New Long Hairstyles For Men

Longer hair and looser hairstyles is a growing trend and there are plenty of new long hairstyles for men that we haven’t seen before.

Last year was all about growing it out from short to a medium length of hair. This trend continues as more and more guys try out cool long hairstyles for men.

There are many different ways to wear long hair looks these days. You can grow it all out one length or grow it long on top while keeping your sides and back short and clean cut with a cool fade. In addition to classic slick and undercut styles, fringe cuts and styles are becoming more popular.

If you are thinking about going for a long hair hairstyle we have plenty of ideas below that you can try out. Check out these fashionable hairstyles for long men to get in 2018.

1. Long Side Part Hair

sasanzhoulide long mens hairstyle 2017 new

Sasan Zhoulide

2. Loose and Messy Combover

Men’s World Herenkappers

3. Long Slick Back + Tapered Sides

Antonio Mateo

4. Long Combover + Volume

André Fonseca

5. Long Side Fringe + Low Fade

Dean Marshall Braid

6. Messy Pomp Fade


7. Side Part Hair + Loose Fringe

Sebastian Styles

8. Long Wavy Hair + Messy Look

Morris Motley

9. Combover with a Roll


10. Side Sweep Hairstyle

Viroga’s Barber

11. Pomp Fade + Texture

Agus de Asís Hair Artist

12. Textured Pomp + Groomed Beard

Dre Hair

13. Long Textured Spikes + Shaved Side Part

Men’s World Herenkappers

14. Side Part Hairstyles + Mid Fade

Ruben Djirlauw

15. Pomp Fade + Shape Up

The Gentleman Barbers

16. Long Hair + Undercut + Ponytail


17. Long Textured Fringe + High Fade

MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

18. Long Black Curls + Temple Fade


19. Long Wavy Sweep Back + Full Beard with Tapered Sideburns

Agus de Asís Hair Artist

20. Wavy Slick Back + High Fade

Harry Karolis

21. Thick Spikes + Edge Up + High Bald Fade

Privilege Barbershop

22. Platinum Frohawk + Skin Burst Fade

Marcus Philip Hatch

23. Wavy Pompadour + High Bald Fade

Lou Scissors

24. Side Fringe Hairstyle + Hi-Lo Fade

Robert Braid

25. Undercut Hairstyle + Natural Texture and Flow

Lou Scissors

26. Sweep Back + Loose Fringe + High Fade


27. Modern Jelly Roll + High Fade + Hair Design

Ricky the Barber

28. Sweep Back Styled with Tousled Texture

Antonio Mateo

29. Side Part Hairstyle with Defined Texture

Antonio Mateo

30. Messy Undercut Hairstyle for Long Wavy Hair


31. High Fade Pomp with Beard

Privilege Barbershop

32. Long Pomp with Texture + Undercut

Agus de Asís Hair Artist

33. High Top Fade with Curls + Surgical Line

Team Hairbenders

34. High Fade Haircut with Forward Fringe

MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

35. Long Pomp + Low Fade

Agus de Asís Hair Artist

36. Modern Pompadour + High Skin Fade


37. Long Undercut Hairstyle

Robert Braid

38. Long Textured Crop with Side Fringe

Fraser Milligan

39. Side Part Hairstyle + Low Fade


40. Long Slick Back + Matte Finish


41. Long Textured Pomp with Part

Josh Lamonaca

42. Flat Top with Steps


43. Long Textured Bangs

Morris Motley

44. Side Part Hair Styles with Texture

Antonio Mateo

45. Long Slick Back + Mid Bald Fade

Antonio Mateo

46. Spiky Pomp + Low Fade


Mokum Barbers

47. Pompadour Fade Hairstyle

Nick the Barber

48. Long Blow Back Hairstyle

Josh Lamonaca

49. Curly High Top Fade + Line Up

Alexis Ramos

50. Side Part Hairstyles with Waves

Dre Hair

51. Undercut Hairstyle + Side Sweep

Javi the Barber

52. Men’s Side Part Hairstyle for Long Hair

Morris Motley

53. Long Side Part Hairstyle with Flow

Antonio Mateo

54. Messy on Top Hairstyle + High Fade Down to the Skin


55. Tousled Slick Back for Long Hair + Low Fade

56. Chin Length Hair + Slicked Back Style

Antonino Lombardi

57. Loose + Messy Side Part + High Fade

Andrew Does Hair

58. Cool Undercut Hairstyle for Long Hair

Talley McIntire

 59. Long Undercut Hairstyle Worn Loose


60. Side Part Hairstyle + Messy Bedhead

Sam Wines

61. Surfer Hair + High Fade

Talley McIntire

62. Long Side Part Hairstyle

Talley McIntire

63. Foldover Man Bun for Long Wavy Hair + Edge Up

Squeak Pro Barber

64. Undercut + Hair Design

New Long Hairstyles For Men