55+ Textured Hairstyles For Men

By Rich Krafting


Textured cuts and styles have been a hot trend the past 12 months.

Scissor cut texture adds definition and volume that can be enhanced with styling.

For short hair, try a messy crop while textured spikes work for any length. The texture trends add a modern twist to classic hairstyles too, adding separation and tousled finishes to pomps, combover and quiffs.

If you have wavy or curly hair, it’s all about a cut that shows off natural texture. Textured cuts are also a great way to beef up fine hair or remove bulk from thick hair.

All of these styles have a tousled or messy finish that is what it’s all about.

Here are some of the best textured hairstyles from our favorite barbers.

1. Modern Hairstyles for Men

Ryan Cullen

2. Textured Pomp

Alternative Barbering Co.

3. Textured Crop + Blunt Fringe

Shane Cronin

4. Long on Top Hairstyle with Texture

MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

5. Multi-color Spikes

Nicolas Perez

 6. Messy Undercut Hairstyle

Men’s World Herenkappers

7. Spikes for Thick Hair

Ryan Cullen

8. Different Hairstyles for Men

 Ryan Cullen

9. Thick Spikes

Javier Barragan

10. Texture on Top + Fade

Lianos Urban Cutz

11. Textured Spikes

Men’s World Herenkappers

12. Messy Hairstyles for Men

Official Barber Club

13. High Fade


14. Spiky Texture + Low Bald Fade

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

15. Tousled Texture

Julius Cvesar

16. Textured Quiff + Platinum Streak

Men’s World Herenkappers

17. Side Part Hairstyle + Textured Volume

Braid Barbers

18. Pomp Fade with Texture

Antonio Mateo

19. Textured Spikes + Drop Fade

Javi the Barber

20. Messy Textured Style for Medium Hair

Morris Motley

21. Textured Crop for Thick Hair + Neck Taper

javi_thebarber_ thick textured haircut for men 2017 new

Javi the Barber

22. High and Tight

Rokk Man Barbers

23. Medium Length Crop for Wavy Hair

Braid Barbers

 24. Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Lianos Urban Cutz

25. High Taper + Vertical Spikes

Zeke the Barber

26. Cool Messy Spikes


27. New Hairstyles for Men

Javi the Barber

28. Fine Spiky Hair + High Bald Fade

Lianos Urban Cutz

29. Cool Short Hair for Men


30. Updated Classic Hairstyles for Men

Antonio Mateo

31. Crewcut with Textured Styling

Javi the Barber

32. Side Part Hairstyle with Natural Texture

Julius Cvesar

33. Spiky Fohawk + Drop Fade

Miguel Angel Cifuentes Robles

34. Thick Fauxhawk

Javi the Barber

35. Long on Top + Messy Texture

Tom Baxter Hair

36. Cool Haircuts for Fine Hair

Jake’s Barber Shop

37. Long Spikes + Bald Fade

Lianos Urban Cutz

38. New Hairstyles for Men

Chris Graham Hair

39. Messy Hair + Taper Fade

Talley McIntire

40. Platinum Spikes

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

41. Pomp Fade with Texture

Micky Graham

42. Long Textured Crop + Drop Fade

Conor Taaffe

43. Side Part Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Justin Armani

44. Textured Fringe + Surgical Line

Braid Barbers

 45. Textured Quiff

Rokk Man Barbers

46. Wide Mohawk

Men’s World Herenkappers

47. Short Crop + Textured Styling

Julius Cvesar

48. Cool Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Ben “Sugar” Kane

49. Classic Hairstyles For Men


50. Slick back + Comb Lines

Brian at Squire Barbershop

51. Long on Top Style for Wavy Hair

Pat Regan

52. Slick Back + Separation

Pat Regan

53. Side Part Hairstyle + Texture

The Final Cut Barber Shop

54. Textured Quiff for Fine Hair

patty_cuts classic mens haircut short hair @chris_algieri boxer 2017 new

Pat Regan

55. Short Sponge Twists

JM da Barber

56. Textured Quiff for Thick Hair

Pat Regan

57. Side Part Hair + Combed Texture

 Antonio Mateo

58. Textured Crop + Quiff

Andrew Does Hair

59. High Pomp Fade with Texture

Gary Milne

So…there you have it. These are the best hairstyles for men and cool new haircuts coming out of the best barbershops and hair salons around the world. Have some fun and pick out a new men’s hairstyle every month you go to the barber this year.

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