Asian Hairstyles For Men: Short, Medium + Long

By Rich Krafting


These Asian hairstyles for men range from classic to fashion-forward. While it is true that many of today’s hairstyles were seen in Europe first, the trends of tomorrow often start in Asia.

In general, Asian hair tends to be thicker, coarser, and straighter than other hair types. These hairstyles work with those features. Of course, that’s not everybody. We’ve got you curly-haired guys covered too.

These looks cross the spectrum from trendy to professional and popular to classic. Now we’re seeing a return of the curtain bangs and looks with flow. Then there are the always popular spikes, pompadours, and crop haircuts. That’s not to mention long hair. Some of these looks benefit from a perm to add some wave to straight hair.

There isn’t just one best Asian men’s hairstyle. Look for guys with your face shape and something that works with your personal style.

Short Hairstyles

Short hair is the most popular length for men. Instead of the buzzcut, these looks are easy to manage and have plenty of style.

All these looks are on trend right now. Add texture to update the always popular spikes. Bangs are back in and this is a messy version of the curtains.

The combover fade is another perennial favorite hairstyle for guys with thick hair. Keep it casual with a matte hair product. And finally, another cool crop haircut with textured fringe and a low fade.

Short hair can be up to about 3″ in length. These cool looks are on the long side of short, standing up higher. A fade keeps the sides short.

Medium Hairstyles

Medium length hair can be both styled and loose at the same time.Hair can longest can on top of the head with short sides or medium length all over with some flow at the neckline.

The one thing all the above hairstyles have in common is a side part. It is a universally; flattering look but especially good for guys with round or wide faces.

The first look on South Korean model Yuri Park is a classic style that works for business and professional settings as well as formal events. For more everyday looks, try side swept fringe over a taper fade or burst fade.

Flow hairstyles are another trendy style that suits Asian men. Let some flow stand out behind the neck or keep it up top in a messy pomp.

Fringe Haircuts

Here are 5 cool ways to wear haircuts with fringe. Bangs for guys are back in a big way and can be worn in a messy style or precise.

First, some curtains. Then two side part haircuts, one classic and one modern. For allover bangs, try a mushroom cut or this crop-inspired cut that skips the fade.

One Cut – Two Styles

Can’t decide? Medium length haircuts can be styled up or down, for two completely different looks from one cool cut.

The Pomp

The pompadour is hands down one of the top men’s hairstyles. It looks great on everyone, works for all hair types, and is easy to style. Coarse hair can help build a high volume look. The pomp can be vintage but doesn’t have to be.

The pomp can also be worn in a variety of different cuts and styles. First, the pomp fade with short sides. Or add some texture to a classic pomp. A line up and high fade contrast a slick style. There is no going wrong with this hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles

Long hair is another cool and popular Asian hairstyle for men. Hair can be pulled back into various long hair styles or worn down.

For a different look, try slicking back long hair. Just work a light hold pomade through hair and comb it with a wide-tooth comb for this textured flow.

Wearing hair down is the most common way to wear long hair. To wear hair loose, pick a part and add a lightweight product. Style a man bob messy or wavy. Or for something different, rock the pompadour mullet that brings new meaning to ‘business at the front, party at the back”.

Follow these how to grow hair out tips to keep hair healthy and look great.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Before we get to the ponytail, let’s talk about these cool cuts. Enhance the contrast between long and short with a high undercut or drop fade. The short hair can be hidden under hair worn down or revealed by pulling hair up.

One of the most popular ways to style long hair is in a ponytail. These looks are somewhere in between a ponytail and man bun. Get the look by pulling hair back into a ponytail but don’t pull the hair all the way through in the last loop. This works for all long hair lengths.

Wavy + Curly Hair

Here’s something for wavy and curly hair, whether it is natural or from a perm. These haircuts follow the longer top, short sides formula that lets curly texture loose in an easy-to-style look. The sides can be faded, undercut up high, or cut short.

Even though all these curly hairstyles are the same fringe over fade, they differ. First, a curly mop top shows off the volume and texture of ringlet curls. For something more work appropriate, try this textured comb over style with fringe swept to one side.

As part of the 90s revival, the mushroom cut is back. It also looks great with wavy and curly hair over a fade. This tousled fringe is the ultimate messy cool style.

These are all cool cuts and styles but that’s not all. Like the pompadour looks above, curly hair can also be styled up and back, with texture or straightened.

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