17+ Cool Flat Top Haircuts

The flat top refers to two types of haircuts, the short flat top and longer hi-top fade. Famous examples of the former is Rocky 4’s Ivan Drago and Kid from Kid ‘n Play. This angular cut always stands out from a crowd, whether it signals its military background or hip hop roots.

The flat top haircut lives up to its name. Hair is cut and styled to stand up vertically and form a flat deck in a straight line. The deck can be level or slope up or down. The cut can straight sides, angled sides or even rounded edges.

The original flat top is the short military-inspired haircut that was popular in 1950s. There is also the hi-top fade, which is commonly called a flat top or flattop. Technically, it is a variation of the military cut with short sides and long or very long hair on top. The hi-top was a trend during the golden age of hip hop in the 1980s and early 1990s. 

Any way you wear, it is a classic yet timeless cut that always looks good. Check out these pictures of flat top haircuts from today, in order from shortest to tallest.

1. Short Hair Flat Top

Classic mens flat top haircut

Rokas Mazgelis

This flat top with a fade could be featured on a barber haircuts poster.

2. Modern Flat Top Haircut

Modern flat top haircut

Johnny Snips

Rounded edges give a softer profile and updated feel to this flat top.

3. Flat Top Haircut with Curved Part

flat top haircut with part

MINT Bournemouth

A part adds creates a cool, asymmetrical flat top hairstyle.

4. Rounded Edges + Bald Drop Fade

Rounded flat top

Benjamin Alexander

The details make a flat top fade haircut unique. This one features rounded edges up top and a mid drop fade down to the skin.

5. Military Style Flat Top Haircut

military flat top haircut

Vin’s Barbershop Klang

The flat top is a good choice for guys with thick, coarse hair. With a high bald fade, this could be a regulation military cut.

6. Classic Men’s Flat Top Haircut

Classic flat top

Jerry’s Old Tyme Barbershop

This boxy cut could be seen on a GI Joe action figure.

7. Blue Hi-Top + Hair Designs

Maillot Fabien

If the flat top doesn’t get you enough attention, add some bold color and shaved designs in the fade.

8. Rockabilly Flat Top

Lussy Sky Navi

This longer version of the flat top is popular in rockabilly style.

9. Flat Top + Bald Fade

Blurry fade and flat top haircut

Ryan Reynolds

A blurry fade creates a seamless transition between medium length hair and skin.

10. Medium Length Flat Top Haircut

Medium length flat top

Jabree Turner

A line up continues the angles of the flat top haircut.

11. Flat Top For Curly Hair

Curly flat top haircut

Peter Tran

You’re never too young for a good haircut. This cool flat top is cut and styled to reveal curls and create softer edges.

12. Flat Top + High Fade

High fade haircut

Raul Ponce II

Flat tops are cut to extend the lines of the skull, which is enhanced by this high fade.

13. Flat Top Haircut For Natural Curls

The Barbers

Tall flat top haircuts don’t only work for black hair. Any guys with the right texture can get the look.

14. Angled Flat Top + Low Bald Fade

Angled tall flat top and low fade

Lincoln Barbershop

The sides of hi-top can be vertical or angle out towards the top for an even more imposing presence.

15. Tall Flat Top + Low Fade

flat top haircut black guy Josh Connolly

Flat top haircuts are extra flattering for guys with some width to their faces or cheeks. The height and in this case additional width elongate the face.

16. Tall Flat Top Haircut + Hair Designs

Tall flat top haircut

Anbueno Fotografia

Retro shades complete the look.

17. Tall + Wide Hi-Top + High Fade

Big flat top


This curly hi-top fade is growing up and out.

18. Tallest Flat Top Haircut

Super tall flat top


When it comes to flat tops, bigger is always better.

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