The Best Beard Oils + How to Use Them

Do I Need Beard Oil?

In a word, yes. Beard oil is beneficial from the first phases of growing facial hair, whether you are working on a mustache, stubble, or full beard. Beard oil moisturizes skin, to soothe the itch of the first days of beard growth and helps treat beard dandruff and flaking. It also softens facial hair, helping you achieve your best beard.

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Beard oil and balm have a lot in common but they are not the same thing. Both are leave-in conditioners that moisturize the skin and soften facial hair, minimize beard itch, and eliminate dandruff.

Oils are thinner than balms, which can make them easier to apply and work into the skin. Beard oil absorbs into the skin and hair more quickly than balm, which can be better for shorter beards. However, this can also mean that beard oil needs to be used more than once a day.

Beard oils have a glossy finish that enhance that look attractive and healthy.

In contrast, beard balms are designed to last all day long. In addition to moisturizing, they also offer hold similar to a pomade. The finish can be matte or glossy, depending on the product.

Which is the right one for you? It depends. When starting to grow a beard, one product will do. More oily skin types may do better with oils while dryer skin can benefit from a long-lasting balm. Thicker, coarser hair will want a heavy-duty balm over a lighter weight oil. On the flip side, finer facial hair won’t be overwhelmed by a beard oil.

In general, short or trimmed beards may want to use an oil over a balm, although guys with full beards may want to use both. Beard balms and oils can be used simultaneously or at different times of day.

How to Apply Beard Oil

The amount of beard oil required depends on beard length. Start with 1-2 drops for the first weeks of hair growth, move up to 3-6 drops for a couple of months of growth. As the beard grows longer, 7-10 drops of oil may be required.

The quantity of oil varies based on how oily or dry your skin and hair is so experiment until you find a formula that works for you. When in doubt, less is more.


Apply oil to the palms and rub hands together. Begin by working the oil into the chin before spreading it onto hair. Work oil from roots to tips for maximum effect. Use a comb or beard brush to make sure oil is evenly distributed through the entire beard.

When to Apply Beard Oil

The best time to apply a beard oil is after cleansing, whether it’s a shower or face wash. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, beard washes remove dirt but also natural oils. Beard oils rehydrate the skin and hair.

Warm water opens up the pores of the skin, which means they can absorb oil more easily. Last, applying oil beard locks in moisture. Hair should not be wet because water dilutes the product.

Beard oil can be re-applied any time during the day on dry hair.

What Does Beard Oil Do

Beard oils makes your hair softer, smoother, and shinier while keeping skin below conditioned and itch and flake-free.

Most beard oils are made out of, you guessed it, oil. That is the way it should be. Some more commercial and mass-produced products contain silicone. Silicone does make hair look and feel smooth but it doesn’t have the same benefits as an oil. It coats hair with a layer that prevents nutrients from being absorbed and can also be difficult to wash out.

Look for beard oils that are oil-based. Prices can vary from under $10 to $30. Essentially the products are the same but the quality of the oils and scents will vary.

A Beard Grooming Routine

An example of a beard grooming routine for a medium length beard is to shower, squeeze moisture out of the beard, and apply beard oil. Rub it in, focusing on the skin. Then use a beard comb, Kent comb, or beard brush to spread the oil evenly.

Next, apply a small amount of beard balm to coat the outside of the balm for hold. Smooth with a beard brush. Limit beard wash to 2-3 times a week but use a beard softener daily.

Best Beard Oils

Here are 5 of the top beard oils. These are just a few of many excellent products. Keep reading for even more recommendations. is an essential part of the beard oil experience so look for something you like or fragrance-free if you prefer.

Now, in no particular order, check out a few of the best beard oils.

1. Spartan’s Den Beard Oil

Spartan’s Den Premium Beard Oil combines vitamin E, jojoba, apricot, grapeseed, and pumpkin seed oils for plenty of conditioning without a greasy feeling.

Some guys consider this one of the best-smelling beard oils out there, with a light fragrance of amber, redwood, and more. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days.

2. Ranger Grooming Co. Beard Oil

Fragrance-free beard oils are less common than scented options. Ranger Beard Oil blends two organic, cold-pressed, unrefined oils. Jojoba absorbs easily into the skin while argan oil hydrates hair and skin.

This formula has light, scent from the oils. If you prefer a fragrance, Ranger also makes Zen Juniper, Escape Cedarwood and Spiced Sandalwood Beard Oils. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all products.

3. Bossman Jelly Beard Oil

Somewhere in-between a balm and beard oil, the Bossman Beard Jelly formula contains a touch of beeswax for a thicker product that lasts longer than most oils. This jelly has enough hold to replace a balm for finer hair and is strong enough to tame and soften the coarsest beards.

The classic Magic scent includes sandalwood and vanilla as well as notes of bergamot, patchouli, and frankincense. For the best value, check out the Bossman Essentials Beard Kit as well as Stagecoach, Gold, and Hammer scents.

4. The Gentleman’s Beard Premium Beard Oil

This is the beard oil that Santa uses. Gentleman’s Beard Premium Beard Oil is a fragrance-free formula that won’t discolor white beard hair and adds a lustrous sheen to every shade of beard. Their formula contains sunflower seed, argan, evening primrose, and jojoba oils plus vitamin E for smooth and soft skin and facial hair.

5. Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil

At just over $8 for 3.2 ounces, Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil is one of cheapest beard oils available. It combines grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter, passionfruit oil, argan oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil plus fragrance. The non-greasy formula softens skin and hair without any stickiness.

Honorable Mentions

We recommended these brands for beard balms but their oils are also top notch.

In addition to the big brands, there are lots of oils created by beard aficionados that shouldn’t be overlooked. Check out:

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