Dreadlock Styles for Men

By Rich Krafting


Dreadlocks are one of the most versatile hairstyles for black men. They can be worn short and vertical or long and loose.

Medium length and long locs can be pulled up into a man bun, ponytail or half up style. Use a hair band or tie hair back with a long lock.

Having dreadlocks doesn’t necessarily end trips to the barber. Add a low, mid or high fade for an easier to manage style. Lots of men add a line up for clean cut edges.

Check out these 18 dreadlock styles for men, in order from shortest to longest.

1. Dreadlock Mohawk


Short locs can stand straight up. This burst fade haircut makes a mohawk out of short twisted dreadlocks.

2. Short Locs + High Fade


This cool and easy to wear cut contrasts short locs with shaved sides.

3. Drop Fade


Another type of fade that works well with short dread locks is this drop bald fade.

4. Locks + Line Up

Atila the Barber

A line up and faded neckline frame tightly coiled dreadlocks.

5. Locs + Beard

Da Spot Barbershop

Locks up high and beard down low are connected by a fade.

6. Two-Strand Twists

 Eye the Barber

These 2-strand twists are another cool dreadlock style.

7. Medium Length Locs

This is about as long as dreadlocks can get while still defying gravity.

8. Ponytail


Like other long hair styles for men, an easy way to wear longer locs is in a high ponytail with a high fade.

9. Low Fade + Twisted Locs

Kevon Miller

Here long dreadlocks are tied back into a ponytail with line up edges.

10. Half Up Man Bun

dreadlock styles for men

Charlie Cullen

This samurai man bun looks even cooler worn with shoulder length dreadlocks and some loose fringe.

11. Undercut Fade

Ben Warren

An undercut fade means long locs are out of the face with or without a ponytail.

12. Half Ponytail

Freshly Faded – Derrick Banks

This half ponytail pulls hair out of the face while leaving it down over the shoulders.

13. Dreadlock Man Bun

Hawk the Barber Prodigy

This is a lot of look with a feather hair design behind one ear and a crucifix behind the other topped with a platinum man bun.

14. Low Fade + Low Ponytail

long locs for black men

Angel Raws

This low maintenance look has plenty of style.

15. Long Dreadlocks + Beard

Angel Raws

A temple fade transitions between long dreadlocks and a black beard.

16. Half Man Bun

Marc Republic

Long locs can be twisted and tied into a loose half pony/man bun style.

17. Edge Up + Low Fade

Sir Cutz

Faded edges contrast with long thick locs.

18. Long Dreadlocks

Silv Ferreira

Long dreadlocks have the most impact when worn down.

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