35+ Dope Fade Haircuts For Black Men

By Rich Krafting


Fade haircuts are one of the most popular looks for Black men. A fade cuts the sides and back of hair from short down to the skin. As far as the hairstyle, that can be anything from an ultra-short buzz or waves to long dreads.

So what are the different types of fade haircuts for Black men? A fade can be cut low, medium, or up high on the head. A drop fade curves down behind the ear while other fades cut a straighter line. Or keep an arch of hair behind the ear with temp or taper fade. There is also the bald fade and burst fade.

Check out all the different fade haircuts and hairstyles for Black men. Mix and match between different looks on top with the fade of your choice.

Here are some of the best fade Haircuts for Black men

1. Low Fade Haircuts For Black Men

There are so many cool ways to wear low fade haircut styles with short, medium, and longer hair.

The low fade follows the hairline and takes it up about inch, more or less. Or create a new neckline to give hair a rounded shape when seen from the back.

Of course, up top anything goes, even a flat top or rounded afro.

2. Mid Fade Haircuts

The medium fade takes hair up higher on the head, landing somewhere in between a low and high fade. At this height, the fade can drop down in an arc behind the ear or cut a line around the back of the head.

From the front the medium fade looks like tight sides, which focuses attention to hair on top. This works for short haircuts, medium length curls and twists, as well as long hair.

3. Drop Fade Haircuts

A drop fade for Black men drops down behind the ear for a curve similar to the natural neckline. The fade can be quick to emphasized the line or longer for a smooth blur.

All kinds of fades can also be worn with hair designs like shaved lines.

4. High Fade Haircuts

You guessed it, high fade haircuts go up higher on the head. The line of the fade can be straight or curved, thick or blurry. A more defined line can also be called an undercut fade.

Here are some cool ways to wear a high fade with long dreads, 180 waves, short curls, and medium length hair.

5. Fade Haircuts For Black Men With Beards

These faded haircuts with beards are going to make you want to stop shaving. The fade separates hair from facial hair, creating space. The bigger the fade, the bigger the space. That’s good because it keeps even the fullest beard looking clean and fresh.

Any type of fade works with any type of beard. Here we have low-mid fade with a full beard, a bust fade with a short beard, a high bald fade with a thin beard, and a taper fade with a shaped beard.

A beard fade can be just at the sideburns or take up a larger area. The former works for full beards while the latter can be helpful for guys with patchy cheeks. Or just do what looks good to you. Keep your beard soft, smooth, and itch-free with beard oil and a brush.

6. Bald Fade Haircuts

The bald fade is also known as the skin or zero fade. Whatever you want to call it, this is any type of fade that reveals the scalp. It is as tight as the sides can get and ultra clean.

In contrast, a shadow fade tapers hair from short to shorter. However, the skin fade is the overwhelming favorite for Black men. Going down to the skin means extra time between barber visits, saving time and money.

7. Taper Fade Haircuts

The taper fade combines a temple fade with a neck taper, leaving some hair in between. The difference between a taper and a low fade is that defined arch behind the ear.

It’s a cool and clean neckline for all types of hairstyles for Black men. Here are taper haircuts with short sponge curls, waves, twists, and an afro.

8. Temp Fade Haircuts For Black Men

The temp fade is a fade at the temples. It can vary in size from just the sideburns to up to the hairline. it never goes further back than the ear.

For a temple fade, the neckline can be faded like a taper or can be shaped. The temp fade creates tight sides while maintaining maximum hair.

9. Burst Fade Haircuts

The burst fade is another one that doesn’t continue all the way around the head. It is shaped like a sunburst behind the ear while leaving hair at the neckline.

A larger burst creates a wide mohawk shape for short and longer hair. A smaller burst fade is more similar to a temple fade.

Trying a new type of fade is an easy way to change up your look. Well, maybe not if you’ve been working on 360 waves. For everyone else, if you’ve been going for a low fade, go high. Or change that straight mid fade for a drop fade. If you’ve never had a fade before, start with a taper and go from there.

If that seems like too much, you don’t always have to decide for yourself. Ask your barber what they recommend to help find the most flattering haircut that also fits your lifestyle. That works for beards too. Barbers take into account face shape as well as grooming preferences to give you a personalized look.

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