What Is The Southside Fade Haircut?

By Rich Krafting


The Southside fade gets its name from the location of its origin, the Southside of Houston, Texas.

The Southside is the shortest haircut out there. Think of a high and tight, take it up higher and even tighter. That is is the Southside fade.

Who is this ultra short, mostly skin haircut for? Guys who prefer shaved styles and something more interesting than a buzz cut.

It is also a suitable military haircut that takes a long time to grow in. Or show off those head tattoos with a hint of hair up front.

The sparse Southside also works for some of the latter stages of hair loss, especially if the bald spot is thinning faster than the hairline.

Check out these 20 pictures for all the different ways to wear the Southside fade.

1. Houston Southside Fade

Southside fade haircut + brow slashes
The Shop Barber Shop
Southside fade haircut
The Shop Barber Shop

There it is from the front and top. The Southside is the shortest haircut out there, rivaling military cuts like the jarhead and high and tight.

2. The Southside Fade

Southside fade for Black boys
Javi The Barber

This cut is barely more than a line up.

3. Southside Fade Haircut

High skin fade haircuts Southside
Leandro Silva

Higher than a high skin fade, the Southside removes hair up to the the hairline and above the crown. This version keeps more hair on the head than most.

4. Buzz Cut + Fade

Fade haircut + beard

With this skin fade, don’t forget to protect the newly exposed scalp with sunscreen.

5. Southside Fade With A Part

A shaved part adds another detail to the southside that continues to stand out while hair grows in.

6. Half Moon Part

Southside fade haircut with half moon  part
Chris Blends

The curved half moon part is always a favorite.

7. Hair Design

Buzz cut high fade hair design
Yadira Arvizu

Or keep that part going in a hair design.

8. High and Tight

Short fade haircuts for Asian men
Kiuchi Beauty Barber

The southside fade is similar to the high and tight but with more less length and more blur.

9. Fade + Line Up

Military haircuts

For lighter hair colors, a touch more length enhances the contrast between hair and skin.

10. Tape Up Haircut

Tape up haircut
Kimberley Barber

Note the way that this tape up defines the forehead and blurs into nothing.

11. Fade Haircuts For Grey Hair

Haircuts for older Black men
Jaleel (J-Live) Kanneh

Show off how much hair you still have by cutting it ultra short.

12. High Forehead Line Up

Receding hairline hair loss haircuts for Black men
Columbus Lewis

This cut includes a higher than usual line up and enough length to balance the beard. If a receding hairline is an issue, get the hairline you want with micropigmentation for hair loss, essentially a hair tattoo.

13. Waves + Fade

Waves + high skin fade
Bryan Artis

The southside also works with waves.

14. Shaved Haircuts

Shaved haircut styles for men

That is some barely there hair. It is essentially a wide hairline and nothing more.

15. Skin Fade Haircut

Mexican haircuts for men
Moisés Gutierrez Orozco

Compared to the last picture, this southside has some length to it.

16. Bald Fade Haircut

Bald southside fade haircut
Jose Da Barber

Shampoo really isn’t necessary at this length but with keep the dome looking great and never flaky with some moisturizer.

17. Buzz Cut Haircuts

Buzz cut high fade
D.Rock the Barber
Very short hair for men
D.Rock the Barber

For guys with thick hair, this cut can be as short as clippers can cut.

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