Cool Haircuts For Boys

By Rich Krafting


Boys hairstyles and boy’s haircuts can be about function, style, or both. These cool haircuts for boys include easy to wear short hair, fresh fades, as well as trendy styles.

Men’s hairstyle trends are also popular for boys. Right now a few of the looks are crop haircuts, all kinds of spikes, and mohawks. Classic styles are also popular including fringe haircuts, undercuts, and ringlet curls.

Hair is a fun and easy way to express yourself at any age. Fashion-forward kids may enjoy using hair products like Garnier Fructis Style Finishing Paste. It’s cheap, washes out easily, and won’t get sticky. For some real fun, try a spray hair color for Halloween or any day. Or experiment with real hair color too.

Now check out this wide range of cool haircuts for boys.

Textured Crop Haircuts for Boys

1. Crop Fade + Hair Design

Spiky Haircut For Boys
Fresh Factory Barbershop

For fashion-forward kids and parents, this fresh look combines two hot trends – the crop fade and hair designs. Spike hair up into this cool faux hawk or don’t.

2. Trendy Haircuts for Boys

Textured Haircut For Boys
Alan Beak

This textured crop is a huge trend for boys of all ages. Hair is cut to bring out texture while styling adds even more. There are so many different ways to wear this cool cut. Here are a few more.

3. Spiky Crop + Shaved Design Line

Short Spiky Haircut For Boys
Tom Baxter Hair

A simple shaved line is a cool and trendy hair design. This cool cut mirrors the arc of the surgical line with angled bangs.

4. Spiky Quiff

Boys Quiff Haircut
Petey Rock the Barber 

There aren endless different ways to style the crop haircut and add hair designs. This version pulls hair up into a spiky quiff and shaves an arced zig zag into one the fade.

5. Fringe + Drop Fade

Drop Fade Haircut For Boys
Wes Staucet

Fringe continues the line of an arched drop fade in this cool version of the popular crop.

Short Haircuts for Boys

6. Buzz + Half Moon Part

Buzzcut Haircut For Boys
Luis O. Melendez

There are a lot of reasons to give your kid a buzz cut and one of them is that they look good, especially with a line up and curved half moon part. It’s a stylish cut for bath and haircut averse boys.

7. Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Fade Boys Haircut
Bruce Hayden

This short haircut for boys looks great, doesn’t require styling, and can take a while to grow out. Win, win, win.

8. Spiky Crop

Cool Spiky Haircut For Boys
Chretien Gerada

This short version of the crop haircut looks great with messy texture.

9. Undercut for Boys

Undercut Boys Haircut
Travis Hill

Asymmetrical hairstyles are very popular with boys and are easy to wear. Shaved sides do most of the work while short hair on top can be styled up and over to one side or left loose.

10. Messy Short Spikes

Messy Boys Haircut
Edgar Davis Deronde V

Now here’s a look that boys can style themselves. Just give them a matte pomade and teach them how to emulsify product between the palms before working it into hair.

Spiky Hairstyles for Boys

11. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes Boys Haircut
Petey Rock the Barber 

Spiky hair has always been a popular hairstyle for boys and it a top trend for guys right now too. Use a pomade to pull hair up into messy spikes or come hair over to one side.

12. Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Haircut For Boys With Thick Hair

Spiky styles look great for boys with fine, regular, and thick hair. A temple fade makes short sides even shorter.

13. Spiky Quiff + Line Up

Spiky Quiff Haircut And High Fade
Sky Salon

This cool quiff just spikes hair up at the forehead.

14. Modern Spiky Hair

Modern Spiky Haircut For Boys
Chris Jones

This is a modern way to wear spikes with large textured sections.

15. Soccer Player Hairstyles

Cool Haircut For Boys
Tom Baxter Hair

A haircut is an easy to emulate your heroes. This spiky do over a fade is a popular soccer player haircut that also makes it easy to spot your kid on the field.

16. Spiky Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk Boys Haircut

Blonde spikes, a dark fade, and shaved arc are a lot of look but not more than this cool kid can handle.

Cool Hairstyles for Boys

17. Burst Fade Mohawk

Mohawk Burst Fade Haircut
Hector Zapata

The burst fade mohawk is a cool short haircut for curly hair, especially black hair.

18. Curly Mohawk for Boys

Curly Hair Mohawk
John Fernandez 

This curly mohawk couldn’t be cooler.

19. Pomp + Line Up

Pompadour Haircut For Boys
Christian Valentin

The square angles of a line up look cool with every hairstyle, especially this pomp.

20. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut
Michael Mejia

Some boys prefer medium-length and longer hair. The shaved sides of an undercut make this long hair easy to manage. It can also be pulled back into a samurai bun or pony tail.

21. Classic Boy’s Haircuts

Classic Boys Haircut
Tom Baxter Hair

This classic mop-top haircut has plenty of modern texture but doesn’t need to be styled daily.

22. Long Ringlet Curls

Long Curly Hair Haircut
Henry Thomas

Take care of these gorgeous ringlet curls with a tear-free conditioner.

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