22+ Stylish Haircuts For Men

By Rich Krafting


These stylish haircuts for men take trends to the next level. There is more height, texture or detail that sets these looks apart from even the most popular styles.

Some of these cool hairstyles for men take more time than the average but it’s worth it. Hair is one of the most noticeable features about you. A great cut and style can elevate the simplest clothes and does even more for a dapper outfit.

These looks don’t always require much extra effort though. As usual, shorter looks are lower maintenance but can still have plenty of style of presence.

Check out these pictures for some of our favorite stylish haircuts for men.

1. Side Fringe + Fade

Stylish haircuts for men long fringe and bald fade


This unexpected hairstyle combines loose hair on top swept to one side with a high fade that is punctuated by a pair of shaved lines at the temple.

2. Curled Comb Over Fade

Comb over fade haircut

German “Goldentouch”

The comb over fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men because it looks great and is easy to style. This version adds a razor part and swoop of volume at forehead.

3. Sweep Back

Sweep back haircut

Mike Thomas

High fade haircuts deal with the crown on a case by case basis. This comb over hairstyle sweeps back long hair on top and incorporates it into the crown’s swirl for a cool detail from the back.

4. Textured Comb Over

Textured comb over haircut

Josh Connolly

This matte and textured version of the comb over defines a curl on the forehead.

5. Textured Pomp

Medium length textured pompadour haircut

Robin Hart

The pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle that is being reinvented. This version keeps that high volume silhouette but uses plenty of texture and a matte finish.

6. High Fade Faux Hawk

Faux hawk bald fade haircut


Hairstyles don’t have to be new to be stylish. This classic faux hawk has plenty impact with burgundy tones and set against a high fade and line up.

7. Wavy Pompadour

Wavy hair haircut for men

Musket & Bayonet

This modern pompadour features plenty of natural wave and a low burst fade behind the ear.

8. Taper Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Taper haircut for men

Goodman Apparel & Barbers

The taper haircut trend is bringing back classic men’s hairstyles. This version cuts thick and wavy hair short but leaves plenty of texture.

9. Pomp + Undercut Fade

Pompadour undercut fade haircut

Charlie Cullen

This is one cool way to style the undercut fade haircut. Styled on the diagonal, one side appears to be traditional while the other reveals the disconnected cut.

10. Curly Hair + Low Fade

Curly hair haircut for men


Another way to wear that longer hair, texture trend is by growing curly hair out. This cool style has a rounded profile and defined edges thanks to an edge up, temple fade and neck taper.

11. Side Part Hairstyle

Side part haircut

Matthew Conrad

On trend, this side part hairstyle has plenty of length, volume and texture.

12. Comb Over + Burst Fade

Comb over haircut with mid fade

Nick Pelletti

The comb over is a classic look that keeps a fresh update from a burst fade.

13. Messy Texture

Long fringe thick hair haircut for men

This messy pomp looks like it is styled by salt water and a day at the beach but can be created at home with a few minutes of blow drying and dollop of texturizing pomade.

14. Flat Top + Groomed Beard

Short flat top haircut and beard

Ben Warren

Kinky hair can be styled into natural curls or shaved into defined lines. This geometric look goes for the latter with a curved high and tight on top and angular beard.

15. Tousled Texture + Low Fade

Messy hairstyle for men

Jelle Vissers

This cool look is all about texture with lots of piecey volume. It’s a good option for boosting the appearance of thickness for fine or thinning hair.

16. Short Crop

Short crop haircut

Nomad Barber BLN

This crop with defined bangs is a short cut with plenty of style. Styling is minimal. Just pinch together small sections of hair to add texture and comb fringe forward.

17. Buzz Haircut

Buzz haircut for men

Martin John

This slightly longer on top haircut adds dimension to a buzz haircut and can be a foundation for growing hair out.

18. Textured Caesar Haircut

Textured caesar mens haircut

Mike Thomas

This modern version of the Caesar haircut adds textured cutting and styling. It’s a flattering short haircut for men that is also a great option for a receding hairline or thinning hair.

19. Short Quiff Haircut

Short quiff haircut for men

Nomad Barber BLN

The quiff is a flattering men’s hairstyle with plenty of volume at the hairline. This short and textured taper haircut leaves longer hair at the forehead to be styled up.

20. Curly Forward Fringe

Curly hair with fringe forward

Paul Preshaw

Longer versions of the crop haircut are perfect for wavy and curly. Just use a cream or light pomade for curl definition and hold.

21. Wavy Slick Back

Wavy slicked back hairstyle

Rum Barber

Wavy hair adds natural texture to this cool slicked back style.

22. Heavy Textured Crop for Curly Hair

Curly textured crop mens haircut

Zach Ramsey

This year’s textured haircuts are ideal for curly hair. The layering creates a flattering shape while lightening up heavy hair.

23. Classic Haircuts for Men

Classic haircut for men

Fraser Milligan

This type of classic haircut for men is back in a big way this year and has been seen on Justin Timberlake as well as less famous stylish gentlemen. It works really well for thick or wavy hair and is easy to style.

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