Toddler Boy Haircuts That Are Cute + Cool

These are the best toddler boy haircuts that are both cute and cool.

In addition to considering hair type, there are other considerations when it comes to haircuts for toddlers. How fast does hair grow? How easy are haircuts for your kid? Things to think about for your boy’s haircuts.

For kids that don’t mind haircuts, longer styles that require more frequent upkeep are an option. For boys that don’t like to sit still and have thick hair that grows fast, shorter cuts all the way down to a buzz may be the way to go.

Where is the best place to get haircuts for toddler boys? Plenty of barbershop and salons welcome kids but always check first. Those kiddie haircut places are usually good but check out reviews before going there. You know your child the best so if watching TV and sitting in a fire truck are going to make the haircut happen, just do what takes.

Whether you like classic haircuts or trendy styles, check out these 18 haircuts for toddler boys.

1. Comb Over Haircut

toddler boy haircuts

Mr. Dapper

For baby fine hair, short haircuts should leave some length on top. This side part cut and style strikes the balance between long and short. This cut will benefit from brushing hair over to one side.

2. The Side Part Hairstyle

Side part hairstyle for toddler boys

Bliss Hair by Stef

A longer version of the previous hairstyle, there is some length at the sides and plenty of weight on top. This cut will look great styled to one side or worn loose. A very popular and cool looking boy’s haircut.

3. Cool Toddler Boy Haircuts – The Textured Crop

Textured crop toddler boy haircut


While some people prefer classic hairstyles for their toddler boys, others embrace the latest trends. This textured crop is popular in every age group of guys and an excellent choice for thick hair. This is one of the most versatile toddler boy haircuts.

4. Short Crop + Fine Hair

Toddler boy haircuts for fine hair

Ben Warren

Here’s the same textured crop haircut adapted for fine hair. The faded sides ensure a quick haircut experience and plenty of time before the next barber visit.

5. Short Haircut for Toddler Boys

Short textured haircut for toddler boys


This short haircut looks great with textured styling or let to do what it does on it’s own.

6. Angled Bangs

Goodman Apparel & Barbers

Combining the popular side part and crop trend, this charming toddler boy haircut is the best of both worlds.

7. Textured Fringe

Textured fringe haircut for toddler boys

Yet another variation of the textured crop, this version looks as good swept to one side as it does with bangs worn across the forehead. The layered cutting creates a modern take on the classic toddler bang.

8. Short Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly hair toddler boy haircut

Juan Lopez

Curly baby hair has a unique texture and shape that would be shame to buzz right off. This cool cut keeps some of that natural curl while eliminating tangles and tears.

9. Short Fade Haircut

Short fade haircut for toddler boys

Josh Connolly

If your toddler can deal with the noise and vibration of clippers, faded sides look great while fresh and growing in.

10. Classic Toddler Boy Haircut

Classic toddler boy haircut with bangs

Josh Connolly

This hairstyle combines elements of the bowl and mushroom cuts but with modern shaping and structure.

11. Toddler Haircut with Bangs

Josh Connolly

Longer haircuts for toddler boys highlight youthful features. With lots of layering this cut keeps is a lightweight way to wear full fringe.

12. Mod Haircut

Mod haircut for boys

Josh Connolly

Toddler boys with really thick hair can wear creative haircuts with shape and structure. This mod cut is so cool with side burns and hair that covers the ears is undeniably cool.

13. Burst Fade Mohawk

Crispy Cuts Only

Somehow kids look even cooler than adults in grown up haircuts. This mohawk haircut is no exception.

14. Side Part + Spikes

Side part haircut for boys

Joey Fresh

His future is so bright, he has to wear shades.

15. High Fade + Sponge Curls

Sponge curls haircut for boy

Short sides and long on top haircuts work well for all ages because they are easy to maintain while leaving plenty of hair to work with.

16. Short Toddler Boy Haircuts – Half Moon Part

Raul Ponce II

For a no maintenance cut with plenty of style, add a half moon part to a buzz cut.

17. Shaved Sides + Long Top

Shaved side long hair on top toddler boy

Charlie Böll Hairdresser

Boys haircuts with shaved sides and long hair on top look cool with styling or worn loose. Try it with spikes, slicked back, up in a mohawk or in a comb over.

18. Stylish Haircuts for Toddler Boys

Stylish Haircuts for Toddler Boys

Stefano Tratto

Some hairstyles look great at every age.

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