Tom Chapman Hair Design 2017

Tom Chapman Hair Design has shared many cutting edge cuts and styles with us over the years. Check out some of his latest looks featuring the textured crop trend that started in 2016edgy spikes plus the latest short men’s hairstyles.

1. Short Crop + High Fade

Here’s another cool way to wear the textured crop trend. Thick hair is cut short but heavy on top while a high fade cuts hair short at the sides and back. A bald burst fade and shaved lines add some unexpected detail to this hair trend.

2. Short Haircut + Fringe

This classic short men’s haircut gets an update with a longer fringe and a textured styling. The sides and back are cut into a short taper.

3. Curly Hair + Taper

Long on top, short sides and back haircuts are ideal for curly hair. This layered cut enhances curl on top while cutting the sides into a short and maintenance-free taper.

4. Spiky Fringe

This year’s crop trend has brought back fringe for men. Instead of the popular blunt bangs, this cut and style features a jagged line at the forehead and spiky volume at the back for an edgy yet trendy style.

Haircuts by Tom Chapman
Photography – Rob Grist