Pompadour Fade Haircuts

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Originally popular in the 1950s, the pompadour has since been updated for the 21st century. The signature height and roll are still there but there are pompadour fade haircuts with every type of fade as well as variations for styling on top.

From big slicked back and sculptured pompadours to the more recent long loose and messy pompadour fade combinations this is a men’s hairstyle that will continue to evolve in years ahead.

We are seeing matte finishes, texture, hard parts and other unique features that add a modern touch to the classic style.

Check out these 12 ways to wear pompadour fade haircuts.

1. Razor Faded Pompadour

Lawrence Fo

The pomp fade is the most popular way to wear a pompadour this year. It is easier to style because there are no sides to work back and the short sides  emphasize height on top.

2. Modern Pompadour Fade

Javi the Barber

Here’s another modern update on the pomp featuring some of this year’s hottest men’s hair trends. The top has the same profile but is all about texture. The sides are cut into a taper fade with a touch of length and then down to the skin at the neckline.

3. Messy Pomp

Matthew Conrad

We are seeing looser interpretations of the pompadour hairstyle now but breaking the rules makes sense for this rebellious look. This one features messy texture on top and a full beard but that signature profile and fade are still there.

4. Low Fade Pompadour

Brian at Squire Barbershop

The pomp can stand out from the crowd or be lower profile. This clean cut version features a low fade at the sides and a distinctive wave up top.

5. Mid Fade Pompadour

Juan Manuel Ortiz Abad

Taking this hairstyle up notch, here’s a mid fade that drops down behind the ears. Medium hair has plenty of volume, a touch of tousle and blends into the fade at the back.

6. Side Part Pomp

Matt J.

A razor part on one side adds a unique touch to this pomp fade. The result is an asymmetrical look from the front that is unexpected yet flattering.

7. Pompadour Comb Over Fade

Matthew Conrad

Another twist on this retro men’s hairstyle is working the pomp across into a combover instead of back. This pomp combover has more volume than the combover and razor faded sides.

8. Razor Fade Pompadour

No5 Barbershop

Also known as the bald fade, the razor fade is a cool addition to any pompadour haircut. It is ultra clean cut from the front and makes the hair on top seem even thicker and higher. The bald fade can be up high on the sides, like above, in the middle, or down lower.

9. Drop Fade Pomp

Charlie Böll Hairdresser

Part of the fun of pompadour fade haircuts is that any kind of fade works. This one features a high fade that gets extra short around the ears and neckline.

10. Burst Fade Pompadour

Juan Lopez

Another type of fade that looks excellent with a pomp is this burst fade that shaves hair in a burst behind each ear. It is commonly worn with a faux hawk or mohawk but works well with a pomp because it has a similar shape.

11. High Fade Pomp + Side Part

Javi the Barber

A high fade with a pomp is a classic combination but this one gets a special touch from a shape up at the forehead and side part in the pomp.

12. Pomp for Wavy Hair

Whitney VerMeer

Wavy hair adds some cool texture and definition to the pomp. While some guys choose to blow dry hair straight, leaving some natural texture before styling makes for a distinct look that is on-trend.