33 Mohawk Fade Haircuts That Are Super Cool And Make A Statement

By Rich Krafting


Another men’s haircut that has been updated is the classic mohawk. These mohawk fade haircuts feature new ways to wear the sides and the mohawk itself.

The mohawk haircut is a strip of hair down the center of the head with the sides shaved. Although the name refers to Native Americans, the mohawk hairstyle has been worn by warriors throughout the centuries. Mohawks are still favored by fighters and soldiers but can also be a sign of rebellion. Or you can just wear a mohawk because it looks cool (and tough).

The traditional mohawk features a thin strip of hair down the middle and shaved sides. Hair is traditionally spiked vertically. These mohawk fades are new hairstyles for men. The most common way to cut a mohawk is with a burst fade but temp fades and taper fades also work. Some of these looks have a hint of a mullet while others end in a point or shape.

On top, hair doesn’t even need to be spiked up. Hair can be short, curly, spiky or anything you want it to be. You can also get creative with the neckline to make even more of a statement. Now check out these 33 ways to wear a mohawk fade.

1. Mohawk Fade Haircut In A Pompadour Style

mohawk fade haircut
Erin Grommon

This cool hawk is styled like a pompadour.

2. Mohawk Fade Haircut For Natural Curls

black mohawk fade haircut
Wes Staucet

The mohawk fade is a cool look for all types of curly hair that bring some volume along with natural texture.

3. Short Spiky Mohawk Fade Haircut + Beard

short mohawk fade haircut
Men’s Hair Hub

Hair doesn’t have to be long for a mohawk. This short spiky cut that tapers into a V at the back does the trick.

4. Taper Fade Mohawk For Black Men

taper fade mohawk haircut black men
Nelly The Barber

It’s not easy to create that mohawk profile with a taper fade but here it is.

5. Burst Fade Mohawk

burst fade mohawk haircut
Eddie Rosado

6. Mohawk Fade Haircut + Designs

mohawk fade haircut designs

Some might say that this is a lot of look, others might say it’s just enough.

7. Taper Fade Mohawk Haircut

taper fade mohawk haircut
Cameron Tooyserkani

Length and texture transform this taper fade haircut into a wide mohawk.

8. Mohawk Fade – Back View

mohawk fade haircut back view
Jacob Tayler Jimenez

Most of these mohawk fades narrow towards the neckline to play up the mohawk shape.

9. Semi-Mohawk Fade Haircut For Short Hair

semi mohawk fade haircut
Victor Hugo

In contrast to the look above, the neckline of this mullet-mohawk-temple fade combination stays wide. It’s kind of a mohawk and it kind of isn’t. It is definitely cool though.

10. Short Spiky Mohawk

fade mohawk haircut pictures
Tommy Ransom

This fresh look uses color as well as the faded cut and spiky styling to define a mohawk.

11. Wide Mohawk Fade

wide mohawk fade haircut
Tommy Ransom

All it takes to cut a mohawk is faded sides. The rest of hair can remain for this cool wide mohawk style.

12. Fade Mohawk For Curly Hair

curly fade mohawk haircut
Mohammad Hamze

This cool look takes curly volume to the next level for a bold textured mohawk. With a long fringe this is one of the best mohawk fade haircuts.

13. Fade Mohawk With Short To Medium Natural Curls

fade mohawk haircut black
Dang Cuts Hair

Kinky hair makes it easy to get that mohawk volume.

14. Fade Mohawk For Longer Tight Curls

fade mohawk haircut black men
Eddie Rosado

Here’s another cool mohawk for black hair that gets extra emphasis from a shape up and some blonde.

15. Mohawk Haircut + Temple Fade

fade to mohawk haircut
Pedro Abreu

This burst skin fade seamlessly transitions into a short mohawk for black hair.

16. Mohawk Haircut With A High Fade

high fade mohawk haircut
Tote Barber

A high fade at the sides plus a shaved line is slightly more faux hawk but gets the point across.

17. How To Do A Killer Mohawk Fade Haircut

how to do a mohawk fade haircut
Omar Gadier

Now that’s how you do a mohawk fade. Shaved lines and tight curls surround the burst fade in almost concentric rings.

18. Low Fade Mohawk

low fade mohawk haircut black
Nelly The Barber

Instead of defining a mohawk with a fade, this cool look pairs a low fade with a defined strip of hair on top.

19. Cool Mohawk Fade Styles For Medium Hair

mohawk fade haircut styles
Wes Staucet

There are so many options for the mohawk fade – this version leaves a wide strip of hair all the way down with a blurry fade and line up .

20. Temp Fade Mohawk + Cropped Fringe

temp fade mohawk haircut
Nicole Renae

Here’s a cool hockey-inspired flow haircut with a temp fade and some mullet flavor.

21. A Mullet Mohawk Fade

a mohawk fade haircut
John Carmona

Here’s a cool mohawk haircut building on a square fade rather than the typical rounded burst fade.

22. Afro Mohawk Fade Haircut

afro mohawk fade haircut
Caleb The Barber

Afro hairstyles don’t always fave to be spherical. This cool adds a burst fade to the sides while keeping that rounded shape through the middle.

23. Bald Fade Mohawk

bald fade mohawk haircut
Sergio Casillas

A quick fade down to the skin emphasizes the height and shape of this cool mohawk.

24. Mohawk Haircut With A Beard Fade

beard fade mohawk haircut
Next Cut Barbershop

A mohawk with a beard? Why not. A skin fade breaks up this wavy mohawk from short and shaped facial hair.

25. Bald Fade + Mohawk Haircut

black fade mohawk haircut
Luis O. Melendez

This cool look styles black hair into a form of liberty spikes and adds a half moon part.

26. Mohawk Fade For Short Curly Hair

Glassbox Barbershop

This cool mohawk fade for black men leaves a wide swath of longer hair down the center of the head. That height is flattering for everyone.

27. Blonde Mohawk Fade

blonde mohawk fade haircut
John Carmona

The mohawk is cool in every cool but certainly stands out in this almost white shade of blonde.

28. Faded Mohawk Haircut For Black Boys

boy black faded mohawk haircuts
John Fernandes

The mohawk fade is cute and cool for boys of all ages. One of the coolest mohawk fade haircuts.

29. Mohawk Haircut For Curly Hair Boys

boy black faded mohawk haircuts
Andy Authentic

Here is the same haircut from a different angle. It’s an easy hairstyle for boys with curly hair.

30. Short + Curly Mohawk

Wade Menendez

The wide mohawk is a cool way to wear curly hair without any extra width at the sides.

31. Short Hair Mohawk Fade

Next Cut Barbershop

This short haircut starts with a line up and ends in a V, with a blurry fade on both sides and texture down the middle.

32. Pomp Hawk

Edgar Davis Deronde V

Is it a mohawk? Is it a pompadour? It’s a bit of both and then some.

33. Mohawk Haircut

mohawk fade haircut
Andrew Does Hair

This distinctive style starts with a shaved temple fade and gets longer from there in a radial pattern. The wide strip of hair is spiked up into a line at the center.

There you have it a great roundup of the best mohawk fade haircuts to get right now.

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