25+ Hairstyles For Young Men

What are the best hairstyles for young men? For trendsetting teens, it’s all about the coolest haircuts. For active and athletic guys, short and stylish haircuts are low maintenance and look good.

This collection includes the latest trends like crop fades, line haircuts, and fringe aka bangs. There are also go-to men’s haircuts like the buzz fade, quiff, and undercut. And we haven’t left out black hair.

If you’re just starting to style hair, your barber or stylist will be happy to show you how to replicate any of these looks and recommend products. Here’s what you need to know about pomade as well as the best hair products for men.

Trendy Crops

  Abbas the BarberHayden Cassidy HairGlenn BlackburnHayden Cassidy Hair

Just a few different ways you can wear the popular crop haircut. Add shaved lines and a brow slash, or don’t.

  Abbas the Barber

This asymmetrical cut includes angled fringe and a brow slash on one side, rounded fringe on the other, and texture all over.

Nicole Renae

A simple textured crop with a blunt fringe and a thick shaved line.

Glenn Blackburn

Blunt fringe extends towards the back to create a line over the fade.

Hossein Sarv

For thick hair, wear a crop heavy with lots of texture and a line if you like.

Hayden Cassidy Hair

The shortest crop with a hint of texture and pair of shaved lines.

Omar Peña

Cool contrast between the heavy crop and blurry fade.

Dylan Fenton

Classic crop fade heavy on the texture.

Alan Beak

That same crop shape with wavy curls.

Hayden Cassidy Hair

The fringe of a crop haircut can also be styled up into a quiff.

Fresh Classics

Hayden Cassidy HairDencio AguilarOlimjonov AbduvaliZach Ramsey

These popular hairstyles for guys look great and are easy to style. Let’s take a closer look.

Hayden Cassidy Hair

This cool version of a crew cut looks great with or with product.

Hayden Cassidy Hair

This modern quiff is a little spiky and a lot cool.

Danni Avila

The pompadour is one of the most popular hairstyles for guys of all ages. It can be worn as an everyday hairstyle or for special events like prom.

Dencio Aguilar

Another hugely popular men’s hairstyle is this undercut with hair combed over to one side. It work for short, medium, and long hair.

Olimjonov Abduvali

Adding spiky texture is one cool way to update the pomp fade.


This buzz cut and fade combination is one of the most common haircuts for guys with every hair type. Some people add a line up.

Jeremy Wexler Hair

This short messy look takes just a few seconds to style. Work pomade into damp hair with fingers and you’re good to go.

Vin’s Barbershop

Spiky hair has made a just come back and this is just one way to get the look.

Zach Ramsey

With the right haircut, thick wavy hair can be left to do its own thing.

Haircuts for Young Black Men

Josh ConnollyThe HairbenderRance JohnSergio CasillasDill BlackCristian Barbershop

Whatever your curl type, haircuts for black guys are all about long on top, short sides styles.

Josh Connolly

This high and tight is very high and very tight.

Rance John

Some curly fringe over a fade and line hair design.

Sergio Casillas

Waves haircuts have the most of texture with the least amount of length.

Sergio Casillas

This burst fade mohawk looks great at every length.

The Hairbender

This short high top gets the appearance of extra height from a temp fade and arced line behind the ear.

The Hairbender

A high fade with a curly top.

Dill Black

Hair twists add extra height to this cool look with a hard part.

Cristian Barbershop

The highest high top fade.

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