How to Wear the Flow Haircut

The movement and flow trend you seen in the latest haircuts for men is now just called flow or the flow haircut. This fluid style started as the hockey haircut and got an update. Now it’s bro flow.

This cool look is all about medium length or longer hair that flows back. It’s not just for bros but also a cool look for baseball players, surfers, skaters, hipsters, and even preppy bros. It’s easy to style. Get the right cut, work in a touch of product, and go.

This on trend style works for straight as well as curly or medium hair. Natural texture adds to the look but is not required. You can get a textured haircut, enhance texture with a hair clay or wax, or embrace the straight flow. For medium and longer hair, especially that is wavy or curly, try a hair cream to style your flow.

Most flow haircuts for men are medium length, about 3″ long. They can also be shorter, longer, or both (long top, short sides). The key to the flow hairstyle is the appearance of movement. Here are 17 different ways to get in the flow.

1. The Flow Haircut

Parted Hair

The hair in the flow hairstyle looks like it’s on the go.

2. Flow and Comb Haircut

Al’s Barber Shop

One cool way to style the flow haircut is back with a comb. This is a wind swept look that gets even better as you run fingers through hair. Use a pomade with a flexible finish to balance looseness and control.

3. Men’s Flow Haircut

Seu Elias

Instead of hockey hair that flows out the back of a helmet, this look features wavy flow on top of the head.

4. The Flow Haircut for Straight Hair

Arielle Cuyuga

This medium length look is cut and styled to enhance the texture of stick straight hair. It has plenty of flow without any waves.

5. What is a flow haircut?

Tommy Ransom

The flow is all about the sense of or actual movement in hair. Get it by wearing hair longer on top, at the neckline, or both.

6. How to Get a Flow Haircut

Andy Judd

Like any longer hair, the flow takes more than just growing hair out. Regular cuts are required for an attractive shape, healthy hair, and to bring out that flowing movement.

7. Baseball Flow Haircut


Show off that flow under your baseball cap by growing it long at the back. If you don’t want to call it a mullet, just tell everyone you’ve got flow.

8. Bro Flow Haircut

Martial Vivot

Bro culture is hard to pin down but some say it is the intersection of jockishness, dudeliness, preppiness, and stoner-ishness. Sounds about right and there’s some of each in this hair.

9. Flow Hawk Haircut

Trevor Moots

If you have more than a faux hawk, this flow hawk is for you. It has that signature texture and movement plus a temp fade for that mohawk shape.

10. Hockey Flow Haircut

Cameron Tooyserkani

The business is short and straight, the party is long and curly, the look is totally awesome.

11. Medium Length Natural Flow Haircut

Parted Hair

The state of flow is easy to achieve with naturally textured hair.

12. Short Flow Haircut

Tommy Ransom

Hair doesn’t have to be medium length to flow. This cut enhances wavy texture to get movement all over.

13. Side Flow Haircut

Ryan Cullen

Push that flow over to the side for a different look.

14. Flow on Top, Short Sides Hairstyle

Iisakki Nummi

The long top, short sides haircuts is popular because it can be styled into any trend from texture to flow.

15. Long Flow Haircut

Roddy Colón

More hair means more flow. Try one of these hair products to keep hair frizz free.

16. Cool Flow Hairstyle

Zach Ramsey

Another way to style the flow haircut is up instead of back or to the side.

17. Flow Haircut with Beard

ΙΙΙ ≡ ≡◃ ▵ ▿

The flow hairstyle absolutely pairs well with a beard. The look balances a full beard and long hair.

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