25 Temple Fade Haircuts To Try Right Now

If you want to dip into the world of fades without making a major change, try a temple fade haircut. What is that? Just like it sounds, a fade at the sides of the head by the temples/sideburns.

The temple fade can also be faded at the neckline. Sound like a taper fade? Well, it is. The temple fade is also known as a temp fade, blow out, or Brooklyn fade.

Why get a temple fade instead of one of the other types of fades? The temp fade puts more focus on your haircut. That can be anything from a buzz cut to short hair to a mullet to long hair and braids or dreads. The temple fade also makes a seamless transition into a beard.

This type of fade covers a small area but still has many variations. It can be cut lower, higher, bigger, or smaller. And as we mentioned worn with any kind of neckline. Check out these 25 ways to wear the temple fade.

1. Temple Fade Haircut


This textured flow haircut with a jagged neckline sits over a hint of a fade at the sideburns aka the temples.

A fade is the absence of hair but that blank spot creates a defined line that continues behind the ear that contrasts with texture elsewhere.

2. Temple Fade Haircut For Black Men

Aiko Ortiz

The temple fade is a popular haircut for Black men, like this cool look with a temp fade in between the sideburns and beard plus a quick fade at the neckline.

The areas with shorter hair make other hair appear fuller in contrast. That’s not an issue for this gentleman but it worth noting that fade haircuts help thin hair look thicker.

3. Temp Fade Haircut With Half Moon Part

Tariq Nevar

Want to add a part to your fade haircut? Go for it. The question is which one?

This hard part cut in an arc looks great with short curls but a straight line works too.

4. Temple Fade + Afro Style


The Brooklyn fade is a cool way to define a shape with curly hair.

Shaved temples update this afro hairstyle from the classic circle to the most current look with shorter sides.

5. Temple Taper Fade

Vic Blends

The difference between a fade haircut and a taper fade is that arch behind the ear.

This temple taper fade plus a line up adds finesse to an otherwise ordinary short haircut.

6. Bald Temple Fade

A-1 Kutz

A bald fade goes all the way down to the skin. This version transitions in between a line up and angled neckline, adding a lot of interest to 360 waves.

7. Best Temp Fade haircut

Columbus Blvd

This is a cool haircut for Black boys of all ages with texture, length, and a cool shape.

It’s kind of modern afro or maybe a kinky blowout. Whatever you want to call it, this is a great haircut.

8. Fade Haircuts For Black Boys

Roger The Pastor

The temp fade is just one of many cool fade haircuts for boys. It looks good with short as well as longer cuts.

9. Black Haircuts With Temple Fade

Roger The Pastor

The temple fade looks cool from the front as well as the side. It also can defines a new hairline that may or may not be superior to the original.

10. Short Temp Fade Haircut


The buzz fade is a popular cut thanks to a combination of short length and high style. This one has a taper fade, line up, and shapes the beard.

11. High Temp Fade Haircut

Markanthony The Barber

A high temp fade just goes up higher on the head. It can be cut as high as the part or in this curved shape, similar to a burst fade but in a different location.

12. Curly Temple Fade Haircut

The Edge Barbershop

For longer curly haircuts, shaved sideburns create clean edges and a modern profile. A quick fade at the neck completes the look.

13. High Temple Fade + Spiky Textured Hair

KJ The Barber

Short sides highlight the length, texture, and color of this spiky style.

The temp fade down to the skin tightens up the sides even more for a flattering look from every angle.

14. Low Temple Fade

Wes Staucet

Fades can always be cut lower, higher, or somewhere in the middle. This temp fade keeps is down low and continues in an arc behind the ear.

It makes a cool transition into thick hair worn short at the sides and with textured length on top.

15. Low Temp Fade Haircut For Black Men With Waves

JM da Barber

A temple taper fade keeps all 360 degrees of these waves and clears a path for shades.

16. Temp Fade With Design

Abbas the Barber

Any and every type fade can be a blank canvas for a hair design or shaved line, even this temp fade. A blurry curve is cut in half by a horizontal slash.

Notice how the angle of the bangs mirror the shaved line.

17. High Temple Fade


The really great barbers out there, and there are a lot of them, adapt each haircut to the individual. Most of these buzz cuts with a temple fade create a line from the forehead behind the ear to the neckline.

Every one’s hair and skull varies so the line varies too. For this gentleman, a high temple fade makes the look work.

18. Mullet + Temple Fade Haircut For White Guys

Nate Nguyen

A mullet with a fade doesn’t seem like an obvious combination but it is growing in popularity.

The tight sides make the business half of the mullet look even more professional. The flow at the neckline says party at the back.

19. Temp Fade Mohawk

Pat Regan

A popular and great-looking hairstyle for Black hair is a mohawk with a burst fade at the sides.

This is a similar haircut but the fade is concentrated at the temples instead of all the way around the ear.

20. Crop Haircut + Temple Taper Fade


The crop haircut is typically made up of faded sides and some type of texture on top. Bangs/fringe is optional.

This is a heavy crop with thick wavy hair and curly fringe. The sides are short with a taper at the sideburns and neck instead.

21. Blowout Haircut

Judah Breeze

The blowout haircut is a very popular for guys with curly or kinky hair. It’s all about volume, in this case loose twists, that defy gravity with the clean cut edges of a fade.

Put together, it looks like you stuck your finger in the socket.

22. Short Blowout Hair

Jess Master Barber

Here is a shorter blowout cut with curls and a high temp fade. It looks great at this length or can be grown out longer to achieve new heights.

23. Cool New Fade Haircuts

Andy Chung

It’s not very often that you see a haircut that is different but here it is. The front reads like a crop, the back has flow, and the sides are faded.

Maybe its a new kind of mullet that is a party at the front as well as the back plus cool shaved sides. Whatever you want to call it, this is a cool look that takes some attitude to pull off.

24. Long Hair + Fade

Nate Nguyen

Fade haircuts are the most versatile out there because they work with any type or length of hair from a blur of stubble to long, flowing locks.

For guys with long hair, a fade or undercut can make it easier to style hair. The edges of hair are cut short for a clean line that is revealed by pulling hair up in a bun, ponytail, or half up hairstyle.

25. Long Dreadlocks + Temp Fade

Arsenio Cuts

This temple fade with dreads shows how a fade can change how long hair for men looks. We’re here for all kinds of haircuts and styles but there is something about those clean cut edges with long hair.

The same juxtaposition of a sharp line against textured hair accentuates the beard.

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