50+ New Hairstyles For Men

By Rich Krafting


This year has ushered in a wide variety of men’s hair trends. Some continue and build on last year’s looks, some riff on classic men’s hair and others are brand new styles. Read on for the best new hairstyles for men to get right now.

One word you will see over and over again is texture. Whether it is a cropped look cut to enhance texture or a medium hairstyle, it’s all about texture this year. Separation adds dimension and volume to hair. For guys with wavy or curly hair, this means growing hair longer to leave the natural texture visible. Taking texture to the next level, spiky styles are back in a big way but with modern takes on texture like thick spikes or a messy, tousled finish.

In addition to texture, popularity of crop haircuts has also reinvented bangs for men. There are so many ways to wear forward fringe, including a blunt line, diagonal or jagged teeth.

Hair designs have been evolving over the last few years. In addition to bold graphics, subtle lines and shaped necklines are other ways to express yourself. While fade haircuts are still popular, if you want to try something else you can go for a scissor cut taper instead. Or get a disconnect hairstyle with a defined line or step.

There are plenty of classic men’s hairstyles going strong as well. Taper haircuts are often styled into pompadours or sweep backs. There are also short haircuts for all hair types including fine, thick, black and curly. Most of these retro styles are updated with textured styling, modern lines or bold lines.

Check out more than 50 of the latest new hairstyles for men to try this year.

Bold New Hairstyles for Men

1. Textured Pomp + Shaved Line

New hairstyles for men

Josh O’meara-Patel

A line extending back from the temple almost all the way to the back of the head transforms this classic and clean cut pomp fade into a fresh and bold style.

2. V-Shaped Neckline

V-shaped fade haircut

Cameron Tooyserkani

We’ve been into the V-cut neckline for a while now and it just keeps getting more popular. The V can be worn at the natural hairline or up higher as part of a fade haircut.

3. Nape Shape

Nape shape

Glassbox Barbershop

Adding a touch of geometry at the neckline is a cool men’s hair trend that can be worn in many different ways. This off-center V caps of a cool taper haircut styled into a classic pompadour.

Disconnect Hairstyle

Disconnected fade haircut

Whitney VerMeer

No fade haircuts can go two different ways. There is the scissor cut taper haircut or this disconnect hairstyle that features a hard line of hair against shaved skin.

4. Textured Crop + Disconnect

Textured crop haircut

Tom Baxter Hair

This cool disconnect style has a softer line than the previous look but has the same stepped effect. It’s a cool way to emphasize the heavy, spiky crop on top.

5. Step + Fade + Quiff

Quiff hairstyle for men

John Carmona

This crop haircut styled into a spiky quiff features a defined step before the fade.

6. Double Side Part Haircut

Side part and surgical line

Toni Saura

This disconnect is reinforced by a shaved line, which makes for two side parts and a pomp.

7. High and Tight + Hair Design

Fade haircut with design


One of the ways to get creative with hair designs is placement as well as imagery. This graffiti-style arrow makes more sense over the ear and fits just right.

8. Spiky Haircut + Choppy Fringe

Spiky crop haircut choppy fringe


The popularity of crop haircuts has also brought back bangs for guys. Instead of straight across Caesar bangs or something on the diagonal, this fringe is cut into a jagged line and styled into 3 curved fangs.

Crop Haircuts

9. Wavy Crop + High Fade

Wavy crop haircut bald fade

Josh O’meara-Patel

The popular crop haircut is all about hair styled with texture on top and faded sides. From there it’s up to you. This short men’s haircut can be short or long, clean cut or bold. This cool look is the freshest way to wear a long on top, short side and back cut.

10. Short Crop Haircut for Men with Thick Hair

Short crop haircut

Travis Hill

The crop is an excellent short hairstyle for guys with thick hair. The textured cut lightens up hair and requires minimal styling. Heavier versions of this cut are also an option.

11. Angled Fringe

Angled fringe mens haircut

Glassbox Barbershop

For an edgier crop, wear some bold bangs. This V-shaped fringe adds dramatic angles with minimal styling.

12. Crop Haircut + Blunt Bangs

Crop haircut blunt bangs men

Chris Jones

The straight line of blunt fringe is another unique take on the textured crop. This works best for straight, thick hair types.

13. Heavy Crop + Long Fringe

Crop with long fringe bald fade

Uppercuts Barbershop

The combination of brow length bangs and a high fade create a cool arc at the side of the head.

14. Mid Fade Haircut + Mediu Textures

Medium textured haircut mid fade

Wes Staucet

Here’s another way to wear the crop with longer bangs. It is a lighter haircut with plenty of texture and length.

15. Heavy Crop + Diagonal Bangs

Diagonal bangs mens haircut

Francisco Aranda

This cool cut is all about the bangs. Thick hair is textured all over and long in front, cut on the angle.

16. Short Men’s Haircut + Jagged Fringe

Short haircut men jagged fringe

Wes Staucet

This short haircut with some length at the hairline can be styled into spikes, a quiff or even a mini pomp. For something different and on trend, wear hair forward in fringe and pinch hair to form a point.

Textured Haircuts

17. Cool Short Haircut for Men

Medium textured mens haircut mid fade

Wes Staucet

Somewhere in between a crop and a classic men’s cut, this angled short cut is cool and easy.

18. Short Messy Textured Haircut + High Fade

Short messy textured haircut for men high fade

Martin John

This year is bringing back the messy look for men. Hair is cut to bring out texture while messy spikes complete the look.

19. Curly High and Tight

Curly hair bald fade

Frank Soto

For guys with curly hair, texture is about length rather than cut. This high and tight has enough length on top to reveal some kinky curls while keeping the sides faded clean.

20. Textured Crop

Textured crop haircut men

Julius Cvesar

This short crop with blunt fringe and messy styling work well for straight, coarse hair.

21. Longer on Top, Short Sides and Back Haircut

Medium mens haircut high fade

Mikey Denton

This classic and easy to style cut is on point right now with some textured styling. Warm up a clay or fiber paste between hands and pinch together small sections of hair to get the look.

22. Curly High Top Fade

Curly hair high top line up haircut

Pat Regan

More length means more texture. This hi-top fade has lots of texture and volume with a soft halo of kinky curls.

23. Textured Quiff Haircut For Men + High Fade

Textured quiff haircut for men high fade

Paul Skerritt

Cuts and styles for we are seeing mimic the texture of loose wavy hair. This cool cut features a tousled top and quiff at the front.

24. Side Part Hairstyle + Medium Hair Length

Side part hairstyle for men

Travis Hill

While the slick comb over is an easy way to wear a side part hairstyle for men, this textured version has a lots of natural movement.

25. Medium Length Haircut for Wavy Hair

Wavy hairstyle for men medium hair long fringe

Ross Mathieson

Wearing wavy hair medium length reveals all that texture. Styling this swept back look just requires some hold to keep hair in place.

26. Medium Length Messy Hair + Low Fade

Medium messy mens hairstyle low fade

Andrew Does Hair

Nineties hair like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio’s medium hair is back in a big way. Trade in crunchy gel for a matte medium hold pomade.


27. Thick Spiky Hair

Thick spiky haircut for men

Micky Graham

These spiky hairstyles for men take texture to the next level. We’ve come a long way from gel-formed 90s spikes. One of the modern ways to get the look is these thick spikes that angle up.

28. Spiky Quiff

Spiky quiff hairstyle for men

Javi the Barber

Another modern way to wear spiky hair for men is these fine, texture spikes. Use a matte product with plenty of hold to form hair into a fresh take on the quiff.

29. Messy Spikes + Bald Fade

Messy spikes mens haircut


Here’s another quiff with thicker, messier spikes. The same cut and style can still be worn differently.

30. Wavy Spikes + Low Bald Fade

Long spiky textured hairstyle for men low bald fade

Braid Barbers

Spiky styles work for wavy hair too. This cool look pulls hair up into messy sections all over, working with wavy texture.

31. Spiky Mohawk Hairstyle

Spiky mohawk hairstyle for men

Andrew Does Hair

This spiky look has all the cool of a mohawk without getting the cut. Medium length hair is spiked straight up at the top of the head, with some matching piecey texture at the sides.

32. Modern Faux Hawk

Modern Faux hawk hairstyle

John Carmona

A spiky faux hawk hairstyle emphasizes this two-tone merman hair color. Spiking hair up is only one way to style this cool high fade haircut.

Quiff Haircuts

33. Textured Quiff + High Fade

Textured quiff hairstyle and a high fade

Alan Beak

The quiff can be combined with other men’s hair trends. This version features that signature height at the forehead plus tousled texture.

34. Side Part Pomp + Quiff + Low Bald Fade

Side part pompadour quiff hairstyle for men and low bald fade

Braid Barbers

This hairstyle is a lot of look with so much going on. A classic pomp ends with an extra boost of volume, a fade starts out of a step and a full mustache is waxed into handlebars.

35. Thick Hair Pompadour Hairstyle For Men + Bald Fade

Thick hair pompadour hairstyle and bald fade

Braid Barbers

Another fresh take on the classic side part pomp, this quiff ends in an unmistakable wave.

36. Long Hair Quiff Hairstyle

Long hair fringe quiff hairstyle for men

Victor Cruz

A little bit of blow drying plus some strong hold product can create gravity-defying hairstyles like this impressive quiff.

37. Quiff for Short Hair

Quiff hairstyle for short hair men

Jake Bolland

Extra length at the hairline of this short haircut is styled into a quiff.

38. Classic Quiff Hairstyle + High Fade

Classic quiff hairstyle

Paddy Corrigan

This cool look makes hair seem even longer than it is. Hair is styled up into a quiff at the front while the back is short and textured.

Taper Haircuts

39. Tapered Sweep Back

Tapered haircut for men

Andrew Does Hair

Taper haircuts are scissor cut styles that mimic the transition of a fade with longer hair. Taper hairstyles are often medium length and styled straight back into a type of pomp.

40. Tousled + Tapered

Medium length tapered haircut for men

Hayden Cassidy Hair

This short taper haircut has enough length to style in a messy sweep back with plenty of flow and movement.

41. V-Cut Neckline + Temple Fade

Medium hair temple fade

We Married Hair

Nape shapes are a cool way to finish off a taper haircut and completes the modern styling of a pomp shape.

42. Neck Taper Haircut

Taper haircut for men

Tom Baxter Hair

This cool messy look finishes off clean with a neck taper.

43. Short Scissor Cut Hair

Short scissor cut haircut men

Lucky Cat Barbershop

This scissor cut short hair is thick all over with some subtle texturing.

44. Medium Length Side Part Hairstyle

Medium men's hairstyle side part

Sam Wines

Medium length hair all over is tapered to create a flattering shape. Stay dapper with this textured side part hairstyle.

Classic Men’s Hairstyles

45. Sweep Back

Classic sweep back men's hairstyle

Alan Beak

Swept back hair is exactly what is sounds like. Hair is pulled back with a wind swept finish. It’s a cooler, more casual way to wear slicked back hair.

46. Messy Pompadour + Low Fade

Messy pompadour hairstyle low bald fade

Travis Hill

This year is taking classic hair shapes and adding texture, movement and flow. This cool side part pomp is styled with messy volume for a modern finish.

47. Medium Length Wavy Sweep Back

Wavy hairstyle for men long fringe

Mike Thomas

This medium length haircut uses wavy hair to add some natural texture to this swept back style.

48. Curly High Top Fade

Naturally curly hair high top fade

Pat Regan

Some classic haircuts never go out of style because they look so good and the high top is one of them. Styling on top changes according to trends, from a flat top to natural curls. This tight style seen on NFL player Courtland Sutton is somewhere in between.

49. Pompadour + Side Part + Pomp

Pompadour hairstyle with high bald fade

Robert Braid

This bold look combines retro styling and modern trends. The handlebar mustache and pompadour with a roll are vintage while high fade and disconnected step are current.

50. Pompadour for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair pompadour for men

Jason Dunn

Styling a pompadour often involves a blow dryer to straighten hair or boost volume. This cool pomp incorporates wavy hair into the look. Work product through damp hair and work into shape before letting it air dry.

51. Modern Pompadour Hairstyle With Flow

Modern men's hairstyle with flow

We Married Hair

The pompadour is another men’s hairstyle that is always popular. The height at the crown is flattering for all face shapes and it is easier to style than it looks. This taper haircut is styled into that classic pomp shape with some piecey texture all over.

52. Modern Afro Haircut

Afro hairstyle for men with natural curls

Wes Staucet

Short afros for men have been seen on black celebrities like Will Smith, Ice Cube, Lenny Kravitz, Craig Robinson and Michael Ealy. This fresh version is angled down at the sides for a modern update on the classic afro shape.

53. Short Hairstyles for Men

Short classic men's haircut high fade

Wes Staucet

This longer on top, shaved sides and back haircut is one of the most common and attractive hairstyles for men. Here wavy to curly hair adds natural texture and volume.

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