Receding Hairline Haircuts

In addition to the many shampoos, conditioners and hair loss products, flattering haircuts and hairstyles can make a world of difference when it comes to hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is called that because it tends to follow a specific order in the vast majority of men. The most commonly used classification is the Norwood Classification. First, hair starts thinning at the temples, creating a rounded version of the widow’s peak. As this progresses, the hair also starts to thin at the vertex of the head. The combination of bitemporal recession and thinning crown continue to expand until they meet, leaving the top of the head bald. Hair is present around the back and sides of the head.

The good new is that this first phase of hair loss is the easiest to conceal. Just grow hair longer at the front into short or medium bangs. Versions of the classic Caesar haircut is a major trend right now. Camouflage isn’t the only solution though. The peaked hairline is interesting to look out and can be embraced with a buzz cut or slicked back hair.

Check out these pictures for the most stylish and best receding hairline haircuts.

1. Angled Fringe + Messy Styling

Travis Hill

At the very first signs of a receding hairline, start growing hair longer at the hairline. This cool short hairstyle for thinning hair has longer hair styled into angled bangs that cover a high forehead in a stylish way. Some tousled styling at the back completes the on trend look.

2. Textured Caesar Bangs

Wes Staucet

Adding some fringe for men looks cool and doesn’t take much styling effort. This textured crop haircut is a major trend this year as well a short hairstyle that can take you anywhere. Hair is buzzed short at the sides and back with some length at the top that is cut and styled to bring out piecey and spiky texture. This trendy look isn’t just for guys experiencing hair loss.

3. Steve McQueen Haircut

Mike Thomas

The shaped and longer buzz cut was one of Steve McQueen’s signature cuts. It’s a simple, masculine look that exudes effortless cool. It can be worn with or without a part. The side swept fringe minimizes the appearance of receding temples as well as a high forehead.

4. Ivy League Haircut

Mike Thomas

This crew cut with some length on top is the popular Ivy League. It can have a side part but doesn’t have to. It looks great swept over to one side, minimizing the appearance of a receding hairline and high forehead. The textured cut and style is totally on trend for this year.

5. Receding Hairline Haircut for Thick Hair

Mikey Denton

You might think that having thick hair would make a receding hairline easier to conceal but that is not strictly true. The contrast between thick hair and thinner hair can draw attention to the latter. This on trend style concentrates fullness at the crown, taking weight down towards the fringe and adding a light fade around the sides and back. Some textured styling keeps the look modern and fresh.

6. Short Combover Fade Haircut for Thinning Hair


The combover is an often mocked solution for hair loss but it doesn’t entirely deserve it’s reputation. With the proper cut and styling, it provides effective and flattering coverage during the first phases of male pattern baldness. The skin fade around the sides and back, where hair continues to grow in full thickness, makes hair on top appear fuller in contrast. Longer hair styled over to one side covers a receding hairline and the first stages of a bald spot.

7. Slick Back + Quiff

Julius Cvesar

There is nothing more attractive than confidence. This gentleman is experiencing some hair loss but isn’t trying to hide it. This dapper style with a short-medium length haircut is worn in a slicked back quiff with a temple fade.

Instead of trying to conceal a receding hairline, this look works with it. Hairstyles with bangs aren’t for everyone and this peaked hairline is actually quite interesting and attractive. It also works with the pinstripe suit.

8. Buzz Cut + Fade

Nomad Barber LDN

This buzz cut and fade combination is a very popular short men’s haircut because it has plenty of style without much length. This cut will continue to be a good choice as male pattern baldness continues.

The short length minimizes the difference between thinning hair and full hair. This cut can keep getting shorter if a bald spot at the vertex begins to appear.

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