Stephen Curry Haircut

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is known for his exceptional shooting accuracy, creative training regimen and lately, his hair. The two-time Most Valuable Player has experimented with a brand new look, giving fans and critics plenty to talk about.

For many years, the Stephen Curry haircut was short curls with a temple fade. Sometimes hair would be shorter, sometimes longer, but the shape was generally the same.

During the 2017 playoffs, Curry debuted very short dreads with a mid fade. While his wife Ayesha Curry appreciated the new look, Twitter had another opinion. Some even blamed a loss to the Boston Celtics on the new do. Whether the locs represented a new style or personality, in 2018 Curry is back to his tried and true look.

Check out some old and new Steph Curry haircuts.

1. Temple Fade

Stephen Curry Haircut

Kevin C. Cox/Getty

This buzz with a temple fade is Stephen Curry’s go to haircut and has been for many years.

2. Short Blowout

Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

A little bit longer version of the temple fade haircut is on the way to becoming a blowout fade.

3. Stephen Curry Dreads


Here are the infamous dreadlocks debuted in 2017. It’s a departure from the more conservative styles but that can be a good thing. Hair can represent change or new goals.

4. Short Locs


The Steph Curry locs have grown over the last 6 months but they are still short.

5. Steph Curry Hair 2018

In 2018, Curry is back to his signature style.

6. Short Curls

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In 2015, Curry’s hair was a bit longer and rounder in profile.

7. Short Haircut

Tony Dejak/AP Photo

Here’s the same cut worn a little bit longer. With a great shape to start with, this cut still looks great while it grows out.

8. High Top Fade

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Another different look that Curry tried out in 2017, this curly high top fade takes a break from the rounded profile is known for.