonio Mateo

The slicked back style gets a makeover with faded sides and texture on top. Get your barber to show you how to style this look at home.

32. Cool Pomp Haircut + Mid Fade

Haircut by Chris

A wavy pomp on top and mid fade at the sides add up to a fresh and clean style.

31. Clean Drop Fade + Curly Messy Hair

Haircut by Evan Anthony Demers

This most excellent men’s curly hairstyle is worn without product. It’s all about the right cut on top plus a low fade on the sides.

30. Low Taper Fade + Hard Part

Haircut by Erick

Here’s another refresh of the so last year combover. The part is worn as far over to one side as possible and defined with a razor. Hair on top is styled with plenty of volume.

29. Longer Fringe Styled Back + Short Sides

Haircut by Agus Barber

Yet another way to wear one the top hair trends, texture. It’s a slicked back pomp but hair at the front is loose and piecey.

28. High Fade Blended Into Medium Hair + Longer Fringe

Haircut by Menspire Salon

The taper fade is all about being seamless. This fresh cut takes it to the next level by seamlessly blending short hair into long as well as down to the skin. Long hair is styled into forward fringe, the exact opposite of the slick back, and a hot emerging trend.

27. Longer Hair Textured + Disconnection

Haircut by Mark Hardgrind

This cool men’s haircut balances the messy with the clean cut. Thick hair on top is tamed with layering and texture while the sides are undercut short.

26. Short Textured Haircut

Haircut by Agus Barber

This is how to wear spiky hair. It’s more about texture than definition and matte than shiny.

25. Skin Fade + Hard Part + Long Side Fringe

Haircut by Mark Hardgrind

The full beard contrasts delightfully with an ultra polished combover. Long hair is styled with Layrite Grooming Spray for a smooth finish and finished with Uppercut Featherweight for hold and texture.

24. High Fade Pompadour

Haircut by Barber and Hairstylist Zainal

This pomp is smooth all over from the semi-gloss hair to the taper fade.

23. High Fade Hard Part + Curls On Top

Haircut by Gary Milne

With the right cut, you can let curls go wild. This fresh style pairs curly volume on top with a fade hard part.

22. Drop Fade + Big Natural Curls + Volume On Top

Haircut by criztofferson

Yet another mohawk inspired style, this wide frohawk features big natural curls down the center of the scalp and a burst skin fade at the sides.

21. Mid Fade + Natural Movement On Top

Haircut by Keller

This brushed back look is all about keeping hair natural.

20. Curls + High Fade

Haircut by Evan Anthony Demers

Another high and tight style but with hair left longer on top to let curls loose.

19. Cool Hair Design + Short Hair

Haircut by Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

Hair designs are still going strong. The only limit is your imagination.

18. Long Textures + Curls + Short Sides

Haircut by Jamie Roberts

The forward fringe style works for all hair types. Here curly hair is layered to cut out weight and enhance wave. Add product if you need to tame frizz or add shine, otherwise it should be fine without.

17. High Fade On Both Sides + Long Fringe

Haircut by Ruben Djirlauw

Another trend we’re seeing this year is the same classic styles worn looser and product free. This cool look could be a combover but instead it is worn loose. A blast from the blow dryer can be plenty of hold.

16. Undercut + Fine Hard Part Pompadour

Haircut by Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

A smooth all over pomp is more than combing hair straight back. To get these defined sides, comb hair towards the center, which also creates a cool looking V at the back.

15. Longer Textures On Top With High Fade

Haircut by The Gentleman Barbers

This look is all about texture hold. It uses a combination of Evo Hair Styling Powder for the former and Fudge Hair Cement for the latter. An angular lineup completes the hot look.

14. High Fade + Big Pompadour

Haircut by Javi The Barber

Not every hair type can achieve this extreme height. If you can, check out Elegance Hair Wax to get all the hold you need.

13. X-Ray Part + Skin Fade

 Haircut by The Final Cut Barber Shop

There is so much going on here – A long beard, short and wide mohawk with skin fade on the sides plus a subtle hair design behind the ears.

12. Long Natural Curls + Side Hard Part

Haircut by Rich Payne

Sometimes a subtle detail can transform a cut from ordinary to something beyond. The razor part extending the lineup does just that with this cut featuring long natural curls.

11. Crispy Undercut + Messy Hair On Top

Haircut by criztofferson

Whether hair is wavy or curly, this year’s texture trend means enhancing natural texture with product and a bit of messy styling.

10. Fade + Hard Part + Very Short Men’s Haircut

Haircut by DTown President

Don’t try this cool buzzcut at home. This shaved hairstyle is enhanced with a blurry fade punctuated by a curved razor part.

9. Scissor Cut Cool Long Textures

Haircut by Morris Motley

Inspired by the greats – James Dean, Elvis Presley and Morrissey – this hot style adds in the best of this year, tons of height and texture.

8. Undercut Styled To Side

Haircut by scissorandbone

This multidimensional cut is an undercut when styled to the side but blended when pushed back.

7. Long Textures On Top + High Fade

Haircut by Lou Scissors + Robert Braid

The classic quiff styled with wavy curls plus a burst skin fade.

6. Cool Monochrome Hair + Thick Textures

Haircut by Morris Motley

Guys, do not be afraid of using hair color to make a statement. This ultra bleached cut is almost white but would also look great in silver.

5. Fresh Clean Skin Fade

Haircut by Pat Regan

When you have curly hair, all the texture is already there. The cut is all about shaping and ultra clean cut sides.

4. Modern Undercut

Haircut by Javi The Barber

One way to refresh the combover is moving the part further over to one side. The other is to move it towards the center, like above. Then style hair on the diagonal and back for a high volume, high texture finish.

3. Long Curly Fringe + Undercut On Both Sides

Haircut by Braid Barbers

Ross Oliver Smith, bearded model and Man Club member, is rocking a fierce undercut and wild curls.

2. Halfway Hard Part + Sectioned Pompadour

Haircut by Alan Beak

Adding textured geometry to hair is a combination of heat and a comb. Ask your barber how to make this look work for your hair.

1. Cool Hair Design Undercut + Thick Textures On Top

Haircut by Paul Mac Special

This innovative cut and style works so well together. The petals of the geometric lotus hair design are echoed in the textured fringe up top. That’s how it’s done, folks. That’s how it’s done.

So there you go, 60 totally sick new haircuts for men. Get yourself a brand new look!

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