High and Tight Haircuts

The high and tight is a short military haircut that is also popular with civilians. As the name says, hair is concentrated up high on the head, above the temples. The tight refers to a defined line between shaved sides and longer hair on top, similar to the lid on the jarhead cut.

Although this type of crew cut is common within the armed forces, the good-looking and low-maintenance cut also has many civilian versions. In fact, cool buzz cuts are a hot trend this year.

Street versions of the high and tight follow the same formula of short hair concentrated on the top of the head but may be longer on top, faded around the sides, or add other cool features like a line up or unexpected neckline.

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High and tights are a popular short haircut for black hair as well as guys on the go who what want to look good. Check out these old and new ways to wear high and tight haircuts.

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A drop fade blurs the boundary between high and tight, softening up the military cut. It looks good with the traditional sharp line over a high fade, for straight and kinky hair types. A line up completes the look.

In the bottom row, these slightly longer high and tights take cues from the popular crop haircut. There is a hint of blunt fringe at the forehead and as much textured styling as can be achieved with this ultra-short hair length. For the ultimate texture, keep those waves tight and add a shaved side part.

Whether you wear a traditional high and tight or modern update, this is a flattering and fresh short haircut for men.

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