First off – we only work with companies that are working in our industry.

So if you are not a hair or men’s grooming product manufacturer, or a barber shop or salon please do not contact us.

Absolutely no ad networks (simply do not contact us) please.

If you are in the hair or men’s grooming industry or are the owner of a highly relevant brand please do email us:

hello @

Here are some details about our website:

Reach millions of men (18-30 years of age) that spend money.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends is the most popular website to find the latest men’s hairstyle trends, tips, and advice.

Traffic Information:

  • 1.5+ million unique visitors per month
  • 3+ million page views per month
  • 20+ million ad impressions per month

Advertising Opportunities:

  • CPM buys for 728×90, 336×280, 300×250 and other common ad units

Custom/Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities (Rent the Entire Website):

  • Commit to buying our entire inventory, and we will deliver a customized high performance marketing solution
    • Includes complete customization of where ads appear for maximum exposure and effectiveness
    • Includes performance optimization

Targeting Options:

  • Geo targeting
  • Mobile device targeting
  • Time of day targeting
  • Section/Topic targeting (for example “Curly Hairstyles”)

Contact us now (hello @ and we can schedule a phone call to discuss the details, and answer any questions.