Neckline Hair Designs: The Nape Shape (22 Cool Styles)

By Rich Krafting


We already spotted the neckline hair design trend. If you love the look but those hair tattoos are just too bold, here’s another option. Instead of using the back of the head as a canvas for an unusual design, the nape shape alters the neckline in a subtle but effective way.

This is not your usual blurry fade, clean taper or natural hairline. Nape shapes create deliberate geometry with angles, curves and straight lines. The effect comes from contrasting hair with skin and the nape shape can be shaved, faded or cut into hair.

This cool look can be as low profile or noticeable as you like. Some of these cool looks almost fly under the radar while others stand out from the crowd. It’s up to you. The nape shape can be added to any hair length or style.

Check out these pictures of 22 new haircuts for men that play with the hair at the neckline.

Shaved Necklines

1. Neckline Hair Design

Nape shape and cool shaved neckline designs

Underground Veria

Multiple shaved lines create a defined and layered neckline that could not be more different from a blurry fade.

2. Double V

Cool Neckline V Shaped Design

Jarreds Barbers

This off-center V is balanced by a wedge-shaped fade on the opposite side but could also look cool on its own.

3. Step Fade Neckline

Neckline Hair Design For Men

Josh O’meara-Patel

This James Dean-style messy pomp at the front gets a modern twist at the back with a V-shaped neckline mirrored in a step of thick hair.

4. Jagged Neckline

Jagged Neckline Hair Design

Edward Styles You

This cool curly crop with a mid fade gets a surprise finish with a faint hair design and rolling neckline.

5. Reverse Fade Neckline

Reverse Fade Neckline Hair Design

Groomed Barber Club

Instead of tapering down to the skin, this reverse fade creates shape and contrast at the neck.

6. Double Fade

Double Fade Hair Design

Jarreds Barbers

This cool men’s hairstyles gets even cooler with a blunt neckline accented by a double fade.

7. V-Shaped Neck

V-Neck Hair Design Bald Fade

Javi the Barber

The V-shaped neckline is a popular look that can be worn down low at the nape of the neck or up higher. It works well with this mid fade haircut as well as all kinds of mohawks.

8. Double Neckline

Neckline Hair Design + Spiky Haircut

Robert Braid

Braid Barbers always offers new and bold looks and this is no exception. The spiky haircut with a burst fade is already on point for 2018. A neckline in the shape of a horizontal curly bracket that is doubled up on one side takes this cool men’s haircut to the next level.

9. Neckline Wave

Curly Hair + Neckline Wave Hair Design

Baldy’s Barbers

With a taper on one side and a shaved wave on the other, this neckline is the best of both worlds.

10. Taper Haircut + Shaved Line

Taper Haircut + Shaved Line

Kieron the Barber Price

This on trend taper haircut gets a quick fade at the side burns and neckline. A diagonal line at one side of the neck adds that something extra.

Angled Necklines

11. Neckline + Curl

Neckline Hair Curl Men's Haircut

Don’s Cuts

This burst fade haircut with short spikes hints at a mohawk. This curved and curled neckline adds to the edgy look.

12. Diagonal Neckline

Diagonal Neckline Hair Design For Men

Cameron Tooyserkani

The resurgence of all scissor haircuts has also brought back full hairlines instead of fades. This provides a cool opportunity to create a cool shape, like this diagonal hairline with a pair of fangs behind the ear.

13. V-Shaped Hairline

V-Shaped Hairline For Men

Glassbox Barbershop

This cool hairline comes to a point at the back. Keep it clean with regular neck shaves.

14. Zig Zag Neckline

Zig Zag Line Neckline Hair Design

Baldy’s Barbers

This cool look takes the V-shaped neck to the next level with zigs and zags.

15. Pointed Neckline

Pointed Neckline Hair Design For Mens Haircuts


This organically shaped neckline works with this gentleman’s hairline while adding a point behind one ear. It is a subtle look with plenty of impact.

16. Asymmetrical Neckline

Asymmetrical Neckline Hair Design

Jimmy T. Nguyen

This cool version of the V-shaped neckline shifts the point off to one side.

17. Off-center V

Off-center V Hair Design Men

Jimmy T. Nguyen

This unexpected V-shaped neckline brings hair all the way over to one side.

Scruffy Neckline

18. Jagged Neckline

Scruffy neckline haircut


A little bit of length at the neckline can be used to create a cool shape or add a tousled, textured finish.

19. Ducktail + Angled Neckline

Ducktail Haircut and Angled Neckline

Liam Kenny

This haircut for thick hair is styled into a retro duck’s ass at the back with an ultra modern neckline instead of a ducktail.

20. Modern Ducktail

Modern Ducktail Haircut + Asymmetrical Neckline

Josh O’meara-Patel

Here’s another cool reinterpretation of a retro look. Hair has a classic pompadour at the front with a tousled, off center style and neckline at the back.

21. Long Neckline + Angled Sides

Angled Sides Faded Neckline Hair Design

Trevor Bond

A long version of the V-shaped neckline, this V starts behind the ears and ends in a long neckline rather than a point.

22. Cool Neckline for Men

Cool Asymmetrical Neckline Hair Design For Men

Andrew Does Hair

This neckline appears messy at first glance but take a closer look to see the artistry. Hair is cut into a subtle angle at the back that ends in a small wedge-shaped cut out. Hair on the other side of the neckline gently swoops down into a point that is highlighted by longer hair pulled up into a wave.

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