17 Shaved Sides Haircuts

Haircuts with shaved sides are cool, clean cut and easy to wear. Whether it’s an undercut or fade, shaved sides emphasize hair on top and make hair seem thicker.

Fade haircuts taper down from short to shorter or down to the skin. These shaved sides haircuts have mid to high fades. Undercuts are similar to high fades because they shave hair from the top of the temples down but it is all one length.

On top, hair can be short or long, styled or loose, curly or straight. Really, anything goes. For longer styles or more challenging hair types, shaved sides make hair easier to wear.

Check out these 18 shaved sides haircuts for all hair types.

1. Short Haircut + Mid Drop Fade

Stephen J.

This cool and easy haircut for thick hair features a medium fade that drops down behind the ears. It is styled with some texture and a messy quiff at the hairline.

2. Messy Pomp + Shaved Sides

Mekhruz Jalilov

Another mid fade haircut, this version leaves hair heavier on top. Dark hair styled into a tousled pomp contrasts the bald fade and shaved line.

3. Mid Fade + Line Up

Angel Raws

Fade haircuts are frequently combined with line ups, especially for black hair. This sharp look is a short high top fade with curly finish.

4. Curly Hair + Skin Fade

Zach Ramsey

Shaved sides haircuts work really with curly hair and longer cuts. This cool crop leaves plenty of thick curls on top, tapering down to the skin in a mid drop fade.

5. Short Textured Crop

Kieron the Barber Price

This shorter version of the popular crop has a higher fade. One of the keys to a great shaved sides haircut and how you know your barber is great is the way it follows the shape of the head and works with the whorl of the crown. A pair of shaved lines

6. Skin Fade + Crop for Curly Hair

Alessio Bolognesi

This is the same haircut and hair design for curly hair. The shaved sides expertly drop down to accommodate the crown. Add in a pair of shaved lines and you’ve got a cool, no maintenance style.

7. Burst Fade Mohawk

Ruben Cisneros

The mohawk is one of the most famous shaved sides haircuts. Unlike the other looks here, only the sides shaved. This rectangular burst fade is punctuated by a surgical line.

8. High Fade Haircut

Brooklyn Barbers Glanmire

This high fade haircut that shaves the sides and back up to the temple works well with a high crown.

9. Shot Hair + Shaved Sides

The Greek

A bald fade can reveal the skin or tattoos, if that’s where your ink is. On top, this is an updated version of the Steve McQueen haircut styled with texture.

10. Textured Crop + High Fade

Ryan Cullen

All of the textured crop haircuts are also fade haircuts. This heavy crop has a high fade that extends the forehead hairline beyond the temples.

11. Spiky Hair

Jarreds Barbers

Spiky hair is back in a big way. Update the look by trading gel for pomade, vertical spikes for diagonal texture and short sides for shaved sides.

12. High Fade Haircut for Curly Hair

Emilio Guerrero

This high bald fade for curly hair leaves curls right on to the top with shaved hair all around the sides and back. A line up continues the clean edges.

13. Undercut Fade

Rosalia R. Diaz

This cool look takes the undercut shape and adds a fade. Wear hair loose over to one side or pull it back into a high pomp.

14. Comb Over Fade for Wavy Hair

Phillip Rosado

This comb over fade is a popular men’s hairstyle because it looks great and is easy to wear. Many guys wear the comb over in a slick style but this version for longer wavy hair has lots of on trend texture and flow.

15. High and Tight

Aleksandr Vasilyev

The high and tight is the shortest men’s haircut with shaved sides. This mohawk-inspired version trades the fade for defined edges with a quick taper at the back.

16. Undercut Hairstyle


The undercut shaves hair really high on the head. This comb over style also features a shaved part for emphasis.

17. Undercut + Curly Hair

Talley McIntire

The undercut also works really well for longer curly hair. Use a curl-defining product for hold and definition.

18. Sweep Back + Undercut Fade

Russ the Barber

Undercut hairstyles are frequently long but don’t have to be. This cool cut concentrates length way up on the head and pulls it back with a loose, matte finish. This is the way to wear slicked back hair right now.

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