The Beard Fade: 27 Styles For Short To Long Beards

By Rich Krafting


The beard fade is exactly what it sounds like, a fade in-between hair and facial hair. The fade occurs on both sides, up into the hairstyle and down into the beard. This distinction draws focus on both. For guys with patchy areas, a fade at the cheeks can even things out. And of course, a beard fade looks great with a shaved head.

The beard fade brings together two massive men’s hair trends – the fade and the beard – into one cool and clean-cut look. Or instead of calling it a beard fade, it can also be considered as a fade haircut with a beard. Any type of fade, length of beard, and men’s hairstyle can be combined into your own faded beard style.

Make the most of your beard fade with healthy facial hair. Use a beard oil after washing for moisture and conditioning. Long beards can also benefit from using a beard balm that softens, conditions, and holds facial hair. A faded beard is best executed by the professionals but general beard maintenance and trimming are easy to do at home. Focus on keeping the cheeks and neck below the beard line clean.

Here are just a few of the ways to wear beard fades. Keep reading for 27 more.

1. Types of Beard Fades

Beard fade styles
Eddie RosadoHossein SarvMohammad HamzeSwagger & BladeJM da Barber

2. Fade Hairstyle + Shaped Beard

Fade haircut with shaped beard for Black men
Mr. Dre Himself

This is a fade haircut with a beard but not a beard fade. Instead of a blur, this full beard tapers up into a point at the temples. It looks great too but works best with thick facial hair.

3. Faded Beard

Victor Hugo

Wear long hair with a short beard or short hair with a full beard, like above. In this precision cut, the line up seamlessly continues into the shape of the beard.

4. Skin Fade + Beard

Kevin Nguyen

The skin, or bald fade, is one of the most popular types of fades for men. There is a complete separation between the hairstyle and facial hair. Talk to your barber about where you want to the fade to start and end. This version tapers down to the skin at the bottom of the sideburn but it can also be higher or lower.

5. Bald Fade Haircut + Beard

Bald fade haircut with beard
Nuri B.

This fade goes further into the beard, starting at the bottom of the ear and working up to full depth in line with the lips.

6. Taper Fade Haircut + Beard

Taper fade haircut with beard
iNSPIREd Image Consulting

The taper fade shaves hair at the temples and the back of the neck and is the smallest type of fade for a beard. The temple fade can go up higher, like this, or be kept tight.

7. Long Hair + Faded Beard

Nate Nguyen

The taper beard fade cleans up the edges of long hair and the beard. Reveal the taper with a hairstyle for long hair.

8. Low Fade Haircut + Waves + Beard

iNSPIREd Image Consulting

The low fade takes off hair at the temples and keeps going around the back of the head. It looks great with waves or a shaved head.

9. Matte Pompadour + Low Fade

Low fade with full beard

The fade creates a bare patch in between a medium length pompadour and full beard.

10. Curly Top + Medium Fade + Short Beard

Pat Regan

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is crisp and clean with a short beard, mid drop fade, and texture on top.

11. Comb Over + Fade + Beard

Neeks 773

For guys with glasses, a fade clears a path for the arms and behind the ears. Is it necessary? No. Does it look good? Absolutely.

12. Medium Fade With Beard

Medium fade with beard
Kevin Nguyen

This short-all-over look has so much texture with waves on top, a blurry fade intersected by a line, and stubble bear.

13. Curly High Top + Mid Fade

Cool beard styles
Cole Buerkle

There are so many ways to combine fade haircuts with beards – longer on top with short facial hair, short on top with a longer beard, or the same length all over.

14. High Fade Haircut With Beard

High fade haircut with beard
Nuri B.

A high fade emphasizes the height of this quiff while the beard fade keeps the cheeks clean. This is also an easy facial hair style to maintain at home.

15. High Top Fade + Stubble Beard

High beard fade for Black men
Kevin Nguyen

From blurry to smooth, this is a precision high and tight plus a stubble beard that gets thicker towards the chin.

16. High Fade + Full Beard

Skin fade with beard
Ken Nguyen

A high fade breaks up the short, thick side part hairstyle and full beard. Keep that wavy beard hair soft and smooth with a beard balm.

17. Temple Fade

Temple fade with beard
Jordan Rutledge

For something totally different, this look combines some curly flow with a temp fade and beard.

18. Shadow Fade With Beard

Shadow Fade With Beard
Wes Staucet

A shadow fade tapers hair down without revealing the skin. With a beard, it provides a continuous flow into facial hair.

19. Burst Beard Fade

Burst fade with beard
Wes Staucet

Here’s another cool way to fade the beard with a burst fade behind the ear. It can be added to any hairstyle, not just this buzz cut.

20. Beard Fade For Black Men

Beard fade styles for Black men
Gillie Fades

The same texture that makes Black hair curly and kinky, gives many Black men full and robust beards. A faded beard highlights the thick texture of hair and facial hair while the line up and beard shape frame the face.

21. Short Beard Styles

Short beard fade styles
Kevin Nguyen

The fade can be added to any length of beard. This is clean cut look that is even professional with a classic hairstyle and trimmed beard.

22. Long Beard Styles

Long beard fade styles
Diss Barbers

This cool beard shape contrasts a rounded burst fade with an angled beard.

23. Shaped Beard + Fade

Beard fade for long beard
Vic Blends

This is why you go to a barber for a beard trim. The line in front of the ear is so crisp and not easy to DIY. Even it it’s not the budget every time, an occasional professional trim can give you a line and shape to follow with your own beard trimmers.

27. Bald + Beard Fade

Bald with beard fade
Wesley The Barber

We saved the best for last. This faded beard creates a blurry transition from a shiny shaved head into a thick beard with a very cool shape.

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