The Edgar Haircut: Try This New Look

The Edgar haircut (also known as the takuache haircut) is one of the more controversial haircut styles for men out there. First, what is it? The defining feature of the Edgar is the straight line of fringe across the forehead. Popular with Latino and Hispanic teenage boys and takuaches, it is basically the Mexican version of the Caesar haircut. Sometimes it is called the hood bowl, which may bring images of Jim Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber haircut to mind. It’s much better than that though. Anybody can wear this cut though, even guys with curly hair.

All Edgar cuts have a blunt line of fringe, whether it is worn close to the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, or higher up towards the hairline. The sides and back can be a number of different things. Longer versions often have a rounded or mushroom shape. The Edgar also looks good with all types of fades. Try a low, medium, or high fade as well as a temple fade or the always popular taper fade.

How do you style this haircut? Well that depends. If hair holds its shape, styling beyond blow drying to set hair in place may not be necessary. For a textured or lightly spiked top, you’ll need some type of pomade. Some product will also help hold the line of the fringe against the elements and/or forehead oils.

This is one of those “controversial” haircuts. Some people love it, some people hate it. There are even plenty of memes to mock it. We’re here to show you all the possible hairstyle options, not to judge. Sometimes a haircut can signal what group you are a part of. This holds true for everything from short military haircuts to mohawks to long hair. Whatever haircut you choose, wear it with pride.

1. What Is The Edgar Haircut?


Believe it or not, this young man is named Edgar. I guess if your name is a haircut, you have to get it. But here are those distinctive bangs that characterize the Edgar haircut.

2. Fringe Haircut

SeeCut Hairstylizh

Longer bangs can get this slightly curled effect.

3. Edgar + Mullet

SeeCut Hairstylizh

And surprise, from the side there is a temple fade and mullet flow.

4. Blunt Bangs + Taper Fade

Eazy Sharp, El Barbero

At the front, thick fringe in a straight line contrasts with sideburns faded down to the skin. At the back, a neck taper completes the taper fade. Hair is cut with heavy fringe to emphasize thick and blunt bangs.

5. Edgar For Curly Hair

Curly Head Fan Pages

This trendy haircut for young men isn’t only for straight hair. Here is what the Edgar haircut looks like with curly hair. It is similar to a crop haircut with blunt fringe and texture on top. Try a curl cream to define curls and keep those bangs tight.

6. Short Bangs + Low Drop Fade

Omar Gadier

Blunt fringe can be cut wherever you like, almost down to the eyebrows, closer to the hairline, or somewhere in-between. Get this lightly textured look with a pomade that defines and separates hair. Just work it through hair and pinch together small sections of hair to get the look.

7. Short Fringe Haircuts For Boys

Jose In The Cut

There is no age limit for this haircut. This cool boys haircut contrasts thick fringe over a blurry fade. Let hair grow until the bangs hit the brows and then it’s time for a haircut.

8. Bowl Cut + Taper Fade

Gesus The Barber

This version of the Edgar continues the line of fringe into a mushroom-shaped bowl cut. Like everything else from the past, the bowl haircut is back, baby. A taper fade adds a modern finishing touch. To get every hair in place like above, you’ll need a blow dryer, brush, and hair protectant. Follow that with a light product to keep hair smooth and in place all day.

9. Edgar Haircut Meme

JNB Visuals

Next to the mullet, this may one of the most debated haircuts. Don’t listen to the memes. You know you look good.

10. Cool Short Haircut

Legendary Barber

Almost white hair color defines the line of bangs over a darker blurry fade. From the side, it appears to be three stripes of white, black, and skin. The color contrast is striking but this same cut is just as cool in any color.

11. Taper Fade Haircut

Willy Acosta

Layers give this haircut a rounded shape all around. It’s not quite a bowl cut but you could say it’s bowl-inspired. Use a serum or light product to keep hair smooth.

12. Temple Fade

Brendan LaFrance

From the side, one can see a cool combination of a curved temple fade and straight hairline. This version is short and thick all over with crisp edges. Try a comb or boar bristle brush to style this look.

13. Fade + Hair Design


You can have it all. This cool look extends the line of bangs over a mid fade and drops down at the back. A shaved Z-shape adorns one side but shaved lines or any other shape work too.

14. Edwin Haircut For Young Boys

Brendan LaFrance

Style is timeless and it’s never too early (or late) in life to embrace it. This is a short version of this cut with a line up under bangs and some texture. To avoid this glued together spiky look, try a different hair gel or a hair pomade. There are a lot to choose from but if you’re starting out with products, pick up something from the drugstore and look for the words medium-strong hold and separation or texture.

15. Short Fade Haircuts

Omar Gadier

This low skin fade adds a curve to the back while blunt bangs and edging create lines at the front.

16. Mexican Caesar Haircut

Elvinse Moleta

One of the keys to this haircut is a super straight line. This excellent fringe looks like it was cut with a ruler. The fade at the temples is also an impressive blur, and that’s not just the camera. Now that’s a good barber.

17. Soccer Player Hairstyles

Javier Chacon Perez

Soccer players are often on the cutting edge of haircuts and here is another example of that. This is Marc Bartra, a center-back for the Spanish team Real Betis. It’s a short fringe over a high fade.

If that’s not enough, check out these crop haircuts for some more blunt bangs styles.

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