25 High Fade Haircuts That Look Amazing

High fade haircuts cut hair ultra-short or down to the skin around the sides and back of the head. This gives the appearance of thicker hair and focuses attention to the hair on top, whether it short or long.

A high fade can be added to any men’s haircut from a short buzz to long hair that can be styled into a pompadour or side part hairstyle. Of course, it also works for curly hair and creates a textured mop top or high top style for tighter curls.

This fade haircut is especially flattering for guys with round faces or wide cheeks where the hair at the sides would add even more width. High fade haircuts can work for every face shape though, it depends on what hairstyle is happening on top. Longer face shapes may want to wear hair down over the forehead. High volume styles work for wider faces shapes. Messier styles add height and width on top, which is flattering for face diamond shapes that are widest at the jaw.

Check out these classic, cool and trendy ways to wear high fade haircuts.

1. High Skin Fade Quiff Haircut

High Fade Haircut - Quiff Hairstyle
Antonio Mateo

This on-trend cut features thick hair styled into textured spikes and a quiff at the forehead with a high bald fade.

2. Textured Crop Haircut + High Fade

High fade textured crop haircut
Alan Beak

A high fade concentrates hair on the top of the head, emphasizing the fullness and texture.

3. Comb Over Hairstyle + High Fade + Hard Part

High Fade Haircut With Hard Part

The popular comb over fade is most dramatic when worn with a high fade. This version goes even further with diagonal bangs, textured styling and a shaved part.

4. Messy Sweep Back + High Fade

Messy hairstyle with high fade

Andrew Does Hair

The sweep back is the cool way to wear slicked back hair. It’s a wind swept look that combines the volume of slick hair with just the right amount of messiness.

5. High and Tight

Short haircut with high fade

Nathanael David

The military high and tight haircut is also a popular with civilians. This ultra short cut has plenty of style.

6. Flat Top + High Fade

high top with high fade

Jarreds Barbers

The shaved sides of a high fade emphasize the height of any hairstyle and also contributes to the signature boxiness of the flat top.

7. Modern Pompadour + High Fade

Modern pompadour with high fade

Michael Martin

The modern pompadour is frequently worn with a high fade. That makes styling easier by eliminating the need to slick back the sides. The on trend version features some defined texture. Choose a matte product and use fingers to style.

8. Textured Pompadour For Long Hair + High Fade

Long textured hair pompadour with high fade

Javi the Barber

Longer hair means higher pomps. This cool look also adds some light texture.

9. Pomp Fade Haircut

Pomp Fade Haircut

Nathanael David

This fresh look is a classic pomp at the front and finishes with an unexpected point at the back.

10. Long Crop + Fringe + High Fade

Crop haircut with high fade

Luis Chevere

This long and heavy crop features plenty of tousled texture and fringe worn down over the forehead.

11. Twist Curls + High Fade Haircut

Twist curls and high fade haircut

Nathanael David

This curly high top fade is on trend this year with plenty of texture and length. Contrasting color just adds to the appeal.

12. High Skin Fade + Short Textured Hair

High fade haircut with short textured hair

The Greek

Fades are adapted to your hair. They frequently drop down below the crown so hair has enough length to keep it from sticking up. It also looks great from the back.

13. Spiky Quiff Haircut + High Fade

High fade haircut quiff hairstyle

Tom Baxter Hair

This quiff styled with textured spikes is on point this year. The high fade creates a defined line of hair for a cool disconnected style.

14. Angled Crop Haircut + High Fade

Angled crop haircut

Black Rose

The textured crop is a major men’s hair trend that can be worn in a variety of ways. This medium length version is cut and styled on the diagonal.

15. High Fade + Line Up

Line up haircut with high fade and longer hair on top


High fades look excellent worn with a line up. The blurry fade contrasts with the precise line. This combination can be worn with any style on top, from short to long.

16. Side Part Haircut With A High Fade

Side part haircut

Black Rose

A high fade can be used to create a side part. Comb hair over to the opposite side to reveal that distinct line.

17. Disconnected Short Hair Undercut

Disconnected undercut haircut

Redd’s Barbershop

This fresh comb over hairstyle contrasts a disconnected cut on one side with softer edges on the other.

18. Pompadour for Short Hair + High Fade

Rum Barber

This classic look slicks short hair back into a pomp for maximum style with minimum effort.

19. Pompadour Hairstyle + High Fade + Slash Design

Seu Elias

A look that’s trending now is a shaved line that starts in the head and continues through to beard or sometimes even brow. It’s a simple look that has a major impact.

20. Buzz + High Fade + Line Up

Shane Nesbitt

The buzz cut, line up and fade are a winning combination.

21. Caesar Haircut

Tariq the Barber

This high fade with a hint of bangs is a modern take on the classic and flattering Caesar haircut.

22. Short Spiky Haircut + High Fade

Blessed Barber Studio

Spiky styles are back. This short version keeps it simple with a high fade all around.

23. Pompadour + High Fade

Toni Saura

This ultra clean look features a classic pompadour style plus tape up at the forehead and blurry skin fade around the sides.

24. Medium Length Messy Hair

Travis Hill

This medium length haircut could be styled into some kind of pomp but for something different it has plenty of messy volume.

25. Medium Length Haircut for Curly Hair

Dean Marshall Braid

The high fade creates a sophisticated profile for medium length curly hair. Wear hair over the forehead or use some pomade to create a combover or slicked back style.

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